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    Update #13 (Ironman mode, team capes, 1 step walk glitch etc)

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    Update #13


    Added Content:

    Reduced Slayer task quantities by 50% (you get 50% less amount of mobs to kill now)

    Dungeoneering Guardian Door NPCs amount decreased

    Frost Dragons in Dungeoneering nerfed

    Team Capes added to the "wilderness men" in their respective locations

    IRONMAN Mode added

    Ali's Discount Wares' Shop added (located in Al Kharid)



    Added Commands:

    displayfps (ONLY in console; press on "§" or "²" to open console)

    ::removeironman/::upgrade  - when you're Ironman and what to change back to a normal player (BE WARNED THIS CAN'T BE REVERSED!!!!!)



    Bugs/Glitches fixed:

    Lobster pot glitch fixed when changing item looks

    Fixed Godwars Dungeon mobs' offensive bonusses

    Fixed Kree'arra's Melee attack

    Kiln Cape fixed when changing Item looks

    1 step walking glitch fixed

    Slayer reward for Ability to deliver killing blows quicker fixed, When this ability is active you don't need the hammer anymore to finish of NPCs like Gargoyles

    Pest control NPC Torcher fixed

    Terror dogs death animation fixed


    Update #12 (NEW Home, Starter Shop, ::pk etc)

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    Update #12


    Added content:

    NEW HOME, Home switched to Yanille (+Glory on wall and lever to edge)

    Starter Shop has been added to home, in this shop you can now buy your basic gear, weapons, runes, amulets etc

    Squeel Of Fortune (SoF) rewards have been reworked

    Prayer Aura's now also increase xp for bones used on altars

    Pest Control xp has been boosted to x10

    The Ranging guild now also sells Bolts

    Wisdom Aura has been added as a starter item (also obtainable at Starter shop)

    Ranging Guild now accessible

    Extreme potions (as well as Overloads) are now tradeable

    More potions added to Onyx's Black Market Goods

    Jacquelyn Manslaughter now sells Slayer items

    Boss stats have been reworked (nerfed) QBD is now doable (Green drags, Giant mole, etc)

    Leon's Shop has been added (including the Hunter's Crossbow)

    Mizgog Wizard at Wizard's Tower now sells amulet of accuracy

    Magic Guild now also sells Air/Water/Earth/Fire - Battlestaves/Mystic staves

    Rune pickaxe/axe added to Donator zone shop

    SHIFT + Clicking to drop item


    Added / Reworked commands:

    ::funpk and ::pk teleports you to Clan Wars portals to Pk

    ::train now has an option to teleport to Yak's

    ::home is now an instant teleport for everyone


    Bugs/glitches fixed:

    (not a glitch) Mithril seeds are re-enabled to work at home

    Several npc definitions have been added/reworked

    Summoning Renew points at obelisk now has been fixed

    Silver ore at Al Kharid mine has been fixed

    Evil Chicken damage for random events has been adjusted

    You can now pickup Wheat

    Added missing Red Spider's egg in Karamja Vulcan

    Fixed Gem rocks at dz

    Couple No-clip glitches have been fixed

    Update #11 (OLD ITEM LOOKS, Waterfall dungeon, loot beams)

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    Update #11


    Added content:

    Waterfall Dungeon now accessible and added

    Deep Wilderness Dungeon

    Scorpions are now also found at Al Kharid Mine

    JAVA 9 support for client

    Lootbeams now added (also for Dragon Defender)



    Added commands:

    ::sil Switches your items look to old looks or vice versa


    Bugs/glitches fixed:

    Fixed over 40 NPC animations and definitions

    Several no-clip glitches fixed

    Construction and Herblore command improved (no more stuck in non-accessible place)

    Fixed some rare drop table drops not being noted


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