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    New random event

    this is exactly what we need right now, our current random events aren't strong enough. It's great to kill afkers/botters who get 200m fishing in 3 days. Edit: not specifically at the G.E. just a great addition in general. Support ingame: this player doesn't have a forums account so i put it here, his opinion is valued like any other.
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    Janurary 29, 2020 Greetings everyone, I hope all has been well as we're now ready to launch a much anticipated update with multiple quality of life updates that you guys have been suggesting, so we delivered! This Update will be focused primarily on QoL, but stay tuned as we wrap up Janurary and begin to start some content updates coming out in the near future! 💰Bank Placeholders💰 Players will now be able to more efficiently organize their banks as we have integrated a placeholder system that remembers where you last placed an item. This will allow any items taken out of the bank to display a value of 0 while holding that item there in place! (placeholders) 💼Presets💼 Tired of your buddy wasting your overload dose by taking 5 minutes to gear up for Theator of Blood? Worry no longer, as we now have Presets available! All players will have access to two preset slots Saphire Donators will have access to five preset slots Ruby Donators will have access to 10 preset slots Zenyte Donators will be allowed to use presets anywhere that they may also ::bank, without having to be near a bank. Keepsake Keys Keepsake Keys will allow a player to alter the appearance of any equipment slot to any item they own permanently. These keys will be valued at $4 each in the Donator Store and once used, the key will be consumed. You may only have one key active per equipment slot at a time All keepsake key effects will be disabled upon entering the wilderness You must own the item that you are using the keepsake key on for the item appearance to be enabled. If said item is sold, or given back to a player because it was lent, the effect will be disabled until the item is back in your inventory or bank Mr. Ex is now at home and will reset all keepsakes you currently own. Warning: This option is meant for permanently disabling your current keepsakes and will require you to purchase the keys again upon doing so 🏆Loyalty Shop Revamped🏆 Our main man, Loyal Dan, is back with a plan to make you a fan of a complete rework on our loyalty shop! Loyalty tokens are awarded to your bank for each hour of playtime you have on Onyx. In addition to adding many new items we have also decided to reduce many of the previous items in there as well! Keep in mind, all items on our loyalty shop are cosmetic without any stats! 🎟️Vote Shop Revamped🎟️ Additionally, we have decided to rework our vote shop to include a few extra skilling tools and reduced a few prices! 🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates:🌟 Fixed a bug caused by the last update which did not allow players to smith while having a full inventory. Added an option to filter all stat boosts messages written in chat by wearing any of the custom "ultimate sets". Fixed a bug where wearing full obsidian armor would give the respective set bonus to any weapon. This was changed so the set bonus will work with any TzHaar weapon just like RS. Fixed a bug where players were unable to create a Soul Necklace. It may not be made by combining an Occult Necklace with a Soul Stone. Updated the quest tab to display if the current slayer task is from a slayer master or a wildy slayer master. Fixed the description of a fletching task to display it correctly as "string bows". Fixed a bug where the Wrath of the Horde Aura did not give it's respective damage boost while using melee combat. Added a global message that will announce whenever a player has completed all tasks on our Task System. Optimized a few formulas in the code which will boost overall server performance. Added an option to game settings to toggle cosmetic overrides on/off. Swap/Insert option now saves. Reduced the damage of all pvp custom-weapons in wilderness by 50% Added Rune Ores to the Donator Zone. Theator of Blood not counting as a Boss Slayer KC has been fixed. Removed Onyx and Bork from Boss Slayer Tasks. Fixed an bug which did not allow the Ghrazi Rapier to be placed in the Upgrade Chest. Fixed a bug where Bone Dagger (P++) would not attack. Weapon attacks styles are now saved based on weapon type when switching weapons.
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    October 30th, 2018 Hello Everyone! Getting Started, I would like to apologize on behalf of the Onyx management team for a delay on this update. These past few weeks we have been very busy with several situations. With that however, we are proud to provide you all with a massive update to make up for the wait. This week’s update features a Halloween Event, a rework of our blood money system and shop, a buff to Galvek’s drop table, PvP and skilling fixes, a long-awaited vote shop, and so much more! Let’s dive right into the patch notes: Onyx Halloween Event: We wish you all a wonderful and safe Halloween, as a way to celebrate this holiday we will be hosting a Halloween event for the coming few weeks. Throughout this event, players hunting undead NPCs such as Zombies, Ghosts, and Skeletons will notice a rework of their drop tables. They now drop cosmetic items ranging from skeleton sets, jackolantern hats, and ghostbuster 500s as well as pumpkins and all XP lamps. Dwarf multi cannons are temporarily disabled when used on undead npcs during this event. Vote Shop: Added a vote shop on Onyx, players can obtain a total of 10 votes per day, 5 per 12 hours, and on top of receiving the usual cash, xp, and drop rate boosts, they will now receive vote tokens. These tokens can be used at the vote shop to buy cosmetics, money, and some highly sought-after medium tier gear! GFX Updates: Updated our client background and icon with a new look, featuring our new logos and custom backgrounds. Forums have been updated to feature our new logo, icon, and wallpapers. These will be updated periodically to keep the theme nice and fresh. We have added a ton of new banners on our forums which will make an appearance in the coming days / weeks. We have promoted a new GFX Artist, @central, shout out to him for his awesome contributions here on Onyx! PvP and Wilderness Updates: Fully reworked our blood money shop, let’s just say the old one was a bit messy and not worth the grind. All item prices have been heavily reduced, and some additions have been made. Blood money is now a valuable currency that will prove to be useful to any player. Fixed item values and items lost on death. You will now protect the most valuable items you possess when you are killed in the wilderness. Ex: Protect Dragon Claws over Dharok’s Plate body. This includes Lucky items. Improve the skulling system on Onyx, you will now no longer get skulled if you have auto-retaliate on and a familiar attack, or when you are tele blocked / snared. Blood money now goes directly into the bank upon dropping for Ruby Donators. Wilderness slayer tasks now give the player Blood Money when killing NPCs they are assigned. Added ::wildslayer and Wilderness Slayer to the Wilderness teleport options to teleport directly to the slayer master. ::PK now teleports you to Edgeville instead of clan wars, however you can still use ::Funpk to get to clan wars. Renamed PK Locators to PK Tablets. Removed the PK Tablet warning that a player is coming after you. Be careful out there! Players may now only use pk tabs once every 2 minutes. Added PK logs for staff members so they are better equip in handling disputes. Galvek’s drop table has been buffed to include some useful supplies that other Wilderness bosses drop, as well as a rare chance at some end level pvp gear. Referral System: Added a Referral System, unique new players who join Onyx now have an option to tell us where they came from. This will grant them rewards and you as well if you let us know! Store Updates: We have decided to host a sale on our store in celebration of Halloween. Featuring discounts and several items. Added H’Ween masks to our store for a limited amount of time. Added a custom designed Halloween Twisted Bow in limited quantities. VIP Zone Additions: Added uncharged orb obelisks to VIP zone for quick charging. Reworked the Hunting / Thieving Section to be more efficient. PvM and Skilling Updates and Fixes: Fixed the problem that sometimes showed incorrect kills left on a boss task. Fixed Cursed Magic Tree XP to the correct rates. Nerfed Hati / Skoll DPS, as it proved to be dropping too many people too quickly. Added one more moss giant at Varrock sewers as requested. Allowed players to now use the Dwarf Cannon at Dungeons as well as God Wars. Fixed the Barrows Gloves requirement showing that you need 10 Smithing when you really need 40. Fixed Mud Battlestaff not saving water and earth runes. Fixed a bug with spell casting distance not working when not equiping a weapon. Slayer Task Streaks no longer reset when skipping a task except for when you cancel one with another Slayer Master. Reduced the Dwarf Multicannon ball delay. Made it so that you can open up the PvM timers highscores through the borders in the Theatre of Blood. Other Updates: Added a message upon login to install 64 bit Java, so players will know how to optimize our game. Fixed client login failure when making a new account. Fixed the Occult altar right click options that allow you to directly change your spellbook. Increased the client zoom to match that of Standard OSRS. Increased the size of the friends list, allowing you to now have 500 players added instead of 200. Equipped light sources such as a bug lantern now count as a source of light in dark areas. Admins can now set your donation total if you have donated on several accounts or through osrs gp. Fixed the discord bot abusing @ tag bug, sorry that this feature had to be ruined because of a few trolls, but at least it is back. Added the drop rate boosts next to the xp rates for each mode when creating an account for more clarification. Fixed the issue with ::searchitem not showing noted item drops, as well as improved it, allowing it to show amounts of drops as well. Added a general store at ::shops, and allowed ironman to use it for more convenience. Added golden statues and other items obtained from the money crate so ironman may sell their loot quicker, also added a gem merchant next to the stalls at the donator zone for quicker selling of crushed gems. Fixed the bamboo door at ape atoll, so players may now access it. Added the arrow graphics to monkey archers. Added justicier and ancestral gear to the grand exchange so people may now buy and sell it through there. Added obsidian platebody to the grand exchange as it was reported to not be searchable. Fixed the price of the lucky verac's flail at the barrows shop. Fixed the item look of ghostly robes, fremennik armors, and prince tunic arms on osrs graphics. Added rune knives to the gear shop at ::shops. Renamed online shop to loyalty shop, renamed afkman dan to Loyal Dan, and replaced online tokens with Loyalty Tokens. Addressed multiple spelling typos. www.Onyxrsps.com now redirects you to our forums. Reworked our facebook page to make it look a bit more appealing, we will begin to be more active on there, so stay tuned! Added a ::events command that redirects you to the events section of our forums. We will be hosting nearly daily events, so be sure to attend for some fun and juicy rewards! The home teleport on the magic tab now opens the lodestone network. Instead of using this to teleport home, the donator zone, or accessing the teleports options, just use ::home, ::dz, and ::tp respectively. You can now eat a baguette. Onyx Staff Updates: Tyler has been promoted to Server Support. Rawrgasm has been promoted to Server Support. Classed has been promoted to Moderator, unfortunately he's growing up. Monk Bird has been demoted on discord temporarily as he resolves some IRL issues. He has not left the staff team, rather just taking a break as priorities have arose. As always, we hope you enjoy this update! See you all in-game!
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    Omfg Rofl


