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    Onyx update #68: PvM World Boss Event, Bug Fixes, Quality of Life, and More!

    N G R
    By N G R,




    December 1st 2018

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone, first of all we'd like to apologize for the delay of this update, we'll keep the next ones more frequent but as you'll see this one has a lot of content/bug fixes. It features a New World Boss, Pet Additions, Quality of Life updates, Bug Fixes, and so much more! Let’s dive right into the patch notes:


    New Onyx World boss

    With this update we added a new World Boss event that will occur twice a day (6-18hr window). It has 100K hit points and will definitely be a challenge for small parties, therefore we recommend you to have at least 5-10 people to kill him! To get there, use the ::worldboss command when the announcement pops up ;)


    All participants that deal at least 1K damage will receive 500k cash as well as a chance at the common/uncommon drop table.


    The person with the most damage dealt will also have a shot at the rare/very rare/legendary tables.


    Legendary: Partyhats (with the exception of white/black), Santa Hat, Halloween Masks. 

    Very Rare: Chaotic Weaponry, Zenyte Jewelry, God Box.

    Rare: Vine Whip, Tentacle, Trident, Visage, Mystery Box, Premium Mystery Box.

    Uncommon: Large - Huge XP Lamps, Whip, Staff of Light, Dark Bow, 10m cash.

    Common: Skilling Supplies. Herbs and their Secondaries, Steel Plate bodies, Papayas, Yak Hides, Cannonballs.

    Always: 5m Cash.


    Extreme mode updates

    • Extremes can now loot share with other players


    Quality of life updates

    • Added decanter to shops area, dz and vip zones
    • Halved Evil trees hitpoints (kept the same rewards)
    • Added thread to skilling guide at ::shops
    • Deposit all no longer unequips your aura
    • Deaths no longer drops your aura to the ground
    • Added an Onyx Guide at ::dung 
    • Added a warning upon using ::star if the star is in the wilderness
    • Added a ::events command for players to see upcoming events
    • Added more seeds to the master farmers' drop table (fellstalk and dwarf weeds)
    • The Dagannoth King teleport now teleports you to the ladder


    Pet updates

    • Added Kalphite princess morph
    • Added Pet snakeling morph
    • Added Corporeal critter morph
    • Added Midnight morph
    • Added baby chinchompa morph
    • Added TzRek Zuk morph
    • Added all barrow pets (also made them obtainable via mystery boxes)


    Bug fixes

    • Fixed barrows shop - all items can now be sold/bought.
    • Fixed a glitch with Nex on last phase causing her to not retaliate.
    • Fixed a bug with dung rewards trader dialogue
    • Fixed halloween twisted bow stats to make them on par with the regular version
    • Fixed some spelling mistakes
    • Fixed a null bug in Dominion Tower
    • Fixed crystal chest at home
    • Gilded pickaxes now work as intended
    • Fixed a GE bug when buying untradable items such as overload and retrieving them without sufficient inventory space
    • Akrisae robe skirt can now be repaired
    • Fixed crafting requirements for bracelet/amulet crafting
    • Fixed Dragith Nurn attacks/animations
    • Shilo Village smithing area can now be accessed
    • Fixed typo in Shanomi dialogue
    • Fixed typo in Stronghold of Security
    • Normal skeletons now benefit from the Salve amulet boost


    Other updates

    • Removed the java download page opening when playing on safe mode (kept the warning though)
    • Made directx the standard display mode when logging in (if your computer supports it)
    • Removed Halloween event
    • Support staff members can now use the ::startevent command
    • Added draconic visage to frost dragon drop table
    • Improved the chance of hitting higher tables on god mystery boxes
    • Reduced god mystery boxes' price from $15 to $12
    • Updated our ::rules thread
    • Halloween event items are now tradable 
    • Stronghold monsters now drop a skull scepter instead of pieces
    • Onyx donators can now access Staff Zone with the ::sz command
    • Add Dragith Nurn drop table Mask of Dragith nurn + Reese's sword +Caitlin's staff + Helmet of trials
    • Dungeoneering accounts now have 1:1 xp
    • Atrocious rogue gloves now cost 100k ea (down from 200k)
    • Level 87 PvP weapons now cost 2m blood money


    As always, we hope you enjoy this update!

    See you all in-game! :)

    Onyx Update #67: Halloween Event, Vote Shop, PvP Improvements, Referral System, PvM + Skilling Updates, and So Much More!

