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    Onyx II Update #3: Onyx+ VIP Zone Expansion, Elite Completionist Cape, QOL and more!

    Monk Bird
    By Monk Bird,


    July 11, 2019


    Hey everyone, what's up!

    With great pleasure, I present to you today's patch notes!


    Onyx+ VIP Zone Expansion



    The Dark Onyx Crystal in the middle has disappeared!


    1.  Added a wildy altar that has a chance to save bones
    2.  Added two zenyte stalls that may be stolen from at the same time as well as dwarf traders
    3.  Added a herb, fruit tree, tree, and calquat patch
    4.  Added desert phoenixes 
    5.  Added a personal runespan containing Death Esswraiths (lvl 65) Blood Essraiths (lvl 77) and Soul Esswraiths (lvl 90)
    6.  Added green dragons that drop noted dragon bones
    7.  Added bankable Rocktails
    8.  Added Abyssal demon and Demonic gorilla section (that may be safespotted)


    Quality of Life


    1. Fixed drop overlays so that same items stack and show the number the same drop instead of repeated drops
    2. Bonus exp from the Well of Goodwill and voting will now apply to expert mode
    3. Added Heroes Guild, Myths Guild, and Legends Guild to ::tp as they all contain useful dungeons
    4. Improved the world boss map. The world boss is now aggressive
    5. Left clicking another persons pet will now select "walk here" instead of clicking on the pet itself 
    6. Added a command to reset skills and turn you into expert mode (will update with the command in the near future)
    7. Overloads will now deal 75 damage per tick to Diamond Donators (375 total damage instead of 500), 50 to Onyx Donators (250 total damage), and 10 to Zenyte Donators (50 total damage)
    8. Zenyte Donators will now be able to use ::bank and ::ge (certain locations are restricted)


    Bug Fixes


    1. God capes will now vanish one minute after they are dropped from statutes
    2. Fixed typos in trivia 
    3. Fixed typos with auras
    4. updated to OSRS cache data v180
    5. Fixed Akrisaes barrows set 




    1. Looters Necklace now has stats (+10 to all combat accuracy, +15 to all defenses, +8 melee strength, and +5 prayer)
    2. Added new comp cape requirements 
    3. Added an elite completionist cape
    4. Added upgraded lightning rapier that attacks 50% faster and has +10 higher accuracy
    5. And lastly, congrats to Droprs for receiving his tbow pet for being the monthly top donator of June!


    Stay tuned for a new Unique PvM Horde minigame to be released next!

    Seeya ingame! 

    ONYX II UPDATE #2 : Drop overlay, QoL and bug fixes !

    By Omega,


    June 23th, 2019


    Hey guys :)


    It is my pleasure to present to you today's update patch notes. This update is a relatively small one and features the addition of drop overlays and a couple of bug fixes / quality of life content. Hope you enjoy !


    Drop overlay

    1. This new option (under settings) will allow you to see drops listed as shown in the pic below ! 




    Quality of life

    1. Reduced task sizes for Wilderness slayer.
    2. Added a command to modify in game prices manually.
    3. Catalyst shield now increases slash/stab/crush attack accuracy by +15. It is now the best shield alternative for all styles including melee.
    4. Removed quest reqs for flasks making.
    5. Added a command to double minigame points - expect it on our events !


    Bug fixes

    1. Lowered Deranged Archeologist mage defense and increased its melee defense.
    2. Fixed a skull tricking issue.



    1. Lowered afk zone gp by half.
    2. Lowered Deranged Archeologist mage defense and increased its melee defense.
    3. Removed afk zone ingame advertisements.
    4. Glacors now require lvl 56 slayer.


    We hope you guys enjoy the update ;) Feel free to leave feedback down below and see ya ingame!

    Discord refer a friend contest !

    By Omega,

    Hey guys :)

    With the recent release of Onyx II we will be hosting a Discord refer a friend contest that will be lasting for 1 month until July 15th 12:00 PM EST.

    From then on, we will be awarding the first 3 players with the most invites to our Discord server as follows : 


    1st place : Diamond donator rank

    2nd place : Ruby donator rank

    3rd place : Emerald donator rank

    So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends !

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