    Fix rune pouch Fix potion decanter, you can't decant noted pots Increase the stock of broad arrowheads Increase the stock of adamant bolts (ranger guild) Hoods are not coded as hoods as they show hair through them (fix plz) Add herb bag Add seed box Add boss slayer Add Lunar spellbook spells because they're broken and very useful Add wintertodt Add artisan workshop Fix bugged farming patches (let me know for more details on this) Add the ability to change right click option in wildy for lower levels/clan mates who want to have fun while pvping Fix the bankspaces that were promised upon donating (or implement peppe's genius idea) Make nex gloves/boots tradable Fix Nex and its shadowphase cus it's almost impossible right now Change ancient mages droprate Add rejuvenation pools for PoH and Jewel box (both osrs features) Fix Tbow accuracy Give inferno its proper look Fix dart making exp Increase BM drops, no one pks even though this was supposed to solve the issue of dead wildy Increase the ganodermic flake droprates Buff Galvek's drops (not gp wise but the other drops are terrible, makes it dead content) Remove axes from gear shop and put them in skill shop Fix wine making speed Add jugs of water (in lighthouse shop) Add yak hide in the shop on Jatizso Fix Zaros kc counter Add a decanter to make potion into flasks Add this npc --> http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Zahur Fix the burners for G altars in PoH, they don't give extra exp Fix clue scroll droptables (not everything is added and trimmed rune is rare here, while in reality it's not) Fix exp beyond 200m, just give regular exp drops but don't let it add up, looks ugly Add Zeah farm patch Add blessed silver sickle (mort myre fungi) Add osrs slayer rewards (colored helm, superiors, extended tasks...) Add achievement diary rewards (maybe like when you get skills you unlock them or make us do somethign for them) Make it so Ironmen get exp drops when hitting players, so we can pk properly even though we don't get loot, right now we don't get exp drops when hitting a player Add the ability to make potions 4 dosers when you're 99 herblore (and wearing cape), like when you make a new potion it's insta 4 dose and allow us to make the advanced potion if there is one with the 4 dosers
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    July 19th, 2018 Hello Everyone, Today we introduce some nice new features onto Onyx that improves overall quality of life. Todays patch includes the OSRS special attack client orb, a thieving stall method at home for new players to make decent money, a new examine feature that will allow you to open an interface by examining your friends to look at their statistics, and much more! Hope you all enjoy! Interface, Quest and New Prayer Updates: 1. Added an examine player interface that everyone can use. Simply use examine on another player to open an interface displaying their stats, playtime, and more information. 2. Added a special attack orb when not using a summoning familiar. The orb will display how much special attack you currently know so you can time out exactly when to AGS to GMaul a noob in the wilderness. 3. Lootshare now requires you to to deal a certain percent of damage to get part of the loot. 4. Added the Heros Quest (Ice Queen), it drops Ice Gloves which are currently cosmetic but will have its effect added soon. PvM Updates: 1. Both Dusk and Dawn have had their health reduced from 600 to 450. 2. Slaying Dusk and Dawn now count towards two kills on your slayer task. 3. Fixed the message when trying to enter Grotesque Guardians with a pet. 4. Fixed the Daggannoth Kings defense stats. 5. Fixed the ability to freeze some bosses, including DKS and Inferno npcs. 6. Nerfed the drop rate for the weaker revenants. 7. Make gravestone appear outside of the grave in Barrows when a player dies. Prayer, Tools and Weapon Updates: 1. Coded the Dinh’s Bulwark. 2. Added infernal / Dragon Harpoon. 3. Coded Dragon Thrownaxes. 4. Coded the Dragon Sword. 5. Added Kodai Insignia. 6. Fixed the Lucky ZGS Special Attack. 7. Added the Ibans Staff to the Starter Shop. 8. Fixed God Book Stats (illuminated books). 9. Disabled the use of the Dwarf Cannon at Sire. 10. Coded the Ancestral Set. It is now the best in slot Magic Gear as it has a set effect bonus with the Kodai wand, granting a bonus 10% magic dmg bonus when wearing the set and wand. 11. Added the Preserve prayer. 12. Changed Augury Prayer to grant 25% Magic Accuracy like OSRS. 13. Changed Rigour Prayer to grant 23% Range Damage like OSRS. Thieving and Slayer Update: 1. We have reworked our thieving stalls at home to be more viable for new players to do for starting money. There are several thieving stalls to choose from, the higher levels being better xp and money which all give a certain type of crushed gem to sell to the onyx wizard for gp. 2. The dwarf trader that did not move now moves, sorry auto clickers, no more. 3. Increased the money Slayer gives on lower level tasks. Bug Fixes and Other Updates: 1: Fixed the bug with runespan not allowing you to go down a level. 2: Fixed rune pouch disappearing on death outside the wilderness. 3: Fixed XP drops in PvP. 4: Xp now resets to 200m on every login when you are above 200m xp. 5: Added Braindeath Island to ::tp. 6: Lit Bug lantern now works as a light source. 7: Added songs: Lament of Meiyerditch, Welcome to the Threatre, and The Last Shanty. 8: Added Ver Sinhaza Map. 9: Added Free Skillcapes when reaching a 99. 10: Added the God Mystery Boxes: With a slight chance to win some of the best armor ingame and a high chance of god wars armors such a bandos, arma, etc. 11: Fixed Infernal Cape Texture. 12: Pet mystery boxes now have a much lower chance of giving repeat pets. 13: A Goat has been added to home. Hope you all Enjoy!
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    Atazoth's Support Application

    Name: My name is Holden. Username: Atazoth and Atazoth Ext Age: 22 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (Server Time) Language: English and Basic Spanish Where are you from? North Carolina, United States How long have you been a part of Onyx? 6 Months How many hours do you spend online daily? 10+ hours a day. Sometimes less depending on the day but I spend a great majority of the day on the server. I sometimes even play up towards 10-18 hours a day. Are you active on both our forums and in-game? I am extremely active in game and somewhat active on the forums. I am definitely willing to be much more active on the forums. Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I have always loved to help other people and I have a very strong passion for this servers success, I would love to be a part of the staff team and help it move forward. How would you describe your strengths? I am pursuing a degree in Information Technology (Focus in game design and development). I am very good at fixing problems and helping those in need. I am extremely creative and work very hard to achieve my goals. I have a very high amount of patience and I am also a very good listener. How would you describe your weaknesses? My weakness would have to be that I can be easily distracted sometimes. What are some useful skills or qualities you possess? I was Rank 2 in one of my customer service jobs, graphic design and basic coding. I can learn almost anything at a very fast rate and I am very good at multitasking. I love to have fun, but if I have to be serious and take action I will. I do believe in second chances depending on the situation but will not hesitate to do my job if it is 100% needed. Why should we choose you over another member’s application? I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a perfect support member for the server. I am also very active, probably one of the most active on the entire server. I have a very vast knowledge of the server as well. I am a very nice and easy going person and can get along with anyone very well. I love to see players having fun and will do my best to make sure they are. Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have: (Either other servers, other games, etc) In college I was a captain of my game design/development courses. I also chose the events we would do and how we would do them. In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position: I will bring top notch service to the players of Onyx and help them in any way possible in the reach of my power. I will treat every individual player as an equal and count them as part of my family. I will bring a very enjoyable gaming experience to Onyx and interact with the players and make sure they are having a good time! What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? I hope to achieve a reputation as being a very good support and also help the server progress as it moves forward. I have such a high honor for this server and I hope to help it rise to the top. Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? Yes I understand.
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    Official Onyx Weekly Giveaways!

    Weekly Onyx Giveaways Thread! Hello Everyone! It is with pleasure that we welcome you to our Official Weekly Onyx Giveaways thread! As a nice addition to welcome 2020, we have decided to host weekly giveaways on both our forums and our discord to reward our loyal playerbase. This forum thread will cover the weekly giveaways found on the forums, but like mentioned, we will also be hosting some on our giveaways section in our discord. If you are interested in participating in our discord, you may join our server at: https://discord.gg/eadWdvG. Our weekly forums giveaway will work very simple. Each week, Monk or I will post a new thread under the weekly giveaways section on our forums (this section). The thread will outline what the set reward is for the forums weekly giveaway, as well as the one found on our discord. Note that these rewards will differ, and both are very simple to join. Additionally we welcome any player to host their own giveaways on this section of the forums if they are looking to share their generosity with other players! The thread will ask you to simply comment your in-game username below to show your interest. Once your comment is posted, your will be added to the drawing which occurs every Friday. New giveaways will be posted the following day, on Saturday. This means that the only requirement will be having a registered forums account and posting your comment for the said week's giveaway. The only rule is that you may not attempt to comment for multiple entries. Each player will allowed to comment on a forum giveaway once, and if broken, will be disqualified from that week's reward. We will be monitoring alternate accounts and looking for people that attempt to ruin other's fair chance at a reward. Prizes will vary each week and will include anything from GP, Donator Ranks / Shards, In-Game Items, or even Store Credit! As a goal to motivate us to provide more rewarding events, the more participants we get per week, the juicier the reward will be for the following week. We hope you all enjoy our giveaways and wish you the best of luck! Be sure to tune into this week's giveaway, we are looking forward to your participation! Thanks, - Zio Onyx Management Team
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    Onyx II Update #10: Christmas is Here!

    December 16th, 2019 Hello Everyone! We hope you are all doing well and are getting ready for the holidays! Today’s update comes earlier than the holiday but brings Onyx its anticipated Christmas event filled with new items, a new boss, and more! Let get into the patch notes: Evil Snowman Boss: It’s that time of the year again. The time of gifts, gatherings, decorations, and most of all, Santa. On his way to deliver gifts to Onyx, Santa was abducted by an Evil Snowman that has since, spread an ice age on Onyx. Christmas is his holiday, and this year has taken all the gifts for himself. Defeat him for some juicy rewards! 1. Added the Christmas Event Boss, the Evil Snowman. - This boss functions like our world boss. Every 2-4 hours, the Evil Snowman will come around and challenge everyone in game in a fight. There are no limitations to this boss event, however we recommend groups of multiple players aside from just a solo instance. - The Evil Snowman has his own attack sets, but his unique mechanic is that each time he drops below a certain amount of health, he will spawn minions that will not only attack you but heal him. - Minions range from Krakens, Ice Strykworms, Mithril / Frost Dragons, Wyverns, Snowmen and more. - Upon defeat, all players who contributed to the fight will receive a reward from Snowman's Loot table. - When the event is live, teleport to ::Xmasevent to participate, note that as long as you do damage of 1k/200k, you will receive 3m GP. Christmas Mystery Box: 1. Added the new Christmas Mystery Box to our in-game and web stores. - These boxes function differently from our typical boxes here on Onyx, similar to the ones seen in Halloween. When a player opens a box, he will not receive one reward, but rather three. A player will always receive an amount of cash, either a common or rare Christmas cosmetic (Or, if you’re lucky enough, the new Evil Santa pieces), and a valuable piece of weaponry / gear (Or, if you’re lucky enough, one of the new Evil Santa weapons. New LIMITED-TIME Christmas Items: 1. The Santa set has been re-introduced on Onyx and is obtainable through the new event boss / boxes. 2. The Evil Santa Set (Evil Santa's Hat, Evil Santa's Robe Top, Evil Santa's Robe Bottoms, Evil Santa's Gloves, and Evil Santa's Boots) has been added as a possible rare reward from the new Christmas boxes and Evil Snowman Boss. This set is BIS and features a combination of Ultimate Bandos + Ultimate Subjugation Stats, similar to our Demonic Reaper Set. 3. The Evil Santa's Socking (New Warhammer), Evil Santa's Reindeer (New Crossbow) and Evil Santa's Gift (New Wand) have been added to the new Christmas Mystery Boxes and Evil Santa Boss. The Warhammer is an enhanced edition of the famous Statius Warhammer, dealing higher crush damage with the same defense lowering special attack costing only 25%, with an increased attack speed. The new Reindeer Crossbow will feature upgraded stats of the Dragon Hunter Crossbow, shooting 2x bolts at once, with an increased attack speed. The new wand is offers high magic dps with bonuses on magic damage %, it is the best wand in Onyx, surpassing our Kodai Wand. Other Updates: 1. Reboosted the Lightning Rapier, undid previous patch nerfs. 2. Fixed a bug with the Avernic Defender on our store. 3. Fixed Instances, allowing you to now join someone's instance. 4. Increase global drop rates overall. 5. Reduced Adamant and Rune Dragon's Defense. 6. Added the Max Infernal Cape. 7. Added Astors new Craw's Bow, The Night's End. 8. Added the Max Fire and Infernal Capes. 9. Turned on global snow and snowflakes, decorated home to match the Christmas Holiday Spirit. 10. Added support for texture models. 11. Fixed God Wars KC not being removed when you teleported out of an instance. 12. VIP zone now grants a 10% XP boost instead of 5%. 13. Reduced the price of Chaotics in our Dungeoneering store down to 1 Million tokens, originally it was 2 Million. 14. Added the new Wrath of the Horde aura as a reward from completing the horde. The drop rate for this aura is 1/2, or 50%. This aura grants an overall 5% increase in Damage. We hope you all enjoy our Christmas Update, and wish you all wonderful holidays! Spoilers: New Christmas Mystery Box / Gift: New Evil Santa's Set with the new Evil Santa's Socking: New Evil Santa's Set with the new Evil Santa's Reindeer: New Evil Santa's Set with the new Evil Santa's Gift: New Evil Snowman Boss: New Wrath of the Horde Aura:
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    Top Donor Appreciation Thread (Monthly)