    By Zio,


    October 30th, 2018

    Hello Everyone!

    Getting Started, I would like to apologize on behalf of the Onyx management team for a delay on this update. These past few weeks we have been very busy with several situations. With that however, we are proud to provide you all with a massive update to make up for the wait. This week’s update features a Halloween Event, a rework of our blood money system and shop, a buff to Galvek’s drop table, PvP and skilling fixes, a long-awaited vote shop, and so much more! Let’s dive right into the patch notes:


    Onyx Halloween Event:

    1. We wish you all a wonderful and safe Halloween, as a way to celebrate this holiday we will be hosting a Halloween event for the coming few weeks.
    2. Throughout this event, players hunting undead NPCs such as Zombies, Ghosts, and Skeletons will notice a rework of their drop tables. They now drop cosmetic items ranging from skeleton sets, jackolantern hats, and ghostbuster 500s as well as pumpkins and all XP lamps.
    3. Dwarf multi cannons are temporarily disabled when used on undead npcs during this event.


    Vote Shop:

    1. Added a vote shop on Onyx, players can obtain a total of 10 votes per day, 5 per 12 hours, and on top of receiving the usual cash, xp, and drop rate boosts, they will now receive vote tokens. These tokens can be used at the vote shop to buy cosmetics, money, and some highly sought-after medium tier gear!


    GFX Updates:

    1. Updated our client background and icon with a new look, featuring our new logos and custom backgrounds.
    2. Forums have been updated to feature our new logo, icon, and wallpapers. These will be updated periodically to keep the theme nice and fresh.
    3. We have added a ton of new banners on our forums which will make an appearance in the coming days / weeks.
    4. We have promoted a new GFX Artist, @central, shout out to him for his awesome contributions here on Onyx!


    PvP and Wilderness Updates:

    1. Fully reworked our blood money shop, let’s just say the old one was a bit messy and not worth the grind. All item prices have been heavily reduced, and some additions have been made. Blood money is now a valuable currency that will prove to be useful to any player.
    2. Fixed item values and items lost on death. You will now protect the most valuable items you possess when you are killed in the wilderness. Ex: Protect Dragon Claws over Dharok’s Plate body. This includes Lucky items.
    3. Improve the skulling system on Onyx, you will now no longer get skulled if you have auto-retaliate on and a familiar attack, or when you are tele blocked / snared.
    4. Blood money now goes directly into the bank upon dropping for Ruby Donators.
    5. Wilderness slayer tasks now give the player Blood Money when killing NPCs they are assigned.
    6. Added ::wildslayer and Wilderness Slayer to the Wilderness teleport options to teleport directly to the slayer master.
    7. ::PK now teleports you to Edgeville instead of clan wars, however you can still use ::Funpk to get to clan wars.
    8. Renamed PK Locators to PK Tablets.
    9. Removed the PK Tablet warning that a player is coming after you. Be careful out there!
    10. Players may now only use pk tabs once every 2 minutes.
    11. Added PK logs for staff members so they are better equip in handling disputes.
    12. Galvek’s drop table has been buffed to include some useful supplies that other Wilderness bosses drop, as well as a rare chance at some end level pvp gear.


    Referral System:

    1. Added a Referral System, unique new players who join Onyx now have an option to tell us where they came from. This will grant them rewards and you as well if you let us know!


    Store Updates:

    1. We have decided to host a sale on our store in celebration of Halloween. Featuring discounts and several items.
    2. Added H’Ween masks to our store for a limited amount of time.
    3. Added a custom designed Halloween Twisted Bow in limited quantities.


    VIP Zone Additions:

    1. Added uncharged orb obelisks to VIP zone for quick charging.
    2. Reworked the Hunting / Thieving Section to be more efficient.


    PvM and Skilling Updates and Fixes:

    1. Fixed the problem that sometimes showed incorrect kills left on a boss task.
    2. Fixed Cursed Magic Tree XP to the correct rates.
    3. Nerfed Hati / Skoll DPS, as it proved to be dropping too many people too quickly.
    4. Added one more moss giant at Varrock sewers as requested.
    5. Allowed players to now use the Dwarf Cannon at Dungeons as well as God Wars.
    6. Fixed the Barrows Gloves requirement showing that you need 10 Smithing when you really need 40.
    7. Fixed Mud Battlestaff not saving water and earth runes.
    8. Fixed a bug with spell casting distance not working when not equiping a weapon.
    9. Slayer Task Streaks no longer reset when skipping a task except for when you cancel one with another Slayer Master.
    10. Reduced the Dwarf Multicannon ball delay.
    11. Made it so that you can open up the PvM timers highscores through the borders in the Theatre of Blood.


