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    Onyx Monthly Staff Feedback Thread [December]

    By Zio,

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    Feedback in Regards to the month of December

    Hello Everyone, hope all is well, today I would like to revive the system that we had in place a few months back which allowed our players to voice their opinions in regards to the staff team so we can better improve as we move into the future.

    I invite you all to post your feedback on any and all current staff members listed below, compliments, suggestions, and improvement ideas are welcomed. I would just like to say real quick that we ask that you keep this respectful, but voice your opinion in a proper manner.

    Lets get into the feedback thread for this past month, we look forward to hearing what the community has to say so that we can do better in the following months.


    December 2018 Onyx Staff Roster:

    • 243db50349.pngDragonkk (Owner): 

    • 243db50349.pngZio (Co-Owner / Administrator): 

    • dKHeelE.png Omega (Global Moderator): 

    • dKHeelE.png Extremebtw (Global Moderator): 

    • dKHeelE.png Nick (Event Moderator): 

    •  Vpqw3Pt.png Blackmarket (Server Support): 

    •  Vpqw3Pt.pngTyler (Server Support): 

    •  Vpqw3Pt.pngSpilly (Server Support): 

    •  Vpqw3Pt.png Monk Bird (Server Support): 

    •  Vpqw3Pt.png MbnJuan (Server Support): 

    •  Vpqw3Pt.png Vincent (Server Support): 


    Please copy the above format and provide your feedback down below.

    Thank you all for your participation!

    Onyx update #70: Dicing King, new login screen, Trivia mini game and more!

    By Alpha,



    January 1st, 2019

    Hey guys ;)! First and foremost the Onyx Staff Team would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! May your dreams and goals come true as you grind strong ;)


    With that being said lets get in the patch notes :


    Dicing King / Dice Zone Changes:

    1. This NPC will take your bets and allow you to gamble safely whenever you please. I've heard he has big pockets though so try and clean him! He is located at ::dice.
    2. You may now duel at ::dice.


    Trivia minigame :

    1. 65 Trivia Questions relating to RS / Onyx have been added to the game and will give you sweet rewards.
    2. These are also a completionist requirements and require you to obtain as follows: (3x wins for regular comp / 10x for trimmed).
    3. Think you know Onyx inside and out? Test out your skill every hour and receive money, xp lamps, and more!


    New custom client :

    1. Our new client (aside from looking way nicer ;) thanks to @central) will now load way quicker than the previous versions.
    2. This client will also allow you to zoom out further than previously, making it similar to OSRS.
    3. This also improve our client when it comes to stability issues and should result in overall less errors while loading up and playing Onyx.


    New Special Edition TBow :

    1. This Tbow will be available on our store for a limited time to celebrate New Years ;) 
    2. Features a silver and red color scheme, as we bring in the New Year! 




    Other Updates:

    1. Added a new item "Collector's necklace" to World Boss drop table. This item will automatically bank all your drops provided it's equipped.
    2. Added a rock crab slayer task to lower level slay masters.
    3. Improved message colors such as drop annoucements.
    4. Added a bank chest outside of Bandos Godwars.
    5. Onyx donators now need 1 killcount for Godwars to prevent abusing doors/chests.
    6. Avernic defender can now be returned to dragon defender. Be warned you loss the hilt.
    7. Removed spirit shields from Squeal of Fortune.
    8. Fight Pits will no longer spam news feed if the same person wins two + games in a row.
    9. Removed God Boxes from our store temporarily as we rework their reward system, making it more juicy for the player.


    Bug fixes updates:

    1. Fixed ava attractor death value.
    2. Fixed the ::nex command as it would allow people with under 70 agility to kill Nex.
    3. Added a slayer level check when assigning boss tasks.
    4. Fixed chaos altar entrance at Abyss.
    5. Fixed demonic gorillas attack cycle.


    Hope you all enjoy ;) 

    Our next update will arrive in about a week or a bit more.

    Spoiler Alert: How hardcore of an ironman can you be?

    Feel free to leave some feedback below.

    Onyx Update #69: Christmas Event, World Boss Fix, Blood Money Exchange, Pet Bonuses, Quality of Life Updates, and more!