    Onyx Top Donator Appreciation Thread! Hello Everyone, The Onyx Management team would like to dedicate this thread to give thanks and appreciation to all our past and future supporters, helping us to get where we are, and where we want to be. throughout the upcoming months and the last year, we have been running. Some of you have contributed to our success whether it be helping us get videos, advertisements, or in game content additions, you are the ones keeping Onyx moving, and for that we thank you. This thread is dedicated to those who truly gave us an arm and a leg to see this server succeed, if you are not on the list but have contributed as well, I would just like to say that we are very grateful to have your support and will find a way to reward you too. Starting from now, we will be hosting a monthly recognition content to reward our top donator. This will include some sweat cosmetics, titles, and a possibility of pets, but some rewards will be strictly for the all time high top donators that we have today. Please note that this is strictly to give recognition and reward you for your contributions. Top Donator (OVERALL): Nick (A custom pet, and a title has been rewarded!) Monthly Top Donators Top Monthly Donator (November 2019😞 ---------------------------------- Han! ---------------------------------- Rewards for December: November Top Donator Ingame Title Monthly Top Donator Pet with a 5% Boost to Drop Rate! Thank you all for your support, you help Onyx improve everyday!
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    Onyx II Update #6: Farming Guild, City of Prifddinas (Stage 1), Brimstone Chest, Quality of Life Updates, and More! August 14th, 2019 Hello Everyone, we hope you are all doing well! Today we bring you an update that focuses on expanding available Zeah content, as well as begin to introduce Prifddinas, the Elf City. We have implemented a few features available in the city, so you can visit it today and get a feel for it! Lastly we have made some quality of life improvements to give you a smoother and easier feel for Onyx. City of Prifddinas: 1. Added the whole OSRS Prifddinas map, along with a teleport to directly get there. 2. All Prifddinas Crystal Ladders and Teleport Platforms now work properly. 3. Added all the music tracks for Prifddinas. 4. Made all the gates around Prifddinas work properly. 5. Added the POH, you can now set your house portal to Prifddinas. 6. Made the thieving stalls around Prifddinas work, you can now pickpocket them for loot and GP. 7. Added the grand library (atm it has no use, but can be accessed). 8. Added the entrance for the Zalcano, Prifddinas Mine, Gaunglet portal, and Iorwearths Dungeon. 9. Added all npcs to Prifddinas, along with the Elves you can pickpocket. 10. Converted OSRS Prifddinas mining rocks to Pre-Eoc, so they all function properly. 11. Added Crystal implings along with barehand impling catching, and their respective drop tables. 12. Added the Crystal Armor set, along with the Crystal Bow Accuracy and Damage bonus effect. 13. Added the Crystal Axe, Pickaxe, and Harpoon. 14. Coded the new Prifddinas Guards with their drop tables. 15. Added the Prifddinas allotments and flower patches. Farming Guild and Zeah: 1. Added the Farming Guild, you can now access it in the teleport menu with the required levels. Along with the barriers and shops within the guild. 2. Added the Farming Guild allotment, flower, cactus, and bush patches. 3. Added the Farming Guild herb, tree, and fruit tree patches. 4. Added the Hosidius farming patches in Zeah, if we missed a few let us know! Brimstone Chest + Crystal Key Chest Improvements: 1. Added the Brimstone Key, available as a drop throughout Slayer Tasks. 2. Added the Brimstone Chest at home along with its entire drop table. 3. You can now open a Crystal Chest by left clicking it. We have also updated the message upon an attempt to open the chest to let players know they need a crystal key. Iorwerth’s Dungeon: 1. Added the whole Iorwerth’s Dungeon, available in our teleport interface. This is a new OSRS slayer dungeon recently added with Prifddinas. 2. Added the Dungeon’s shortcuts and added crystal shards to the drop tables of all mobs within the dungeon. Twisted Bow Mk. II: 1. You can now upgrade the Twisted Bow to the Twisted Bow Mk. II. You can use your existing Twisted Bow on the upgrade chest at home for a 50% chance of success. Be careful, because if you fail you will lose your Twisted Bow. Alternatively, you can use 4 Upgrade Gems on a Twisted Bow to upgrade it successfully. 2. The Twisted Bow Mk. II fires two arrows at once 100% of the time. The use of Swift Gloves still grant a chance of firing an additional arrow. Quality of Life and Other Updates: 1. Updated our cache to 181 v3, to be up to date with OSRS. 2. Added the mining rock shortcut in Katacombs of Kourend. 3. Fixed the Crystal Halberd. 4. Fixed the maple trees at DZ. 5. Fixed an issue with Glacor minions not being attackable inside of instances. 6. Increased the successful pickpocket chance for all npcs. 7. Increased Krystalia’s Slayer Point rewards upon completion of a task to match that of OSRS. 8. Increased the AFK dream tree payout by 50%. 9. Increased the money obtained from Millionaire boxes by 25%. 10. Fixed the XP for making darts. 11. Removed the flame fragments. 12. Made VIP Dummies and Green Dragons in VIP Zone multi combat. 13. Fixed a clipping issue with the Virtus Mask. 14. Trahaearn Mine has now been added, along with its carts to deposit ores. 15. Added a 3% XP boost to the Elven Signet. As always we hope you enjoy this update, many more to come! See you guys in-game! - The Onyx Management Team Update Media Spoilers:
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    Giveaway instructions are listed in the video, description, and pinned comment!
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    Extreme Mode Player Achievements!

    Extreme Mode Achievements With the release of the new Extreme Mode, featuring 5x Combat Xp Rates and 3x Skilling Xp Rates, comes a new set of achievements for the community to grind and acknowledge. Here are some noticeable achievements obtained by grinders of the Extreme Mode. Possible Rewards for these achievements have not been decided yet, but still are impressive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skilling Achievements: 1. First to 99 Attack: Stay Grindin! 2. First to 99 Strength: Stay Grindin! 3. First to 99 Defence: Extremebtw! 4. First to 99 Hitpoints: E Thank You! 5. First to 99 Range: Cute! 6. First to 99 Prayer: Extreme! 7. First to 99 Magic: Stay Grindin! 8. First to 99 Runecrafting: Extreme! 9. First to 99 Construction : Extreme! 10. First to 99 Dungeoneering: Extreme! 11. First to 99 Agility : Extreme! 12. First to 99 Herblore : Skraaa! 13. First to 99 Thieving: DpZulrah4bp! 14. First to 99 Crafting: Extreme! 15. First to 99 Fletching: Extream K0! 16. First to 99 Slayer: Extreme! 17. First to 99 Hunter: Extreme! 18. First to 99 Mining: Extreme! 19. First to 99 Smithing: Extreme! 20. First to 99 Fishing: Proute (Martzz) 21. First to 99 Cooking: Extreme! 22. First to 99 Firemaking: Extreme! 23. First to 99 Woodcutting: Extreme! 24. First to 99 Farming: Extreme! 25. First to 99 Summoning: Skraaa! 26. First to 138 combat: Extreme! 27. First to 120 Dungeoneering. 28. First to a level 120 Skill. 29. First to 1000 Total Level: Cute! 30. First to 2000 Total Level: Extreme! 31. First to Max Cape. (2475 Total Level) : Extreme! 32. First Skilling Pet: Lordnord (Pet Heron) PvM Achievements: 1. First Global Message Drop: Stay Grindin! 2. First Barrows Set Achieved: Stay Grindin (Guthans)! 3. First Abyssal Whip: Stay Grindin! 4. First Draconic Visage: Rawrgasm 5. First Fire Cape: Extreme! 6. First Kiln Cape: Extreme! 7. First Infernal Cape: Extreme! 8. First Bandos Drop: Atazoth Ext (Bandos Tassets) W/ Stay Grindin, Extremebtw & Ext Dan 9. First Armadyl Drop: Monk Bird Ex (Armadyl Hilt W/ Fapor) 10. First Zammy Drop: Ext Dan (Subjugation Ward) W/ Skraaa 11. First Sara Drop: 12. First Nex Drop: 13. First Wildy Boss Drop: Extremely (Dragon Pickaxe) 14. First Zulrah Drop: Ext Ferda! (Onyx) 15. First Blowpipe: Gift! 16. First Kraken Drop: Stay Grindin (Kraken Tentacle) 17. First Cerberus Drop: Extreme! (Pegasian Crystal) 18. First Spirit Shield or Corp Drop: Extreme (Holy Elixir) 19. First Theatre of Blood Drop After Release (Ext Drop Only): Stay Grindin (Lil' Zik) 20. First All Extreme Completion of Theatre of Blood. 21. First to a Boss Pet: Ext Dan! (Prince Black Dragon) No-Life Achievements: 1. First Completionist Cape: 2. First Trimmed Completionist Cape: Subject to change if a new achievement is added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have a suggestion to add another achievement? If you believe you have completed an achievement, comment down below with a screenshot. Good Luck to all, get back to the Grind! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Crafting Guide

