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    Monk Bird

    Onyx Bonus XP Weekend Event!

    Onyx Bonus XP Event Weekend! Hello Everyone! The Onyx management team is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Bonus EXP Weekend Starting right now for the next two days! Starting at Friday April 3 6:00 PM EST (server time) bonus XP will be activated throughout the weekend until Sunday April 5 11:59 PM EST (server time) Additionally, I would like to remind each and every one of you to please stay safe at home and avoid going outside as much as possible. The world is in a current state of chaos and disorder as this horrible virus spreads and after speaking to so many wonderful people all across the world i am glad to say the overwhelming majority of you have taken note to the severity of the current situation. Let's Continue to thrive as a positive community and be kind to one another during this pandemic. Much love to each and every one of you and of course... Seeya ingame!
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    Onyx Bonus XP Weekend Event!

    I fully support this idea.
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    hi guys here are this weeks events, hope to see you all there Monday 30 March 2020 pest control hosted by Ext Stoner at 10 AM EST and armadyl mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 4 PM EST Nex Mass Hosted by Madoc at 6pm est Tuesday 31 March 2020 nightmare mass hosted by Today at 4 AM EST and bandos mass hosted by Shn at 7 AM EST stealing creation hosted by monk bird at 3pm est Wednesday 1 April 2020 demonic gorillas hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and Nex Mass hosted by Today at 5 PM EST pest control hosted by monk bird at 2pm est Thursday 2 April 2020 zammy mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 10 AM EST and nightmare mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST KBD mass hosted by Madoc at 6pm est Friday 3 April 2020 Bandos Mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 4 PM EST and Corp Mass hosted by Corper at 5 PM EST boss bonanza hosted by monk bird at 6pm est Saturday 4 April 2020 Stealing Creation hosted by Corper at 1 PM EST and tormented demons hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST Sunday 5 April 2020 corp mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and Demonic Gorillas hosted by Corper at 5 PM EST
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    Official Onyx Price Guide

    Official Onyx Price Guide Guide Key: ~ = Around / Estimate * = Best Guess / Estimate M = Confirmed Price X-X = Price Range NA = Not In Game Melee Weapons: Abyssal Whip: 2M-3M Saradomin Sword: 2M-3M Dragon 2H: 1M Abyssal Dagger: 1M Abyssal Bludgeon: 25M Dragon Warhammer: 100M Kraken Tentacle: 20M Whip Vine: 30M Dragon Claws: 40M Elder Maul: 800M-1B Dragon Hunter Lance: 200M-300M ~ Armadyl Godsword: 20M Bandos Godsword: 5M Saradomin Godsword: 25M-35M Zamorak Godsword: 5M Zamorakian Spear: 100M Ghrazi Rapier: 1B Scythe of Vitur: 1B Onyx Blood Scythe: 6B-7B ~ Viggora's Chainmace: 25M Lightning Rapier: 2B-2.5B ~ Ultimate Lightning Rapier: 6B-7B ~ Magic Staves and Wands: Master Wand: 5M Mud Battlestaff: 1M Smoke Battlestaff: 1-2M Staff of Light: 20M Polypore Staff: 30M Staff of the Dead: 50M Toxic Staff of the Dead: 80M Trident of the Seas: 10M-15M Trident of the Swamp: 30M-35M Magic Fang: 25M Armadyl Battlestaff: 300M Kodai Wand: 750M Sanguinesti Staff: 300M Empowered Sanguinesti Staff: 1500M Ranged Weapons: Dark Bow: 1M Royal Crossbow: 100M Dragon Crossbow: 20M-25M