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    Onyx Update #66: Barrows Exchange Shop, NPC Updates, Bug Fixes, and More!

    By Zio,


    September 27th, 2018

    Hello Everyone!
    Today the Onyx team brings you another unique update that will surely improve overall quality of life. We specifically focused on reviving some inactive content, in this case Barrows, fixed Boss slayer glitches, added some items to the shops at home, and a few other additions. We have introduced a Barrows Exchange shop which allows you to sell your unused barrows loot for barrows points, allowing you to purchase the pieces you desire or exchange them for currency! Here are the following patch notes:

    Barrows Exchange Shop:

    1. Added a shop at Barrows and at ::Shops that allow you to trade your barrows items for barrows tokens. Used for buying a specific barrows piece or turned directly into ingame gp! Trade the Strange Old man to open up the new shop interface.
    NPC and Shop Updates:
    1. QBD has been fixed and now counts towards your boss slayer task.
    2. Party Pete now sells a dicebag for 10m ingame coins. A future Trusted rank may be created alongside.
    3. Max now sells the quest cape, complete all quests on Onyx to obtain this unique cape!
    4. The gear guide and the strange old man at ::Shops can now repair gear such as Barrows.
    5. Added the spinolyp mobs at the Daggonath King Lair.
    6. Deviant spectres in the catacombs now count towards your aberrant spectres task.
    7. The gravestone priest has been added to ::Shops.
    8. Added ROW and ROF to the gear shop.
    Quality of Life Updates:

    1. Gravestones now appear at home on death as an effort to avoid people losing their hard earned items.
    2. ::TP is now available to all Onyx Players! Open up the blue portal interface anytime and anywhere!
    3. Increased Gravestone timer by 3x.
    4. Normal and Premium Mystery Boxes no longer reward you with untradables if you have already obtained them, they have also had their loot improved.
    5. Premium Mystery Boxes now have a slight chance of rewarding you with an extra mystery box while opening them.
    6. All cooking ranges now have a left-click cook option as well as an option to choose to cook any of the first 10 food in your inventory.
    7. Improved Pest Control teleportation coords.
    8. Non-Donators can now skip one boss task per day.
    Bug Fixes and Other Updates:

    1. Fixed a small bug with displaying your current boss task count.
    2. Fixed the message at the Wilderness God Wars dungeon.
    3. Fixed the no clip bug with Pest Control ladders.
    4. Black flowers are no longer bugged and have a chance to be planted with mithril seeds.
    5. Random events now occur regardless if you reached the XP Cap.
    6. Reduced amount of coins obtained from thieving crushed gems.
    7. Added logs for shops and gravestone items so that we can recover items more efficiently.
    8. Completionist Cape now requires all quests to be completed to obtain / wield.
    Hope you all enjoy this update, next one to follow shortly!

    Onyx Update #65: Boss Slayer, Improved Loot, Bug Fixes, and More!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    September 19th, 2018

    Hello Everyone!

    You asked, we answered. You all have been wanting boss slayer tasks for quite some time now, well today is it my pleasure to announce that they are finally released! Head over to Kuradel to receive your boss tasks anytime you would like! On top of that, this update also brings improved loot from boxes, as well as multiple bug fixes guaranteeing a better gameplay for all.

    Slayer Updates:

    1.      Added boss slayer tasks, receivable from Kuradel in the Ancient Caverns. This requires the player to have at-least 75 slayer level and be willing to defeat some of Onyx’s most difficult bosses. Don’t worry, we made sure to make it reward!

    2.       The higher your rank ingame, the more boss tasks you may skip per day.

    3.      Added Frost Dragons to the Slayer Task pool.

    Loot Update:

    1.      Increased the coins received from MBOXes.

    2.      Made donator rank and vote drop rate bonuses now increase the likelihood of obtaining a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood, this should make drops easier. If this proves to be too op we will proceed to nerf this.

    3.      Doubled the chance for a Nex piece from the God Box as players were complaining it was too rare.

    4.      Made infinity pieces and wands announce when dropped in Mage Arena.

    Bug Fixes:

    1.      Fixed the amount of XP given to a player when harvesting a Calquat tree.

    2.      Fixed a bug causing Frost Dragon bones to be untradable.

    3.      Rune Pouch no longer is lost on death outside of the wilderness.

    4.      Fixed a bug causing the Corporeal Beast eating its own core.

    Other Changes:

    1.      Added a board at Theatre of Blood which opens the highscores for boss timers.

    2.      Removed a variety items from our store in an effort to stabilize our economy further.


    Hope you all enjoy this small but packed update!

    Next one in a week!

    Onyx Update #64: Boss timers, Skill xp and level targets, Super combat potions, Fastest kills highscores & more!

    N G R
    By N G R,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    September 4th, 2018


    Hey everyone ;)


    With today's update we bring you a lot of new content including new highscores / potions / timers. We have also listened to your concerns with certain bugs and proceeded to fix them.



    1.       Cannon timer will now display in the same area as potions do.

    2.       Left click attack is now enabled in the wilderness regardless of combat level.

    3.       You can now set level/xp targets by right clicking any skill in the skilling interface.

    4.       Salve amulet (ei) is now in game. You can obtain it by using a regular salve amulet (e) on Lanthus at Castle Wars (costs 50 tickets).

    5.       Vote highscores are now displayed at the scoreboard at home (all time and monthly).

    6.       Super combat potions may now be crafted or bought from the Onyx guide at home.

    7.       A warning will now display upon attempting to drop any item that degrades when doing so.

    8.       Dungeoneering highscores can now be viewed at the scoreboard at home.

    9.       Added boss timers and fastest boss kills that are now displayed at the scoreboard at home.

    10.     Added a timer for each phase of the Theatre of Blood bosses.

    11.     Added a ::afk command 


    Bug fixes:

    1.       Fixed an issue with recover special potion - they're now fully usable and their timer displays as intended.

    2.       Fixed an issue with $1000 keys when more than 100 were used.

    3.       Fixed some typos.

    4.       Reduced the damage dealt by the the $1000 chest.

    5.       Fixed a bug with Nex blood phase.

    6.       Fixed a bug with Pack Yak in the wilderness. Your familiar will now die and drop all of its items should you die aswell.

    7.       The Pack Yak banking scroll can no longer be used after level 30 wilderness.

    8.       Fixed a bug with Akrisae armor degrading.

    9.       Fixed an issue with amulets/bracelets crafting levels being switched in skill tab.



    1.       Removed skill requirements for the helm of neitiznot.

    2.       As for being our top donator of all time, Nick has now been granted a coins pet!




    Hope you all enjoy this update, and feel free to leave some feedback here ;)


    - N G R


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