    Onyx Crafting Guide Hey guys Due to common request here is my 1-99 Crafting guide. Hope it helps you out I will be splitting this guide in 4 sections : I - Bonus xp sources II - Fastest / expensive route III - Slower / cheaper route IV - Gathering guide I - Bonus xp sources Before anything I'll be listing below the different bonus xp sources that you should try to get in order to level as fast as possible. 1- Sacred clay needle (+100% xp) This item can be acquired at the Stealing Creation mini game (costs 20 points for a fully charged one). I'll link below a guide to that mini game. 2- Voting bonus (+10%) Pretty straightforward, make sure you've voted in the past 24 hours to get an additional 10% xp boost whilst training. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 3- Wishing well (+25%) The wishing well is activated when someone donates to the server. You can check the quest tab to see whether the wishing well is active or not and how long is left until the boost runs out. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 4- Bonus xp weekends (+25%) Bonus xp weekends start every Fridays at midnight server time (you can check server time in quest tab) and last until Sunday midnight server time. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 5- Donator ranks Every rank from Sapphire and up gives you an extra 10% bonus xp (2% for extreme) up to 50% for Onyx (10% for extreme). II - Fastest / expensive route Level 1 to 7 : Leather gloves or spinning flax into bowstring Level 7 to 20 : Gold bracelets Level 20 to 27 : Cutting uncut sapphires Level 27 to 34 : Cutting uncut emeralds Level 34 to 43 : Cutting uncut rubies Level 43 to 63 : Cutting uncut diamonds Level 63 to 66 : Green d'hide bodies Level 66 to 71 : Air battlestaff made by using an air orb with a battlestaff Level 71 to 77 : Blue d'hide bodies Level 77 to 84 : Red d'hide bodies Level 84 to 99 : Black d'hide bodies III - Slower / cheaper route Level 1 to 7: Leather gloves or spinning flax into bowstring Level 7 to 89 : Gold bracelets Level 89 to 99 : Potion flasks (requires 81 mining for sandstone) You may also make some unpowered orbs at level 46 crafting. This requires molten glass and given that it can be pretty tedious to gather/make it is pretty unlikely that you will do 46-89 this way. I also recommend turning some if not all of your unpowered orbs into air orbs in order to craft some air battle staves . If you happen to have some cut gems you can also craft bracelets that give more xp than regular gold ones Level 23 : Sapphire bracelet Level 30 : Emerald bracelet Level 42 : Ruby bracelet Level 58 : Diamond bracelet You can of course do a bit of both methods shown here depending on what supplies you have. Also note that every item that you craft may be sold to the Onyx guide at home (or alched for ironman) for a substantial amount of coins. IV - Gathering guide Flax Zulrah drops 1K flax noted pretty commonly or you can also pick flax south of Seer's Village with the ::crafting command (pic below). Leather Leather can be crafted by looting cowhides in the Lumbridge cow pen (blue circle in pic below) and then using the tanner in Al-Kharid (red circle in pic below). Gold bars Gold bracelets are crafted by using a gold bar on a furnace (the one at Edgeville for example). A good way to obtain gold bars is killing Venenatis (location in pic below) which drops 250 noted gold ores and then turning these into bars. Molten glass This can be crafted by using a bucket of sand with a soda ash on a furnace. Both can be bought at the charter npc in Catherby docks (pic below). Thermonuclear smoke devil boss also drops 100 of them noted. It can then be turned into unpowered orbs or others. Dragon hides can be obtained by killing chromatic dragons but there are other sources from bosses : Green d'hide : Nex (400 noted) / Corporeal Beast (100 noted) / Vorkath (25-32 noted) Blue d'hide : Vorkath (20-30 noted) Red d'hide : Callisto (75 noted) / Vorkath (15-25 noted) Black d'hide : Zulrah (30-50 noted) / Vorkath (15-25 noted) Red sandstone This is used to craft potion flasks and can be acquired at the Oo'glog red sandstone mine (red circle in pic below - you can use blue portal > skilling teleports > hunter and go south) or donator zones (both require 81 mining) and then turned into robust glass using the machine nearby (blue circle in pic below). Air orbs These can be made at the air obelisk using the charge air orb spell (3 cosmic runes and 30 air runes per orb) with unpowered orbs in your inventory. A quick way to get there would be doing ::slayer then teleporting to Vannaka and running northwest (pic below). Battlestaves These can be bought at the Varrock Battlestaff store (pic below - 80 in stock which replenishes over time) Uncut gems These can be mined at the Shilo gem mining area (pic below). To get there you can use the blue portal > skilling teleports > Shilo gem mine. Most gems are also common drops off wildy bosses such as Venenatis/Callisto Thanks for reading my guide I hope you found some useful info and if you have any suggestion or question feel free to pm me/reply on this thread
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    August 13th, 2018 Hello Everyone! Today brings an update that involves some new content in the wilderness, while at the same time improving the quality of life we have here on Onyx. We bring love to revenants by adding new tier 78 items and more blood money to their drop table, making them more worth the risk involved. We have fully reworked our normal donator zone for all our sapphire + donors we have. Edited our teleport interface to include a ‘previous teleport’ option, and introduced a contest where players have a chance of winning $1,000 as we would like to give back to our community! This isn’t our biggest update, but it is surely a good one, hope you all enjoy. Revenants, Wilderness, and PK Shop Changes: 1. Added Craw’s Bow to revenant drop tables, scaling on the difficulty of the revenant. Powerful bow to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped. 2. Added Thammaron’s spectre to revenants drop table, a powerful staff to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped. 3. Added Viggora’s Chainmace to revenants drop table, a powerful mace to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped. 4. Added the Amulet of the damned and the amulet of avarice to the PK shop. 5. Removed brawling gloves from revenants since they are not coded. 6. Revenants have received a major buff in the amount of blood money they drop, scaling on their difficulty. 7. Added the revenant caves as a teleport option under the wilderness section of our blue portal. 8. Added Wilderness GWD and Gilded Altar to the wilderness section of our blue portal. DZ Rework: - Our old Donator Zone has been aging since its release over a year ago, with todays update, you will be given a newly organized dz, featuring the same content as before with some nice unique add-ons to give a better feel for this awesome zone ? 1. Added a private Yak island to the reworked dz, available with the command ::yak until we code the stepping stone. 2. Added a thieving section to the dz, alongside the god statues for easy access to the mage capes. 3. Added more gem rocks, and an additional fishing spot. Other Changes: 1. Patched an exploit in theatre of blood which allowed trading between different gamemodes. 2. Patched the bug allowing you to attack verzik while you are dead. 3. Specs now restore after every boss in the raid. 4. Packed the latest osrs data. 5. You can now double click the squeal of fortune button to skip that annoying animation. 6. Fixed a bug that made several items untradeable on the last update. 7. You are now able to pick up the baby aquanite and freezy if you have them as pets. 8. Added the sled to afk man dan shop, very unique! 9. Fixed steel minotaur xp given per pouch to be higher than iron. 10. Fixed piscatoris teleport typo in the interface. 11. Readded current staff online to the quest list. 12. Added the $1,000 Giveaway Contest! More information available on the specified thread. Hope you all enjoyed this update, more to come in the near future!
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    I can finally play the game!

    Feelsgoodman Can finally just do pvm and start trying to get all unique rare drops Thanks to everyone that kept me motivated to even do this. #1st Comp Caped Ironman
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    Nick's Support Application

    Name: Nick Meyers. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube, follow me on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Username: Nick/Kcin/Loot tab Age: 22 Where are you from?: Illinois, United States Timezone: Central Time - the most superior timezone. Because it's central. How many hours do you spend daily in game?: Probably at least 6. Daily. Even on days I work. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I honestly feel like there is a serious.. Serious disconnect between the staff team and the players. I am a very, very active player who cares deeply about the server, it's longevity, and ultimately, it's survival. In recent weeks, a lot of drama has been stirred up between players and administration, and, to my discredit, the administrator I pushed for promotion seems to have done nothing but worsen the problem. Whether or not those who view this application take it seriously - I know we have our differences. You guys might hate me, I have at times disliked you. I hope we can set aside any harsh opinions, differences and choices. I want nothing but the best for the server, players, staff team, and everything in between. I have been administrator on numerous high-volume servers including the formally hosted, Epicurus. In its height, Epicurus attracted 150+ players online at a time, and, through leadership and cunning, the server lived on for awhile before being shut down by the owner I also have a lot of experience in regards to economy stimulation and fixation, fluidity and balancing of new content, and community outreach in the forms of events, competitions and general chatting. I am incredibly active and relatively well known on this server, I feel the need to publicly voice my opinions and am not afraid to turn left when everyone else takes a right. I know my right from wrong, and I use my well-developed leadership and sharpened skills of judgement before deciding further moves in situations of any sort. Punishments included. I am passionate about this server and enjoy almost every second of it. Although I AFK overnight (like almost everyone) I can guarantee you my playtime well exceeds 20 legitimate days of grinding, hosting fun gambling games, or relaxing with the community I've come to love. Why should we choose you over others: Honestly - A lot of this was stated above.. However, I will reiterate I am a very active, trustworthy, passionate and caring player who is decently respected, known, and called upon from my fellow players. I am very knowledgeable regarding the server, and I am decently active on the forums as well. I'd be more active on the forums if there was more to post on! I will do my best to keep the banter to a minimum amongst players, promote equilibrium from staff to player base, and encourage people to stick around to see what great things we have in store. What are some usable skills you have?: I have a large amount of RuneScape knowledge, I have played the game for over 13 years and have a maxed RS3 account and 2000 total OSRS account. I have minor experience in programming (languages include Java, C++, Python and POVRay). I understand the onyx rules, have a vast vocabulary and perfect English speaking skills. I speak some Spanish, have great decision making skills, and can typically make a correct judgement call 9 out of 10 times. I am also dedicated to any position I am granted, be it real life or virtual. I spent around 65 hours a week working and dedicated the remaining hours to my girlfriend, best friend and Onyx. Staff Experience: Tons - as stated above. The following servers are the ones I can recall being administrator+ on: Simplexus, Epicurus, Xex (albeit 6 years ago). On my other servers (Simplexus I worked up from player -> Head administrator) I would administrate and run day to day activities, solve problems for players, and boost overall player moral by supporting and encouraging anyone in times of hardship. On SImplexus, a server I administrated for almost 2 years, I was also in charge of our dedi. What are the qualities you have?: As also stated above, I am trustworthy, loyal, hardworking and steadfast. I am slow to anger and quick to an answer. I have vast knowledge of the game of RuneScape as a whole - and could probably answer any Onyx related question. I have had several staff members PM me for help regarding a question they could not answer. How long have you played Onyx?: Since the beginning of December. In a little over 3 months, I have donated over $2,000 to this wonderful server. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: My main reason I am wanting a staff position, preferably Administrator/something between Admin/Mod, is that I think I can help bridge the communication gap between management and player base. There is a large disconnect between the players and the administration that grows larger everyday. My goal as an admin would not be to spam mboxes, offer deals or promote donations, no. Instead, I would simply be a server liaison and conduit of knowledge and expectations from one side of the spectrum towards the other. I would be used a direct link between staff and player base, continuing to play on my regular account while solving any necessary problems that my administrative privileges could only solve on said account. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: A better relationship between staff and player base. At the moment, everyone feels scared to offer feedback or suggestions as the staff team have had a tendency to take things the wrong way. Nobody wants to offer criticism as it is not regarded positively whatsoever. I hope to mend ties between the staff team and player base as soon as possible. We all know this server deserves 100s of players. Let's help it. Together. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?: I do completely. It is my privilege to get this opportunity. I will not let you down. Thanks for reading. I know you will make the right choice. Nick
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    Doctor Robert

    The IRL Photo Thread, who are you?

