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    Top Donor Appreciation Thread (Monthly)

    By Zio,

    Onyx Top Donator Appreciation Thread!



    Hello Everyone,

    The Onyx Management team would like to dedicate this thread to give thanks and appreciation to all our past and future supporters, helping us to get where we are, and where we want to be.  throughout the upcoming months and the last year, we have been running. Some of you have contributed to our success whether it be helping us get videos, advertisements, or in game content additions, you are the ones keeping Onyx moving, and for that we thank you. This thread is dedicated to those who truly gave us an arm and a leg to see this server succeed, if you are not on the list but have contributed as well, I would just like to say that we are very grateful to have your support and will find a way to reward you too.

    Starting this month, September, we will be hosting a monthly recognition content to reward our top donator. This will include some sweat cosmetics, titles, and a possibility of pets, but some rewards will be strictly for the all time high top donators that we have today. This Month is going to calculated from September 1st – September 30th. Please note that this is strictly to give recognition and reward you for your contributions.


    Top Donator (OVERALL):

    Nick (A custom pet, and a title will be awarded to you on our next update!)


    Honorable Contributors:


    Thank You



    K I N G Z


    Top Monthly Donator (September):



    Rewards for September:

    September Top Donator Ingame Title

    September Top Donator Discord and Forums Title

    Monthly Top Donator Pet with a 5% Boost to Drop Rate! 



    Top Monthly Donator (October):

    To be determined.


    Rewards for this October:

    October Top Donator Ingame Title

    October Top Donator Discord and Forums Title

    Monthly Top Donator Pet of your choice with a 5% Boost to Drop Rate! 


    Thank you all for your support, you help Onyx improve everyday!

    Onyx Update #63: Potion Timers, Additional Highscores, Dz Fixes, and More!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    August 21st, 2018

    Hello Everyone!

    Today brings an update that includes a feature that has been long, Potion Timers. We have added the ability to keep track of the buffs obtained from potions right on your client window! We have also added several different hiscores to give our players the ability to show off some of their achievements. On top of that, we have fully fixed the sapphire donator zone, as well as fixed some bugs that were causing discomfort during gameplay.


    1.       We have added the ability to keep track of potion buffs with timers!

    -          On the bottom right hand corner of your client window, you will see all the potions you currently have activated and when they will run out.

    2.       Overloads are now allowed to be used in the wilderness, but grant you nerfed stats compared to using it outside the wilderness.


    Hiscore Additions:

    1.       Fixed the glitch causing highscores to not update on logout.

    2.       Added a scoreboard ingame to keep track of several player achievements:

    -          Player Killing Ranks

    -          Top Donators – One for Overall and One for the current Month.

    -          Boss Kills

    -          Dominion Tower Scores

    3.       Added ::kdr to check your kill to death ratio.

    4.       Added ::resetkdr to reset your kdr.

    5.       Added ::topdonators to view the top donators for overall and monthly.

    6.       Added ::topbosskills to view the most boss kills a player has achieved.

    7.       Added ::DTscores to view the top dominion tower scores.

    8.       Added ::PKscores to view the top statistics for pking.


    Donator Zone Fixes:

    1.       Removed the doors from the bank shack and the npc house.

    2.       Added the diamond and onyx gem stalls.

    Website Updates:

    1.       We have completely moved our website to a new host. One that is more stable and grants us 99% uptime as a result to resent downtime that we experienced. This will resolve all issues with connectivity so you can always vote or view our website at all times!

    Other Updates:

    1.       Fixed the bug where dominion tower bosses dropped items.

    2.       Added ::skull to give the player a skull.

    3.       Fixed osrs tree textures.


    Hope you all enjoyed this update!


    Onyx Update #62: Revenant Weapons, Reworked DZ, Raid Fixes, Teleport Interface, and $1000 Contest!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    August 13th, 2018


    Hello Everyone!

    Today brings an update that involves some new content in the wilderness, while at the same time improving the quality of life we have here on Onyx. We bring love to revenants by adding new tier 78 items and more blood money to their drop table, making them more worth the risk involved. We have fully reworked our normal donator zone for all our sapphire + donors we have. Edited our teleport interface to include a ‘previous teleport’ option, and introduced a contest where players have a chance of winning $1,000 as we would like to give back to our community! This isn’t our biggest update, but it is surely a good one, hope you all enjoy.


    Revenants, Wilderness, and PK Shop Changes:

    1.       Added Craw’s Bow to revenant drop tables, scaling on the difficulty of the revenant. Powerful bow to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped.

    2.       Added Thammaron’s spectre to revenants drop table, a powerful staff to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped.

    3.       Added Viggora’s Chainmace to revenants drop table, a powerful mace to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped.

    4.       Added the Amulet of the damned and the amulet of avarice to the PK shop.

    5.       Removed brawling gloves from revenants since they are not coded.

    6.       Revenants have received a major buff in the amount of blood money they drop, scaling on their difficulty.

    7.       Added the revenant caves as a teleport option under the wilderness section of our blue portal.

    8.       Added Wilderness GWD and Gilded Altar to the wilderness section of our blue portal.

    DZ Rework:

    -          Our old Donator Zone has been aging since its release over a year ago, with todays update, you will be given a newly organized dz, featuring the same content as before with some nice unique add-ons to give a better feel for this awesome zone ?

    1.       Added a private Yak island to the reworked dz, available with the command ::yak until we code the stepping stone.

    2.       Added a thieving section to the dz, alongside the god statues for easy access to the mage capes.

    3.       Added more gem rocks, and an additional fishing spot.

    Other Changes:

    1.       Patched an exploit in theatre of blood which allowed trading between different gamemodes.

    2.       Patched the bug allowing you to attack verzik while you are dead.

    3.       Specs now restore after every boss in the raid.

    4.       Packed the latest osrs data.

    5.       You can now double click the squeal of fortune button to skip that annoying animation.

    6.       Fixed a bug that made several items untradeable on the last update.

    7.       You are now able to pick up the baby aquanite and freezy if you have them as pets.

    8.       Added the sled to afk man dan shop, very unique!

    9.       Fixed steel minotaur xp given per pouch to be higher than iron.

    10.   Fixed piscatoris teleport typo in the interface.

    11.   Readded current staff online to the quest list.

    12.   Added the $1,000 Giveaway Contest! More information available on the specified thread.


    Hope you all enjoyed this update, more to come in the near future!

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