Armadyl Crossbow: 75M-100M Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 250M Toxic Blowpipe: 300M Heavy Ballista: 5M Light Ballista: 1M Zaryte Bow: 75M Twisted Bow: 5B-6B ~ Twisted Bow Mkll: 9B ~ Infernal Blowpipe: 2B Off-Hands and Shields: Mage's Book: 5M Tome of Fire: 30M Malediction Ward: 20M Odium Ward: 20M Dragonfire Shield: 40M Ancient Wyvern Shield: 50M Blessed Spirit Shield: 50M Spectral Spirit Shield: 200M Arcane Spirit Shield: 400M Elysian Spirit Shield: 750M Divine Spirit Shield: 1.1B Catalyst Spirit Shield: 3B Avernic Defender: 650M PvP Weapons All PvP weapons can be purchased by Mandrith with blood money Blood money: 700 gp ea Vesta's longsword: 70M Vesta's spear: 20M Statius's warhammer: 70M Zuriel's staff: 10M Moriggan's Javelin: 700k ea Morrigan's Throwing Axe: 700K ea Viggora's Chainmace: 25M Craw's bow: 25M Thammaron's sceptre: 25M PvP Armors All PvP armors can be purchased by Mandrith with blood money Blood money: 700 gp ea Vesta set (top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M Statius set (helm/top/legs) : 350K blood money ~ 245M Morrigans set (coif/top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M Zuriels set (hood/top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M Barrows: Barrows token : 2-3 gp each Dharok's Helm: 3M Dharok's Platebody: 5M Dharok's Platelegs: 4M Dharok's Greataxe: 6M Guthan's Helm: 3M Guthan's Platebody: 5M Guthan's Chainskirt: 4M Guthan's Warspear: 6M Torag's Helm: 3M Torag's Platebody: 5M Torag's Platelegs:4M Torag's Hammers: 6M Verac's Helm: 3M Verac's Brassard: 5M Verac's Skirt: 4M Verac's Flail: 6M Karil's Coif: 3M Karil's Leather Top: 5M Karil's Leather Skirt: 4M Karil's Crossbow: 6M Ahrim's Hood: 3M Ahrim's Robe Top: 5M Ahrim's Robe Skirt: 4M Ahrim's Staff: 6M Akrisae's Hood: 3M Akrisae's Robe Top: 5M Akrisae's Robe Skirt: 4M Akrisae's Warmace: 6M God Wars Dungeon Gear: Bandos Chestplate: 150M-200M Bandos Tassets: 150M-200M Bandos Gloves: 30M-35M Bandos Boots: 30M-35M Bandos Warshield: 30M-35M Bandos Helmet: 30M-35M Ultimate Bandos Chestplate: 500M-600M Ultimate Bandos Tassets: 500M-600M Ultimate Bandos Gloves: 125M-150M Ultimate Bandos Boots: 125M-150M Ultimate Bandos Warshield: 125M-150M Ultimate Bandos Helmet: 200M-250M Armadyl Helmet: 30M-35M Armadyl Chestplate: 150M-200M Armadyl Chainskirt: 150M-200M Armadyl Gloves: 30M-35M Armadyl Boots: 30M-35M Armadyl Buckler: 30M-35M Ultimate Armadyl Helmet: 250M-300M Ultimate Armadyl Chestplate: 500M Ultimate Armadyl Chainskirt: 500M Ultimate Armadyl Gloves: 100M-150M Ultimate Armadyl Boots: 100M-150M Ultimate Armadyl Buckler: 100M-150M Subjugation Hood: 30M-35M Subjugation Garb: 60M-75M Subjugation Gloves: 30M-35M Subjugation Gown: 60M-75M Subjugation Boots: 30M-35M Subjugation Ward: 30M-35M Ultimate Subjugation Hood: 200M Ultimate Subjugation Garb: 375M-450M Ultimate Subjugation Gloves: 100M-150M Ultimate Subjugation Gown: 375M-450M Ultimate Subjugation Boots: 100M-150M Ultimate Subjugation Ward: 100M-150M Nex Gear: Torva Full Helm: 750M Torva Platebody: 1500M Torva Platelegs: 1250M Torva Gloves: 250M Torva Boots: 250M Ultimate Torva Helm: 1.75B Ultimate Torva Platebody: 2.5B Ultimate Torva Platelegs: 2.25B Ultimate Torva Gloves: 1.25B Ultimate Torva Boots: 1.25B Pernix Cowl: 750M Pernix Body: 1.5B Pernix Chaps: 1.25B Pernix Gloves: 250M Pernix Boots: 250M Ultimate Pernix Cowl: 1.75B Ultimate Pernix Body: 2.5B Ultimate Pernix Chaps: 2.25B Ultimate Pernix Gloves: 1.25B Ultimate Pernix Boots: 1.25B Virtus Mask: 500M Virtus Robe Top: 1B Virtus Robelegs: 750M Virtus Gloves: 250M Virtus