    By Zio,


    December 21st, 2018

    Hello Everyone, hope all is well. Today the Onyx Management team brings you a sweet update to kick of the holidays. This update features a new Christmas event, with a slightly redesigned home area, while skilling or PvMing, all players will receive a snowman random event. During this event, you will be challenged to kill the snowman using only snowballs, so be sure to carry some on you! These will drop a wide range of cosmetic items, with a rare chance at a Santa Hat and Christmas Master Wand! Alongside this event, we have added the ability for players to sell blood money shop items in an exchange for 10% currency. That’s not all, we have quite a few things to get to for this update, lets jump into the patch notes:


    Christmas Event:

    1.      Players who partake in skilling or PvM activities will now receive random snowman events. This event will challenge the player to kill a snowman using only snow. Once slain, these snowman can drop a variety of cosmetic and useful items.

    2.      Santa Hat and Christmas Master Wand has been added to snowmen drop table.

    3.      Snow has been enabled on Onyx, you can throw it at people or use them as a weapon on Snowmen. Pick up your snow today at home! I promise I won’t charge you this time.

    4.      Change the music at home to a Christmas theme.


    World Boss and PvM Updates:

    1.      We have been noticing that a lot of you have been rather angry at the new world boss completionist requirement. To address this, we have made it that players will have the chance to receive a kc for each phrase kill of the World Boss. All you got to do is show others who’s boss once.

    2.      Improved the world boss announcement to broadcast any significant drops and loot beams.

    3.      Added an epic soundtrack when fighting the World Boss.

    4.      All participants will now receive a global participation reward when dealing atleast 1,000 damage on the world boss.


    Blood Money Shop Exchange and PvP Updates:

    1.      Players now can sell their blood money loot back to the shop for about a 10% refund. Allowing you to farm revs for an even more overwhelming amount of blood money per hour.

    2.      Disabled cannons being able to attack familiars in the wilderness to prevent skull tricking.

    3.      Funpk white portal will no longer remove your skull to prevent abuse.

    4.      Corrected item values to prevent players from keeping irrelevant items over important ones on death.


    Pet Bonuses:

    1.      We have added passive bonuses to nearly all our pets on Onyx!

    Rather than cluttering up our forum thread, here is a rough draft of all the benefits (Please ignore the spelling / grammar mistakes, but these buffs are correct): https://pastebin.com/LnXPeReb

    2.      You can now use your pets at the Inferno, Skotizo, Vorkath, Grotesquest Guardians, and Zulrah.

    3.      Improved familars during combat so that they are able to follow you if you are not in reach.


    Item Fixes:

    1.      Fixed the Toxic Blowpipe, allowing players to now receive their scales back after uncharging it.

    2.      Fixed the Serpentine Helmet, allowing players to now receive their scales back after uncharging it.

    3.      Added an additional warning when attempting to dismantle these items in exchange for 20,000 zulrah scales.


    Other Updates:

    1.      Completionist cape now requires 30 boss tasks to obtain. Boss tasks have been corrected and you will now only receive 100% completable ones.

    2.      Completionist cape now requires 20 npc kills of all Slayer monsters rather than 10.

    3.      Completionist cape now requires completion of 10 treasure trails.

    4.      Completionist cape now requires 250 DT kills to obtain.

    5.      World Boss Completionist cape requirement is now much easier to complete.

    6.      Made the spiders at Verzik able to be frozen.

    7.      Reaction event now announces when you win a lamp.

    8.      Made it so chaos elemental can only teleport people in its area in which it is enclosed. This will allow us to use it during PvM Horde events.

    9.      ::Nex is now a tp available to Onyx Donators.

    10.   Zaros KC now shows in godwars always.

    11.   Removed ¾ infinity sets from mystery boxes.

    12.   Added Halloween masks to mystery boxes to lower the amount of party hats in the game.

    13.   Increased partyhats value ingame.

    14.   Added Santa and Black Partyhat to mystery boxes

    15.   Fixed rares icon on webstore.

    16.   Added a Christmas sale to our webstore.


    Hope you all enjoy,

    See you in-game!

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