    Literally the only pic of me taken in the last few years except one but I was at the boxing and it's well dark, so this'll have to do. Taken on a beautiful English day.
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    Update #12 Added content: NEW HOME, Home switched to Yanille (+Glory on wall and lever to edge) Starter Shop has been added to home, in this shop you can now buy your basic gear, weapons, runes, amulets etc Squeel Of Fortune (SoF) rewards have been reworked Prayer Aura's now also increase xp for bones used on altars Pest Control xp has been boosted to x10 The Ranging guild now also sells Bolts Wisdom Aura has been added as a starter item (also obtainable at Starter shop) Ranging Guild now accessible Extreme potions (as well as Overloads) are now tradeable More potions added to Onyx's Black Market Goods Jacquelyn Manslaughter now sells Slayer items Boss stats have been reworked (nerfed) QBD is now doable (Green drags, Giant mole, etc) Leon's Shop has been added (including the Hunter's Crossbow) Mizgog Wizard at Wizard's Tower now sells amulet of accuracy Magic Guild now also sells Air/Water/Earth/Fire - Battlestaves/Mystic staves Rune pickaxe/axe added to Donator zone shop SHIFT + Clicking to drop item Added / Reworked commands: ::funpk and ::pk teleports you to Clan Wars portals to Pk ::train now has an option to teleport to Yak's ::home is now an instant teleport for everyone Bugs/glitches fixed: (not a glitch) Mithril seeds are re-enabled to work at home Several npc definitions have been added/reworked Summoning Renew points at obelisk now has been fixed Silver ore at Al Kharid mine has been fixed Evil Chicken damage for random events has been adjusted You can now pickup Wheat Added missing Red Spider's egg in Karamja Vulcan Fixed Gem rocks at dz Couple No-clip glitches have been fixed
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    Update #9 Added content: - ADDED MASTER CAPES (104m skillcapes), can be obtained at Max's store - Ignatius's Hot Deals shop added (You can now visit Vulcan Northeast of Sorcerer's Tower, great to buy tinderboxes for summoning!) - Eblis now sells Ancient staff - Added all Untrimmed skillcapes to Max' Store - Reduced NPC random walking - Increased Shop limit from 40 items up to 100 item slots - Donators now get 100 extra bank slots per rank (so sapphire gets 100 extra, up to 900 slots for max rank!) - Gem mining now requires lvl 40 Mining instead of 45 and Improved table - Mining Gem rocks now has a chance to give Dragonstone and Onyx. - Game filter has been improved - At Warriors Guild, No Armour pieces will be lost when killing animated armour (normally armour lower than black have a chance to be lost) - Thieving coins has been reduced by 50% (it was too OP) - Effigy Exp now multiplies - You can now enter Runecrafting Altars by clicking it even without a talisman - You can no longer take gear onto Entrana (Fairy ring quest now without armour!!) - Wizards at Runespan now teleport you back outside - All Runespan Music added to their respective place - Runecrafting guild now accessible with lvl 50 + All music added - Stealing Creation now ONLY requires 6 players instead of 10 per game - You now get 3x more Cannon balls per steel bar Bugs/glitches fixed: - Over 20 NPC animations fixed - Doric now is not stuck behind the tree anymore (for clue scrolls) - Fixed Giant Rock Crabs in chaos tunnels - Kalphite Queen has been Reactivated - Entrana Altar fixed
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    Spacebar for Skilling Interface

    So on RS/OSRS they have the ability to press spacebar to advance/accept the skilling interface to make all, I think this would be a great quality of life update for the server in terms of skilling as it is just a bit smoother and nicer for players than having to click in the interface. Many times I've thought I was skilling but my character just sits there because I pressed spacebar instead of clicking.
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    Hello and Welcome to my post, members of Onyx! I've decided to claim Onyx as my home away from home - and with that, will be spending all of my time on this server. I've been burned out of the intense grind of Runescape 3 and can't bring myself to hook into Old School, so i'm moving here. I will be compiling all of my goals and current achievements within this thread, and will update it at the end of every day with new information. ___________________________________________________________________ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l ___________________________________________________________________ MAX CAPE COMPLETIONIST CAPE TRIMMED / ELITE COMPLETIONIST CAPE 99 ATTACK 99 CRAFTING Acquire Max Cape Cut an Evil Tree Obtain a BOSS / SKILLING Pet Obtain 500 Dominion Tower Kills 99 STRENGTH 99 THIEVING Acquire 120 Dungeoneering Unlock 300 Music Tracks Kill every boss X3 Obtain the virtual level 110 in every skill 99 HITPOINTS 99 HERBLORE Obtain Elite Void Set Solve 10 Treasure Trails Win 10 Trivia Sessions Obtain a bosses fastest kill record 99 DEFENCE 99 AGILITY Complete All Quests Obtain Golden Mining Set Obtain the virtual level 120 in every skill Complete the Horde Activity 99 MINING 99 FLETCHING Win a Stealing Creation Game Obtain Lumberjack Set Give 2B GP away to the Wishing Well 99 SMITHING 99 FARMING Win a Fight Pits Game Obtain Black Ibis Set 99 RUNECRAFTING 99 SUMMONING Capture a flag in Castle Wars Obtain Runecrafter Set 99 FIREMAKING 99 WOODCUTTING Win a staked duel in Duel Arena Obtain Fishing Set 99 HUNTER 99 SLAYER Obtain a Dragon Defender Win a Quick Reaction Challenge 99 CONSTRUCTION 99 DUNGEONEERING Sell Mandrith a statuette Finish 30 Boss Tasks 99 RANGED 99 PRAYER Mine a Shooting Star Obtain 200 Dominion Tower Kills 99 MAGIC Win a Partyhat vs Dice King Win 3 Trivia Sessons Give 500M to the Wishing Well Kill one of every boss PERSONAL MAX: ACHIEVE 200M IN ALL SKILLS KILL EVERY SLAYER MONSTER X20 PERSONAL COMP: ACHIEVE ALL SKILLING PETS This post will constantly be changing and will be updated with current information often. Keep a check to see the progress.
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    Monk Bird

    Onyx Weekly Giveaways: Week #2

    Onyx Giveaways Week #2 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that week #1 has came to a close. Congrats to @Verister, @Ranic, @Corper for winning the first week! For this week: We will be giving out a God Mystery Boxes to two random winners, simply comment your ingame name below for a chance at the entry and be sure to check out the specified post. Have a great day everyone, Seeya ingame
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    January 9, 2020 Hello everyone! We would like to begin the second week of the new year with the introduction of Nex Sets, a new Staff/Onyx+ Donator zone, A new task system with awesome rewards and more! ⚔️Ultimate Nex Armor Set:⚔️ The Onyx Staff Team is proud to announce the completion of the Nex Armor Set! This will function in a similar fashion as the Ultimate GWD armor sets, allowing players a chance at upgrading regular nex items using the upgrade box for a 25% chance of success, or using an Upgrade Gem from the Donator Store for a 100% chance of success. Torva Pernix Virtus 🎮Nex-Related Updates🎮 Fixed Nex single zone bug Fixed a bug that spawned multiple Nex bosses Increased Chances of receiving a Nex Rare drop by 2x Increased chances of receiving a random Nex armor piece by 2x from a God Mystery Box. 🏡Staff Zone/Onyx+ Donator Zone🏡 It has come to our attention that after all of the content that has been worked on Onyx over the past few years one thing has never received the full attention it rightfully deserved; Until now. I am proud to announce that the Onyx Staff Zone is finally up and running! All skilling exp will receive a 10% bonus when skilling in any of the four floors of this area. The goal behind the new staff zone is to be a second home consisting of a few features already available to Onyx Donators+. 📑Task System📑 The Task system will be released featuring Four different categories of ranks ranging from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. Upon completion of all tasks your account will receive a 5% Global Drop Rate Boost as well as many other rewards. Completing all tasks has also been added as a requirement for the Completionist Cape. Please see below for the full list: Easy: Each individual task will award: One Small lamp. Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Rune Pouch Medium: Each individual task will award: One Medium Lamp Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Greater Sharpshooter Hard: Each individual task will award: One Large Lamp Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Bonecrusher Necklace Elite: Each individual task will award: One Huge Lamp Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Enhanced Excalibur 🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates:🌟 Loot-Share will automatically be turned on within a large radius whenever a staff ::event is being hosted. Fixed a bug when depositing max cash into the bank from the money pouch which caused coins to despawn. Boss Slayer Tasks will now award 50 slayer points for regular boss tasks and 100 slayer points for elite boss tasks. Ice Amulet has been given stats equal to an Amulet of Fury. The Cast speed of all Ancient Magicks spells has been Fixed. Cast speed was changed from 4 ticks to 5 ticks. Infinity Necklace has received a buff to match the equal stats of an Amulet of Fury and Looters Amulet; these changes reflect defense and prayer bonus. Decreased the damage of the following Dungeoneering bosses: Kal'ger, and Blink. Fixed the animation of the following Dungeoneering bosses: Undead Archer, Undead Mage from the Skeletal Trio Boss. Fixed a bug where the Crystal Chest would remain open after using a Crystal Key. The Fire Max Cape and Inferno Max Cape now collect projectiles (arrows, bolts, darts, etc.) just like the Max cape and Completionist cape with the Avas effect active. Fixed the Crashed Star from spawning in the old ::home, it will now spawn in our current ::home. Christmas theme at home has been removed. Mountain goats have migrated back to a colder climate, I hope they will return soon. Diamond Donator+ Perk has been added to allow infinite run anywhere outside of the wilderness. Rejuvination Pool has been added to ::dz. General Graardor now drops all Adamant Ore noted. Evil Santa's Reindeer has been fixed and will now fire two shots instead of one. Evil Santa's Gift has received a buff to its accuracy Quest Tab has been updated. Fixed a bug in which players would not receive KC in GWD Reworked the graphics of a few Ultimate Bandos and Ultimate Subjugation armor pieces to look more appealing. Fixed a bug where Ultimate Bandos Tassets did not appear in GE. Rune Pouch will now display all runes accurately within it's interface. Removed Pandora Chest from Home. Congrats to Redslayer for winning the Contest! Congrats to Han on receiving the custom pet of: lolthenkill for being the top monthly donator of November!
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    October 26th, 2019 Hello Everyone, we would like to start off by apologizing for the delay in our updates. We found ourselves busier than usual for the time, but can assure you we are back and ready. Today we bring you a new home, in the form of a remade Camelot Castle, the new Jormungand’s Prison & the Island of Stone along with the new Neitiznot faceguard. There’s lots more to check in this update, so let’s get to the updates! New Home: We have decided to move apart from Edgeville for our home here on Onyx. As a result, I have redone the iconic Camelot Castle to feel more welcoming. This home has an array of features including the portal nexus, shops, fishing spots, mining rocks, a range to cook, an anvil to smith, stalls to thieve, trees to cut, and a lot more. Be sure to check it out! 1. ::Home, ::Shops, ::Fishing, ::Slayer, ::Thieving were all redirected to the new Home area. Jormungand’s Prison: 1. The Jormungand’s Prison along with the Island of Stone have been added to Onyx and are available on our teleport interface. 2. Added Basilisk Knights to the dungeon. They drop the new faceguard attachment. 3. Added the Neitiznot Faceguard. 4. Added Basilisk Knights to Kuradal and Konar’s assignment tables. Client Changes: 1. Updated resizable UI tabs to match those found in fixed screen mode. 2. Edited various icons within the UI to be more suiting. 3. Updated to OSRS cache v184. 4. Changed tasks tab to a teleport tab. Quality of Life Updates: 1. Changed home teleport to open up the ::TP interface. 2. Increased the XP for lower level dungeoneering floors to boost initial gameplay. 3. Made blood money tradable. 4. Made Aura Tokens tradable. 5. Added a shortcut to King Black Dragon, ::KBD. 6. Increased new player starter cash. 7. Replaced the starting rune scimitar with a dragon one. 8. Made Kuradel tasks drop Konar keys too. 9. Removed ceremonial from god boxes. 10. Added logs to all forms of gambling and upgrading on Onyx. 11. Fixed TP interface to open up instantly. 12. Reduced prices of all runes over 100 gp by 65%. 13. Reduced all arrow prices by 65%. 14. Added skill teleports to the skill tab, by clicking on a skill you can now teleport to the skilling area related. 15. Changed home fountain to restore HP and prayer for everyone. 16. Improved the News announcements. 17. Improved the new player broadcast. 18. Added teleport to chest options on Crystal, and Konar Keys along with upgrade gems. 19. Vote tickets now get added directly to the bank in zones you could not previously claim them. 20. Added a 3% XP boost to ::DZ. Bug Fixes and Other Updates: 1. Fixed an issue with part of the new Priffdinas slayer dungeon not dropping crystal shards. 2. Fixed Moparscape voting. 3. Fixed an issue with the Ava’s effect on elite comp cap and made it recolorable. 4. Fixed an issue with Zenyte Rank’s Bank sizes. 5. Fixed an issue where expert gamemode items would not drop on death for non-expert gamemodes. 6. Removed the 1% XP bonus from clans. 7. Added home to the ::TP interface. 8. Added a new slayer master to ::Slayer. Hope you all enjoy this update, we are currently working on the next one for Halloween. Stay tuned, and see you in-game!
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    Official Onyx Price Guide