Boots: 250M Ultimate Virtus Mask: 1.5B Ultimate Virtus Robe Top: 2B Ultimate Virtus Robelegs: 1.75B Ultimate Virtus Gloves: 1.25B Ultimate Virtus Boots: 1.25B Mage and Ranged Gear: Infinity Hat: 2M Infinity Robe Top: 5M Infinity Robe Bottoms: 5M Infinity Gloves: 2M Infinity Boots: 30M Robin Hood Hat: 20M Rangers' Tunic: 20M Ranger Boots: 40M-65M ~ Royal Dragonhide Coif: 1M Royal Dragonhide Body: 3M Royal Dragonhide Vambraces: 1M Royal Dragonhide Chaps: 2M Accessories and Other Gear: Dragon Full Helm: 5M Dragon Platebody: 5M Dragon Kiteshield: 5M Dragon Boots: 1-2M Black Mask: 1M Serpentine Helm: 40M-50M Basilisk Jaw: 50M Ultimate Slayer Enchantment: 225M Pegasian Boots: 100M Eternal Boots: 50M-60M Primordial Boots: 90M-95M Pegasian Crystal: 30M-35M Eternal Crystal: 25M Primordial Crystal: 90M-95M Smouldering Stone: 10M Glaiven Boots: 20M-25M Ragefire Boots: 15M-20M Steadfast Boots: 20M-25M Fighter Hat: 5M Fighter Torso: 25M-30M Raids Gear: Justiciar Faceguard: 125M-150M Justiciar Chestguard: 175M-200M Justiciar Legguards: 175M-200M Jewelry: Ring of Wealth (I): 15M-20M Ring of Stone: 10M Warrior Ring: 15M Seers' Ring: 25M Archers' Ring: 25M Berserker Ring: 30-40M Ring of the Gods: 150M-200M Treasonous Ring: 50M-75M Tyrannical Ring: 50M-75M Zenyte Shard: 300M Ring of Suffering: 300M Tormented Bracelet: 300M Amulet of Fury: 10M Berserker Necklace: 10M Occult Necklace: 15M Amulet of Torture: 300M Necklace of Anguish: 300M Wings of Wealth: 500M-600M Imbue Scroll: 5M Looters Amulet: 350M-400M Infinity Necklace: 1.1B-1.3B Infinity Ring: 1.2B-1.4B Soul Necklace: 150M Tools, Skilling, and Supplies: Dragon Hatchet: 25M Dragon Pickaxe: 5M Cannonballs: 2K each Zulrah Scales: 500GP Crystal Keys: 750K Ganodermic Flakes: 10K Maple Logs: 1K Yew Logs: 2.5K Magic Logs: 5K Redwood Logs: 20K Gold Ore: 3K Gold Bar: 1K Coal: 300 GP Adamant Ore: 1K Adamant Bar: 30K Runite Ore: 5K Runite Bar: 50K Infernal Ashes: 20K Dragon Bones: 25K Dagannoth Bones: 30K Wyvern Bones: 25K Superior Dragon Bones: 60K Ourg Bones: 35K Frost Dragon Bones: 65K Raw Monkfish: 2K EA Monkfish: 2K EA Raw Shark: 2K EA Shark: 2K EA Raw Manta Ray: 3K EA Manta Ray: 3K EA Raw Rocktail: 5K EA Rocktail: 5K EA Raw Dark Crab: 5K EA Dark Crab: 5K EA Raw Anglerfish: 5K EA Anglerfish: 5K EA Extreme Potions: 55K Overloads (4): 375K & Overloads (6): 575K Prayer Renewals (4) : 35K & Prayer Renewals (6): 50K Recover Special (4) : 65K& Recover Special (6): 100K Rares and Donatables: Mystery Box: 65M Super Mystery Box: 100M God Mystery Box: 150M Donator Shard: 85K-100K 3rd Age Bow: 150M 3rd Age Wand: 150M 3rd Age Longsword: 200M 3rd Age Cloak: 150M 3rd Age Full Helmet: 100M 3rd Age Platebody: 100M 3rd Age Platelegs: 100M 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield: 100M 3rd Age Mage Hat: 100M 3rd Age Robe Top: 100M 3rd Age Robe: 100M 3rd Age Range Coif: 100M 3rd Age Range Top: 100M 3rd Age Range Legs: 100M 3rd Age Vambraces: 25M 3rd Age Druidic Wreath: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Top: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Bottom: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Cloak: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Staff: 1000M Easter Egg: 1M Pumpkin: 1M Santa Hat: 250M-300M Black Santa Hat: 550M Blue H'ween Mask: 200M Green H'ween Mask: 200M Red H'ween Mask: 200M Yellow Partyhat: 500M Green Partyhat: 500M Purple Partyhat: 500M Blue Partyhat: 500M Red Partyhat: 500M White Partyhat: 500M Black Partyhat: 1.2B-1.5B ~ Sapphire Ticket: 150M (3000 Donator Shards) Sapphire To Emerald Ticket: 300M (5250 Donator