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    Onyx Monthly Top Voter Contest

    The following members have won voter of the month. Please contact me if your name is on the top 1-10 list and you have not received your reward. Thanks, Zio
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    Top Donor Appreciation Thread (Monthly)

    Onyx Top Donator Appreciation Thread! Hello Everyone, The Onyx Management team would like to dedicate this thread to give thanks and appreciation to all our past and future supporters, helping us to get where we are, and where we want to be. throughout the upcoming months and the last year, we have been running. Some of you have contributed to our success whether it be helping us get videos, advertisements, or in game content additions, you are the ones keeping Onyx moving, and for that we thank you. This thread is dedicated to those who truly gave us an arm and a leg to see this server succeed, if you are not on the list but have contributed as well, I would just like to say that we are very grateful to have your support and will find a way to reward you too. Starting from now, we will be hosting a monthly recognition content to reward our top donator. This will include some sweat cosmetics, titles, and a possibility of pets, but some rewards will be strictly for the all time high top donators that we have today. Please note that this is strictly to give recognition and reward you for your contributions. Top Donator (OVERALL): Nick (A custom pet, and a title has been rewarded!) Monthly Top Donators Top Monthly Donator (November 2019😞 ---------------------------------- Han! ---------------------------------- Rewards for December: November Top Donator Ingame Title Monthly Top Donator Pet with a 5% Boost to Drop Rate! Thank you all for your support, you help Onyx improve everyday!
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    Collection Log

    In my opinion , a collection log would be perfect for onyx. It will make players more motivated to play by obtaining items from bosses and mini-games to complete the log of each individual boss/mini-game.
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    Hello everyone, Jello here ;)

    Just wanted to say im happy to join the community, You might have already met me in game since ive played for a little over a week now, so far i really like it here, so i might as well make a forum account.. My name is Jelko, i am 23 years old and i come from a little town in the Netherlands , you might know me as; Hello Jello or Jello Mello ingame. Hope to see you all in game and have some fun!! Jello out
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    December 6th PVP event's rules

    Hewwo these will be the following rules, gears and supplies required for the event. Gear:- Helms: rune full helm, berserker helm, helm of neit, warrior helm, obsidian helm, void helm Body: rune platebody, fightter torso, obsidian body, void knight body Platelegs: rune platelegs, granite platelegs, obsidian platelegs, void knight legs Boots: climbing boots, rune boots, dragon boots Gloves: barrows gloves, void gloves Amulet: amulet of strength, amulet of glory Cape: fire cape, obsidian cape, legends cape, inferno cape, tokhaar-kal Ring: recoil of recoil Shield: Rune defender dragon defender, obsidian shield, deflector Spell: Veng Wep: Dragon scimitar, abyssal whip Special attack: Ags, granite maul, anchor, dragon dagger, bgs, zgs, dragon claws You are allowed to only have a maximum of 2 saradomin brews 3 restores and no rune pouch and no spec restore (food and ovls are from the ;;funpk stalls) each participant receives 5k blood money and the grand prize would be 50k for first place 25k for second place and 10k for the 3rd place (in case 10 people show up)
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    Top Donor Appreciation Thread (Monthly)

    Its like all of us old ones are forgotten 😥

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