    Official Onyx Price Guide Guide Key: ~ = Around / Estimate * = Best Guess / Estimate M = Confirmed Price X-X = Price Range NA = Not In Game Melee Weapons: Abyssal Whip: 2M-3M Saradomin Sword: 2M-3M Dragon 2H: 1M Abyssal Dagger: 1M Abyssal Bludgeon: 25M Dragon Warhammer: 100M Kraken Tentacle: 20M Whip Vine: 30M Dragon Claws: 40M Elder Maul: 800M-1B Dragon Hunter Lance: 200M-300M ~ Armadyl Godsword: 20M Bandos Godsword: 5M Saradomin Godsword: 25M-35M Zamorak Godsword: 5M Zamorakian Spear: 100M Ghrazi Rapier: 1B Scythe of Vitur: 1B Onyx Blood Scythe: 6B-7B ~ Viggora's Chainmace: 25M Lightning Rapier: 2B-2.5B ~ Ultimate Lightning Rapier: 6B-7B ~ Magic Staves and Wands: Master Wand: 5M Mud Battlestaff: 1M Smoke Battlestaff: 1-2M Staff of Light: 20M Polypore Staff: 30M Staff of the Dead: 50M Toxic Staff of the Dead: 80M Trident of the Seas: 10M-15M Trident of the Swamp: 30M-35M Magic Fang: 25M Armadyl Battlestaff: 300M Kodai Wand: 750M Sanguinesti Staff: 300M Empowered Sanguinesti Staff: 1500M Ranged Weapons: Dark Bow: 1M Royal Crossbow: 100M Dragon Crossbow: 20M-25M Armadyl Crossbow: 75M-100M Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 250M Toxic Blowpipe: 300M Heavy Ballista: 5M Light Ballista: 1M Zaryte Bow: 75M Twisted Bow: 5B-6B ~ Twisted Bow Mkll: 9B ~ Infernal Blowpipe: 2B Off-Hands and Shields: Mage's Book: 5M Tome of Fire: 30M Malediction Ward: 20M Odium Ward: 20M Dragonfire Shield: 40M Ancient Wyvern Shield: 50M Blessed Spirit Shield: 50M Spectral Spirit Shield: 200M Arcane Spirit Shield: 400M Elysian Spirit Shield: 750M Divine Spirit Shield: 1.1B Catalyst Spirit Shield: 3B Avernic Defender: 650M PvP Weapons All PvP weapons can be purchased by Mandrith with blood money Blood money: 700 gp ea Vesta's longsword: 70M Vesta's spear: 20M Statius's warhammer: 70M Zuriel's staff: 10M Moriggan's Javelin: 700k ea Morrigan's Throwing Axe: 700K ea Viggora's Chainmace: 25M Craw's bow: 25M Thammaron's sceptre: 25M PvP Armors All PvP armors can be purchased by Mandrith with blood money Blood money: 700 gp ea Vesta set (top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M Statius set (helm/top/legs) : 350K blood money ~ 245M Morrigans set (coif/top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M Zuriels set (hood/top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M Barrows: Barrows token : 2-3 gp each Dharok's Helm: 3M Dharok's Platebody: 5M Dharok's Platelegs: 4M Dharok's Greataxe: 6M Guthan's Helm: 3M Guthan's Platebody: 5M Guthan's Chainskirt: 4M Guthan's Warspear: 6M Torag's Helm: 3M Torag's Platebody: 5M Torag's Platelegs:4M Torag's Hammers: 6M Verac's Helm: 3M Verac's Brassard: 5M Verac's Skirt: 4M Verac's Flail: 6M Karil's Coif: 3M Karil's Leather Top: 5M Karil's Leather Skirt: 4M Karil's Crossbow: 6M Ahrim's Hood: 3M Ahrim's Robe Top: 5M Ahrim's Robe Skirt: 4M Ahrim's Staff: 6M Akrisae's Hood: 3M Akrisae's Robe Top: 5M Akrisae's Robe Skirt: 4M Akrisae's Warmace: 6M God Wars Dungeon Gear: Bandos Chestplate: 150M-200M Bandos Tassets: 150M-200M Bandos Gloves: 30M-35M Bandos Boots: 30M-35M Bandos Warshield: 30M-35M Bandos Helmet: 30M-35M Ultimate Bandos Chestplate: 500M-600M Ultimate Bandos Tassets: 500M-600M Ultimate Bandos Gloves: 125M-150M Ultimate Bandos Boots: 125M-150M Ultimate Bandos Warshield: 125M-150M Ultimate Bandos Helmet: 200M-250M Armadyl Helmet: 30M-35M Armadyl Chestplate: 150M-200M Armadyl Chainskirt: 150M-200M Armadyl Gloves: 30M-35M Armadyl Boots: 30M-35M Armadyl Buckler: 30M-35M Ultimate Armadyl Helmet: 250M-300M Ultimate Armadyl Chestplate: 500M Ultimate Armadyl Chainskirt: 500M Ultimate Armadyl Gloves: 100M-150M Ultimate Armadyl Boots: 100M-150M Ultimate Armadyl Buckler: 100M-150M Subjugation Hood: 30M-35M Subjugation Garb: 60M-75M Subjugation Gloves: 30M-35M Subjugation Gown: 60M-75M Subjugation Boots: 30M-35M Subjugation Ward: 30M-35M Ultimate Subjugation Hood: 200M Ultimate Subjugation Garb: 375M-450M Ultimate Subjugation Gloves: 100M-150M Ultimate Subjugation Gown: 375M-450M Ultimate Subjugation Boots: 100M-150M Ultimate Subjugation Ward: 100M-150M Nex Gear: Torva Full Helm: 750M Torva Platebody: 1500M Torva Platelegs: 1250M Torva Gloves: 250M Torva Boots: 250M Ultimate Torva Helm: 1.75B Ultimate Torva Platebody: 2.5B Ultimate Torva Platelegs: 2.25B Ultimate Torva Gloves: 1.25B Ultimate Torva Boots: 1.25B Pernix Cowl: 750M Pernix Body: 1.5B Pernix Chaps: 1.25B Pernix Gloves: 250M Pernix Boots: 250M Ultimate Pernix Cowl: 1.75B Ultimate Pernix Body: 2.5B Ultimate Pernix Chaps: 2.25B Ultimate Pernix Gloves: 1.25B Ultimate Pernix Boots: 1.25B Virtus Mask: 500M Virtus Robe Top: 1B Virtus Robelegs: 750M Virtus Gloves: 250M Virtus Boots: 250M Ultimate Virtus Mask: 1.5B Ultimate Virtus Robe Top: 2B Ultimate Virtus Robelegs: 1.75B Ultimate Virtus Gloves: 1.25B Ultimate Virtus Boots: 1.25B Mage and Ranged Gear: Infinity Hat: 2M Infinity Robe Top: 5M Infinity Robe Bottoms: 5M Infinity Gloves: 2M Infinity Boots: 30M Robin Hood Hat: 20M Rangers' Tunic: 20M Ranger Boots: 40M-65M ~ Royal Dragonhide Coif: 1M Royal Dragonhide Body: 3M Royal Dragonhide Vambraces: 1M Royal Dragonhide Chaps: 2M Accessories and Other Gear: Dragon Full Helm: 5M Dragon Platebody: 5M Dragon Kiteshield: 5M Dragon Boots: 1-2M Black Mask: 1M Serpentine Helm: 40M-50M Basilisk Jaw: 50M Ultimate Slayer Enchantment: 225M Pegasian Boots: 100M Eternal Boots: 50M-60M Primordial Boots: 90M-95M Pegasian Crystal: 30M-35M Eternal Crystal: 25M Primordial Crystal: 90M-95M Smouldering Stone: 10M Glaiven Boots: 20M-25M Ragefire Boots: 15M-20M Steadfast Boots: 20M-25M Fighter Hat: 5M Fighter Torso: 25M-30M Raids Gear: Justiciar Faceguard: 125M-150M Justiciar Chestguard: 175M-200M Justiciar Legguards: 175M-200M Jewelry: Ring of Wealth (I): 15M-20M Ring of Stone: 10M Warrior Ring: 15M Seers' Ring: 25M Archers' Ring: 25M Berserker Ring: 30-40M Ring of the Gods: 150M-200M Treasonous Ring: 50M-75M Tyrannical Ring: 50M-75M Zenyte Shard: 300M Ring of Suffering: 300M Tormented Bracelet: 300M Amulet of Fury: 10M Berserker Necklace: 10M Occult Necklace: 15M Amulet of Torture: 300M Necklace of Anguish: 300M Wings of Wealth: 500M-600M Imbue Scroll: 5M Looters Amulet: 350M-400M Infinity Necklace: 1.1B-1.3B Infinity Ring: 1.2B-1.4B Soul Necklace: 150M Tools, Skilling, and Supplies: Dragon Hatchet: 25M Dragon Pickaxe: 5M Cannonballs: 2K each Zulrah Scales: 500GP Crystal Keys: 750K Ganodermic Flakes: 10K Maple Logs: 1K Yew Logs: 2.5K Magic Logs: 5K Redwood Logs: 20K Gold Ore: 3K Gold Bar: 1K Coal: 300 GP Adamant Ore: 1K Adamant Bar: 30K Runite Ore: 5K Runite Bar: 50K Infernal Ashes: 20K Dragon Bones: 25K Dagannoth Bones: 30K Wyvern Bones: 25K Superior Dragon Bones: 60K Ourg Bones: 35K Frost Dragon Bones: 65K Raw Monkfish: 2K EA Monkfish: 2K EA Raw Shark: 2K EA Shark: 2K EA Raw Manta Ray: 3K EA Manta Ray: 3K EA Raw Rocktail: 5K EA Rocktail: 5K EA Raw Dark Crab: 5K EA Dark Crab: 5K EA Raw Anglerfish: 5K EA Anglerfish: 5K EA Extreme Potions: 55K Overloads (4): 375K & Overloads (6): 575K Prayer Renewals (4) : 35K & Prayer Renewals (6): 50K Recover Special (4) : 65K& Recover Special (6): 100K Rares and Donatables: Mystery Box: 65M Super Mystery Box: 100M God Mystery Box: 150M Donator Shard: 85K-100K 3rd Age Bow: 150M 3rd Age Wand: 150M 3rd Age Longsword: 200M 3rd Age Cloak: 150M 3rd Age Full Helmet: 100M 3rd Age Platebody: 100M 3rd Age Platelegs: 100M 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield: 100M 3rd Age Mage Hat: 100M 3rd Age Robe Top: 100M 3rd Age Robe: 100M 3rd Age Range Coif: 3rd Age Range Top: 100M 3rd Age Range Legs: 100M 3rd Age Vambraces: 25M 3rd Age Druidic Wreath: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Top: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Bottom: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Cloak: 1000M 3rd Age Druidic Staff: 1000M Easter Egg: 1M Pumpkin: 1M Santa Hat: 250M-300M Black Santa Hat: 550M Blue H'ween Mask: 200M Green H'ween Mask: 200M Red H'ween Mask: 200M Yellow Partyhat: 500M Green Partyhat: 500M Purple Partyhat: 500M Blue Partyhat: 500M Red Partyhat: 500M White Partyhat: 500M Black Partyhat: 1.2B-1.5B ~ Sapphire Ticket: 150M (3000 Donator Shards) Sapphire To Emerald Ticket: 300M (5250 Donator Shards) Emerald Ticket: 450M (8400 Donator Shards) Emerald To Ruby Ticket: 650M (11,000 Donator Shards) Ruby Ticket: 1.1B (19,000 Donator Shards) Ruby To Diamond Ticket: 1.3B (25,000 Donator Shards) Diamond Ticket: 2.4B (48,000 Donator Shards) Diamond To Onyx Ticket: 2.6B (72,000 Donator Shards) Onyx Ticket: 5B (119,000 Donator Shards) Onyx To Zenyte Ticket: 3.5B (60,000 Donator Shards) Zenyte Ticket: 8.5B (180,000 Donator Shards) Shoutout to the contributors of this price guide: Nick - Made the Original Price Guide. Raj, Madoc, Ext Stoner, Nev3r - reported up to date prices for listed items. Monk Bird - Mediates price discussion/edits list accordingly Zio - Created up to date thread, added new items and updated values. We recommend you all use this price as a guide when determining item values. Prices are subject to change and variation. Hope this helps!
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    Onyx II - 15th June

