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    Update #17 [Lava Dragons / Abyssal Dagger / Crystal Halberd / MORE!!!]

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    Added Content:

    1. Lava dragons have been added deep in wilderness
    2. Lava dragon bones are now added
    3. Extended antifires can now be crafted
    4. Abyssal Demons now drop Abyssal Daggers
    5. Islwyn now sells Crystal Halberds
    6. Red Dragon Isle shortcut added


    1. Crystal bow fixed
    2. Binded law runes now work (in dungeoneering)
    3. Dagannoth Prime now drops noted talismans instead of unnoted
    4. Dungeoneer mode can no longer loot outside dungeons
    5. Engine expanded to support osrs animations / gfxs / npcs
    6. And more.




    Update #16 [Dungeoneer Mode / TDs / Piscatoris Fishing Colony / MORE!!!]

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    Added Content:

    1. Dungeoneer Mode has been added (speak to dungeon tutor)
    2. Tormented demons are now available
    3. Piscatoris Fishing Colony is now available
    4. Islwyn now sells crystal bows/shields
    5. Darklight/silverlight can now be bought at varrock palace
    6. Culinaromancer's Chest now sells sapphire lanterns
    7. XP weekends reduced from 50% to 20% (except dungeoneering) 
    8. Week days were added a 10% drop rate boost
    9. Waterbirth dungeon now requires only 1 person to reach king
    10. Added npc at donator zone which lets you reset combat skills for a price
    11. Slayer gem now can be used to assign tasks from your current master if you are a donator


    1. Waterfiends animation/projectile fixed
    2. Increased chaos elemental drop rate
    3. KBD hp has been reduced by 4x (now 2440)
    4. Living rock monster agro ratio reduced
    5. Living rock pattriach projectile gfx fixed
    6. Bal'lak the Pummeller now follows
    7. Voting system fixed (some people couldn't claim)
    8. Fixed issue with attack options in some lucky items
    9. Added old items look for darklight/silverlight
    10. Added daklight special attack
    11. Fixed hole between lumbridge swamp cave and lumbridge cellar
    12. You can now use sapphire lantern on light creature to reach tormented demons
    13. Added musics to waterfall dungeon + Baxtorian waterfall area
    14. Fixed brihavem rope agility shortcut
    15. Added underground obelisk area at piscatory hunter area.
    16. New client background
    17. Improved clipping for sliding statues puzzle in dungeoneering
    18. Fixed graphic bug with Grifolic flakes
    19. And more.





    Update #15 (NEW Vote system, NEW store etc)

    Buying GF
    By Buying GF,



    Added content:

    Team cape sellers added to their locations

    NEW Voting system

    NEW donation store



    Leveling achievements now says easy mode in chat

    Reduced Rock Crabs damage

    Increased timer on items lost at Corporeal Beast from 40 seconds to 3 mins

    Iron boots drop rate improved

    Black Mask removed from slayer shop (made Cave Horrors useless)



    Bugs/glitches fixed:

    Taverly Chicken animation fixed

    Chaos Dwarf animations + definitions fixed

    Frost Dragon animation fixed


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