    Other Updates:

    1. Added a message upon login to install 64 bit Java, so players will know how to optimize our game.
    2. Fixed client login failure when making a new account.
    3. Fixed the Occult altar right click options that allow you to directly change your spellbook.
    4. Increased the client zoom to match that of Standard OSRS.
    5. Increased the size of the friends list, allowing you to now have 500 players added instead of 200.
    6. Equipped light sources such as a bug lantern now count as a source of light in dark areas.
    7. Admins can now set your donation total if you have donated on several accounts or through osrs gp.
    8. Fixed the discord bot abusing @ tag bug, sorry that this feature had to be ruined because of a few trolls, but at least it is back.
    9. Added the drop rate boosts next to the xp rates for each mode when creating an account for more clarification.
    10. Fixed the issue with ::searchitem not showing noted item drops, as well as improved it, allowing it to show amounts of drops as well.
    11. Added a general store at ::shops, and allowed ironman to use it for more convenience.
    12. Added golden statues and other items obtained from the money crate so ironman may sell their loot quicker, also added a gem merchant next to the stalls at the donator zone for quicker selling of crushed gems.
    13. Fixed the bamboo door at ape atoll, so players may now access it.
    14. Added the arrow graphics to monkey archers.
    15. Added justicier and ancestral gear to the grand exchange so people may now buy and sell it through there.
    16. Added obsidian platebody to the grand exchange as it was reported to not be searchable.
    17. Fixed the price of the lucky verac's flail at the barrows shop.
    18. Fixed the item look of ghostly robes, fremennik armors, and prince tunic arms on osrs graphics.
    19. Added rune knives to the gear shop at ::shops.
    20. Renamed online shop to loyalty shop, renamed afkman dan to Loyal Dan, and replaced online tokens with Loyalty Tokens.
    21. Addressed multiple spelling typos.
    22. www.Onyxrsps.com now redirects you to our forums.
    23. Reworked our facebook page to make it look a bit more appealing, we will begin to be more active on there, so stay tuned!
    24. Added a ::events command that redirects you to the events section of our forums. We will be hosting nearly daily events, so be sure to attend for some fun and juicy rewards!
    25. The home teleport on the magic tab now opens the lodestone network. Instead of using this to teleport home, the donator zone, or accessing the teleports options, just use ::home, ::dz, and ::tp respectively.
    26. You can now eat a baguette. ;)




    Onyx Staff Updates:

    1. Tyler has been promoted to Server Support.
    2. Rawrgasm has been promoted to Server Support.
    3. Classed has been promoted to Moderator, unfortunately he's growing up.
    4. Monk Bird has been demoted on discord temporarily as he resolves some IRL issues. He has not left the staff team, rather just taking a break as priorities have arose.


    As always, we hope you enjoy this update!

    See you all in-game! :)

    Onyx Monthly Top Voter Contest [October]

    By Zio,

    Onyx Monthly Top Voter Contest Thread!



    Hello Everyone,

    The Onyx Management team would like to dedicate this thread to offer our community rewards for their dedication to helping us escalate on the major RSPS Toplists. As you may have noticed, we now have a leaderboard at home which features the ability to check peoples vote couples for the month, along with a ton of other features. We would like to use this opportunity to award the top voters of each month with unique items as a means for us to say thank you for your combined efforts. You are part of the crowd that wants to see Onyx succeed, keep it rising, and your contributions have been noticed. Thank you all! So without further or due lets dive into this contest.

    We are hosting a monthly contest to recognize those who put the most effort into voting for us across all Toplists. This will award the top 10 voters different amount of mystery boxes depending on vote ranking, as well as possibilities for donator ranks on the house! This Month is going to be calculated from October 1st - October 31st. Note you can vote for us every 12 hours across 5 toplists by simply doing ::vote ingame or clicking on the vote tab on our forums navigation bar. Lets get into the rewards:


    1st Place Voter: $30 Store Credit!

    2nd Place Voter: $25 Store Credit!

    3rd Place Voter: $20 Store Credit!

    4th Place Voter: $15 Store Credit!

    5th Place Voter: $10 Store Credit!

    6th-10th Place Voters: Mystery Box!


    Good Luck to Everyone!

    Results will be posted at the end of October 31st.

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