    Hello Everyone, Throughout the past few months, my partner and I have been monitoring the state of Onyx. Onyx, as many of you may know, has been running and thriving for nearly 2 years, longer than any other OSRS/Pre-EOC mashup server ever. However, during recent months, Onyx has seen a steady decline in its player base. At first glance, we chalked this decrease in player base up to new servers opening and larger OSRS content updates - but it's been made relatively clear to us (through speaking to you all) that there have been some underlying problems that have been dampening the overall player experience on Onyx for some time now. As many of you have told us - our game modes and economy are in need of a serious revitalization, an overhaul if you will, alongside our donation system. After serious consideration and weighing of both pros and cons, we have decided that in order to continue to provide the server we are proud to own and play, we need to make some quite major changes. This being said - we are looking at a revamp of every game mode, rates at which GP comes into the game, end game content expansion, and above all else - a fresh start. Effective this Saturday, 10am EST (same as in-game time), Onyx will be relaunching under the same name, but with a fresh start. This means that all accounts will be reset, where everyone is starting from square one together, participating in a fresh economy and grind for power and wealth. In addition to a restart, all banned accounts will have their bans lifted, welcoming them back into the server for a second chance and a fresh start among their peers. We understand the frustration this may cause many of you - and we want to reiterate we have not made this decision lightly. The future of Onyx is in all of our hands - and, having tweaked a good portion of Onyx' core, we believe this is the best step in the right direction towards us seeing Onyx once again become the successful and bustling server it once was. As for those who donated recently, we will be offering refunds in the form of donator shards once the reset occurs. We will handle refunds in the following manner: 1. Donations within the past 30 days will receive a 100% refund. 2. Donations within the past 31-60 days will receive a 50% refund. 3. Donations within the past 61-90 days will receive a 25% refund. 4. Donations within the past 91-365 days will receive a 10% refund. 5. Players who have logged in between June 1st - June 14th will keep their corresponding donator rank. If your donation falls into this one of these periods, make sure to pm the Onyx Management team and we will get you sorted out manually. For Monthly Top Donators: Your monthly donator pet will be restored after you pm us. With that being said we invite you all to join us for a next chapter. Onyx will be resetting upon the update this Saturday, June 15th. Our Newest Update:
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    Offical Rules and Regulations of Onyx

    Listed below are the official rules set by the management team here at Onyx that every player and staff member alike are expected to follow. These rules are subject to change whenever Zio or Dragonkk see fit. In-Game Rules: 1. Communication and Conduct A. The use of excessive disrespectful, inappropriate or offensive language towards another player. This can be regarding anything about him / her such as their gender, race, religion, morals, or opinions. We will allow minor cursing and bantering slide, so long as it is not excessive or offensive towards players. Here on Onyx we strive to have a community that is enjoying their stay, and thus this will not be tolerated under any means and will result in a mute under a staff members digression. B. The state of toxicity. This can entail several behaviors, but has to do with overly verb abusing, constant flaming and / or flamebaiting, or spreading negativity to an extreme manner. The goal here is to have a positive community, not one constantly in a state of anguish. Throwing a rage fit in public will do nothing but get yourself muted. C. Account names that contain inappropriate or disrespectful language or symbolism are strictly prohibited. Accounts made with these names will be forced for a name change or a ban. D. The purpose of the Onyx Help chat is to help new or existing players with anything in regards to the game. You are welcome to stay, but avoid disputes and conflicts with fellow members. This is the first thing new players see, and thus keep any inappropriate language or bantering in another means of chat. E. Harassment is strictly prohibited. This involves aggressive pressure or intimidation towards another player. If you are reported and caught for doing this to someone else, you will be muted immediately. F. Spamming on Onyx is simply not allowed. This prevents us from having a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. If you are selling an item, or just simply announcing anything, limit it to three messages at most. We as players constantly read the chat, we get your point, no need to spam it. Spamming will result in a mute anywhere from one hour to permanent depending on the amount of repeated offenses. G. Luring a player to the wilderness in an attempt to kill them to steal their items is a form of deceptive behavior. This involves using scripts to convince a player to enter the wilderness whether it be in public chat or global chats. This will be taken very seriously and will result in a ban, removal of items from the lurers account, or at the very least a mute. H. Abusing the PvP reward system (blood money/statuettes) via killing each others / alts is also forbidden and will result in a ban. I. Playing over 3 accounts at one time with same computer will result in a ban (24h to permanent). This is not possible unless using proxies and as such should not be allowed as it's considered unfair advantage & exploit. 2. Advertising A. The advertisement of another community that acts as a direct competitor to Onyx is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant ban. This punishment is permanent and all appeals for this will be ignored. B. Common known links such as Youtube, Rune-Server, or anything along those lines are fine to post and permitted. If you question whether or not you are allowed to post something, contact a staff member for advice. 3. Misleading Links, Hacking or DDOS Threats A. Misleading links are not allowed on neither our forums or our discord and should not under any means be advertised on our server. A phishing link or any redirectaries will result in an instant removal from our community. B. Hacking or DDOS Threats should never arrive on our platform. If you are threatening someone with these, expect to get permanently muted if the action is severe. If you are looking to play games of sort, this is not the place to do so. We have skilled members within the management team and will take immediate action towards these remarks. C. If you are being threatened on these lines, contact a staff member immediately. Remember, this is most likely a bluff, they have no way of obtaining your information throughout our platform unless they send you anything in private. Do not click links if you do not trust the person sending them. 4. Real Word Trading (RWT) A. You are not allowed to trade any means of currency across other games in exchange for Onyx items. It is prohibited to use other means of trade for a benefit on Onyx. We strive to have a fair experience for everyone, and thus this rule implies to keep all things related to Onyx on here only. The management team on Onyx scans for this every other day to ensure no one is breaking this rule. If you think you are clever and attempt or do this action, you will be permanently removed from our platform. 5. In-Game Services and Trading A. If you are buying a service from another player in exchange for Onyx GP, you are taking it upon your own risk. If you are scammed, just know that it is on you. Staff members will take action on the scammer if there is evidence to support the claim. It is heavily advised to buy services from very trusted members or staff members within our community to avoid this risk. B. Trading an item in the form of a trust trade, loan, or future payment method is upon your own risk. Staff members will not intervene unless deceptive behavior was used to scam the other party. If you loan out an item, that is your responsibility. Make sure to trust the recipient of the trade to minimize your risk. For trades based on future payment, the rule is simple, pay the loan whenever you can or an agreed upon date decided by both parties. Failure to do so will involve administrative intervention with both parties left punished. Also, feel free to require middleman services from our online Staff members (list in quest tab). 6. Scamming A. Scamming will not be tolerated under any means. If you take on a gamble and lose the bet, you must pay up. Failure to do so will result in admin actions that will end up in the removal of the scammed item, a ban from gambling, or perhaps a global ban. B. Intentionally giving another player false information such as a value of an item in an attempt to benefit yourself. This will result in a return of the scammed items, and a removal of equivalent wealth from the scammers bank. 7. Bug Abuse A. If you have found a bug that will give you an advantage in our game such as safe-spotting an end game boss, it is your duty to report the bug instead of abuse it. Failure to do so will result in either a temporary ban or permanent. B. Skull tricking a player in an attempt to steal their items kept on death is considered a bug abuse and will result in removal of that item from your bank and a ban. 8. Macroing A. The use of a macro, an auto clicker, or a script that allows you to do an action effortlessly while AFK is strictly against our rules. All forms of macroing will be dealt with in a severe manner and will result in temporary to permanent ban, as well as removal of bank wealth / resetting of stats if deemed necessary. 9. Staff Authority A. If a staff member contacts you and tells you about a violation of a rule which is not on that list, you are expected to follow their word. They are highly trained and dedicate their time to moderate the server and the community within it. B. You are expected to respect each and every staff member, while setting aside any conflicts or differences for the good of the server. 10. Donations A. If you choose to buy a product from our store, that product is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE! This means that you knowingly and acceptingly agree to purchase an item from our shop knowing there will be no such refund if requested. B. If there is however proof of ingame loss due to server issues or a failure of receiving items ingame right away, contact an administrator. All chargebacks will be denied and disputed with evidence of your purchase and received items. Forum Rules: 5 warning points = 3 days restricted from posting 10 warning points = Forums ban (12 days) 15 warning points = Forums ban (Permanent) 1. Communication A. Use of Inappropriate Language. This is similar to our In-Game rule regarding communication. Any topic, post, or private message directed to a member or group within our community in an attempt to flame them, or insult them is prohibited. Absolutely no harassment or intentional disrespect is allowed. 2. Post Etiquette A. Spamming with the intent of gaining post count for any reason is not allowed. This can involve giving an irrelevant reply to a topic. Posts containing little to no word will be rendered as a spam. Will result in a penalty of 5 warning points. B. Grave digging is the act of posting in what is considered to be a "dead thread" or a thread that has not been active in over 20 days. Exceptions for this will be made in bigger threads such as community feedback, suggestions, or updates. Will result in a penalty of 5 warning points. C. Make sure to post your thread in the correct section! This is to be followed at all times, it is very annoying to have to manually move threads just because you did not spend 30 seconds finding the right section. This will result in a penalty of 1 warning point per thread, which will get removed after a month of following the rule. D. Use of misleading link is strictly prohibited. Links to well known sites are alright such as Youtube. Otherwise misleading links are not allowed and can result in a removal of our forums. E. Discussion or public creation of a thread involving but not limited to inappropriate images or pornography is strictly prohibited. This involves inappropriate avatars, signatures, or anything along the lines that can be used to showcase such things. Failure to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban. 3. Forum Accounts A. The act of giving a self-repping or giving yourself a thumbs up will be dealt with by simply removing all your reputation. If this is repeated, it will result in a suspension of our forums. B. Requesting reputation, likes, or support for your thread is not allowed. Incentivizing players will result in a permanent denial of your thread. If a player feels like leaving a comment on your behalf, that is their decision, do not try and force the issue. C. Inappropriate forums usernames are not allowed. Similar to our rule ingame, we do not tolerate inappropriate names that contain vulgar language, hate, or anything along those lines. This will result in an immediate removal off our forums. D. Evading bans by making a new account will result in a longer ban and a mac ban to prevent this action. E. Staff impersonation will not be tolerated by any means. It will be dealt with harshly if a player is proven to have done so in a serious way. If you do not see a staff icon / user bar under the posters reply, then they are not an Onyx staff member. 4. Advertisement A. You can advertise your thread in-game, if it is deemed appropriate, however you are not allowed to advertise any form of game or community that is a direct competitor of Onyx. This will result in a permanent removal from both our forums and our server. 5. Threats and Leaking Information A. Making a thread of a DDOS or Hack is strictly prohibited and will result in a removal from our forums either temporarily or permanently. B. If someone has shared information with you regarding their personal lives, and do not approve of your sharing it, it is illegal to do so. It will result in a permanent removal from our platform. In-Game and Forums Agreement By being on our forums or playing our server, you hereby understand and accept our rules and regulations we have set forth. You understand that you are responsible for your own actions and failure to follow our rules will result in a punishment of sorts. Your in-game and forums account are property of ours, while you are merely allowed to play on it. You understand that your account will be subject to a form of punishment if you are caught breaking these rules. If you have a question regarding our rules, please contact a staff member. If you accept these rules, then we welcome you with open arms and hope you enjoy our game.
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    Orgasm Graphics