Shards) Emerald Ticket: 450M (8400 Donator Shards) Emerald To Ruby Ticket: 650M (11,000 Donator Shards) Ruby Ticket: 1.1B (19,000 Donator Shards) Ruby To Diamond Ticket: 1.3B (25,000 Donator Shards) Diamond Ticket: 2.4B (48,000 Donator Shards) Diamond To Onyx Ticket: 2.6B (72,000 Donator Shards) Onyx Ticket: 5B (119,000 Donator Shards) Onyx To Zenyte Ticket: 3.5B (60,000 Donator Shards) Zenyte Ticket: 8.5B (180,000 Donator Shards) Shoutout to the contributors of this price guide: Nick - Made the Original Price Guide. Raj, Madoc, Ext Stoner, Nev3r - reported up to date prices for listed items. Monk Bird - Mediates price discussion/edits list accordingly Zio - Created up to date thread, added new items and updated values. We recommend you all use this price as a guide when determining item values. Prices are subject to change and variation. Hope this helps!
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    Arclight guide

    Hey guys Due to common request you'll find down below a guide on how to acquire an Arclight . First and foremost, let me provide you with some useful info about this weapon : "Arclight is an enhanced variant of Darklight requiring level 75 Attack to wield that is extremely effective against demon type monsters. In addition to an enhanced passive effect, Arclight features modest improvements in attack bonus and speed over the original sword. Arclight provides a 70% increase in accuracy and damage when used against demonic creatures, meaning it is more effective than an abyssal tentacle against these targets. Arclight retains Darklight's special attack, Weaken, which uses 50% of the player's special attack energy and lowers the opponent's Strength, Attack, and Defence levels by 5% (10% for demons). Weaken's effect is only applied if it is a successful hit. Use of the special attack does not detract from Arclight's charges. Special attack's accuracy roll is dependent on combat style type bonuses (stab or slash) which then rolls against a predefined stab defence roll. Weaken will stack additively upon successful hits, unlike dragon warhammer. Two successful special attacks thus reduce an opponent's Strength, Attack and Defence by 10%, or 20% if it is a demon." (source OSRS Wiki) Also - the one on Onyx doesn't ever degrade unlike the OSRS variant which only holds 1.000 charges. For further info on all the monsters that the Arclight works on, check out the list of demons found here. Please note that it also works on Tormented demons which do not appear on that list. First of all you need to buy a Darklight from the Pure guide at ;;shops. It is the first item in the top left corner. Once that is done, you need to acquire 3 Ancient shards . These can be obtained by killing monsters in the Catacombs or Skotizo (I would however not recommend Skotizo without an Arclight because you cannot 1 hit the pillars). If you'd rather just get the shards as quickly as possible, I'd recommend barraging / chinning dust devils, which this guide will focus on. To get to them, teleport to catacombs using ;;tp > Dungeons and Bosses > Catacombs of Kourend (1st option) From there, investigate the statue to enter the Catacombs. Head southeast to the Dust devils spawns and barrage/chin them. You can also place a cannon down there to make it even faster. When you finally get the 3 Ancient shards, head back to the altar in the center and use your Darklight on the altar. Congratulations ! You are now the proud owner of an Arclight ! Hope this little guide helped you out !

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