    The Joker Darth Vader Experiment Zero For all my previous work click for my DeviantArt profile
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    The Horde - Reawakening I am happy to announce that on Tuesday, September 11th, at 3:30 Server time - we will be hosting YET ANOTHER Wave by Wave PvM Event we like to call "The Horde." POST YOUR TEAM BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR ENTRY!! I WILL LOAN PEOPLE GEAR IF THEY NEED ITEMS! What is it and how does it work? The Horde is a wave by wave PvM "minigame" where teams of 2 will face increasingly difficult monsters in attempts to outlast their competition. You will only be allowed to bank before certain waves begin, up to the discretion of the Horde runners [Myself and Sam] You and your team will be placed in the arena, when you are all ready, the wave will begin. You will need ALL 3 combat styles, as well as certain items to protect you from certain monsters. Hint hint. The team who survives the most waves (or progresses the most on the same wave if tied) will be crowned the victors. Please post your team below, letting us know you will be attending the event. Rules: Try not to die. No safespotting. Sam and Nick have the absolute say on anything; questioning their judgement is an immediate forfeit for said player/team. Under no circumstances do any team get 're-do's" The list of bosses will be posted 10 minutes prior to the start of the Horde. Familiars that specialize in combat, ie, Steel Titan, Iron Titan, golems, etc are prohibited. "Nightmare Round": This will be a round where a random person of each team will be asked to solo the round themselves. Failing this round does not make you fail the horde, but your team does not get the reward for this round. Different rounds for different teams. This will not be a posted round. Still under consideration as to whether we want to do this (time based). CHANGES FROM PRIOR EVENT: A VIP of the winning team will be crowned and will receive a custom title. Familiars that specialize in combat, ie, Steel Titan, Iron Titan, golems, etc are prohibited. Nightmare round will change. There will be two arenas instead of one. Rewards: TBA Good luck to everyone - please post your team setup below (minimum of 1, maximum of 2 people). May the odds be ever in your favor. Be ready to fight for your survival!
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    Hello gamblers of onyx! The Onyx Staff Team hosting a Tournament Style Flower Poker event August 30, 4:30pm Server time. Before we get on with the details, let's talk rewards first. I will gladly be covering the costs of these rewards myself and although this is a gambling event, no one will need to contribute anything but their time. First Place: God Mystery Box Second Place: Premium Mystery box Third Place: Mystery Box The games will consist of best 2 wins out of 3 and if you lose a match you will be eliminated from the tournament. The best way to obtain Mithril Seeds is to go to the legends guild, but some seeds may be bought at ::dice. Please make sure to have a decent amount of seeds before the event starts; Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Once first, second, and third place winners are decided we begin the fun part. You will be given the choice to do a best of 5 (3 wins being the win) against yours truly for a chance to DOUBLE OR NOTHING. Will you choose to walk away with your winnings, or put it on the line to double your winnings? May the true nature of the gambler within you reveal the right choice when the time arises. Seeya in game! -Monk
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    Mining Guide

    Mining is a very straightforward skill, this guide will aim to give you everything you should need to know. To mine, all you will need to have is a pickaxe. Then locating a mine and simply clicking on the rocks to mine it and gain an ore. The higher the level the ore, the longer it will take to replenish. You can get your starting pickaxes from Iron to Rune, from the skilling shop located at ::shops At level 61 Mining you can use a Dragon Pickaxe. You can get a dragon pickaxe as a drop from the following monsters: - Callisto - Venenatis - Vet'ion - Chaos Elemental - King Black Dragon - Chaos Dwarfs Alternatively you can receive a gilded dragon pickaxe from the squeal of fortune if you are lucky. [1] Infernal pickaxe is made by attaching a smouldering stone (a drop from Cerberus/hellhounds) to a dragon pickaxe (level 85 smithing requirements. The infernal pickaxe has the chance for ore to be smelted as you mine it and grants you with smithing experience. - Powermining is the best way to gain experience, if you are wielding your pickaxe you can use the command ::empty to clear out your inventory when needed. - Quarrymaster Aura : This aura slightly increases the rate you gain ore when mining, the better the tier, the better the percentage chance. - You have a random chance to gain gems when mining, this can be anything from sapphire up to onyx. - Golden Mining Suit (Obtained through lava flow mine) gives additional 2.5% mining experience when worn. - Lava Titan Pouch - Level 83 Summoning Familiar : Gives the player an invisible boost of 10 mining levels. DISCLAIMER: All experience was calculated with the following bonuses: - Clan Chat Bonus - Bank Pin Bonus - Vote Bonus All experience was also rounded down so therefore are not 100% accurate to the point To find out how much experience you get if you are a donater just use the experience below and X by the following: -Sapphire x1.1 -Emerald x1.2 -Ruby x1.3 -Diamond x1.4 -Onyx x1.5 - This is just a recommendation for levelling to 99+, but does not need to be followed Level 1 - 15 Tin and Copper Ore Where to mine: ::mining is the easiest option for starting Level 15 - 45 Iron Ore Where to mine: There are a few good spots to mine iron ore, one spot is east ardougne mine. Level 45 - *77/80/99 Granite Where to mine: This is mined at the Quarry, South West of Bandit Camp lodestone teleport - This area is ideal for 45+ as it's good experience and with ::empty you can stay as long as you like. However there are other options from 77+ Living Rock Caverns The living rock caverns is an area made for high levels in Fishing & Mining. It is a dangerous area, so it's advised to go with high prayer bonus gear and either prayer renewal potions or prayer potions/super restores and protect from range if being ranged and protect from melee if being melee'd. It is also possible to lure monsters around the deposits here to not take damage. Level 77 - 80 Concentrated Coal Where to mine: Living Rock Caverns, teleports(::tp) > dungeones & bosses > page 6 > Living Rock Caverns Level 80 - 99 Concentrated Gold Ore Where to mine: Living Rock Caverns, teleports(::tp) > dungeones & bosses > page 6 > Living Rock Caverns Shooting Stars Shooting stars are 1 of 2 good afk training methods. Shooting stars fall on the server roughly every 2 hours, and will be announced which area of onyx it will be in. When mining the shooting star you earn stardust. To get the maximum reward you need to break open the star and hand in 200 stardust to the star sprite. *Reward can only be claimed once every 24hrs unless you are a donater, the higher the donater rank the more you can claim per day To locate a star it is best to have emerald+ donation status and use the ::star command, I would advise if you don't have donation rank to do this, ask someone who does to tell you its location. Shooting star can require a maximum of level 90 and a minimum of level 10 mining, depending on the star size. Star Size 9 - Level 90 Star Size 8 - Level 80 Star Size 7 - Level 70 Star Size 6 - Level 60 Star Size 5 - Level 50 Star Size 4 - Level 40 Star Size 3 - Level 30 Star Size 2 - Level 20 Star Size 1 - Level 10 The Reward for handing in 200 Stardust to the Star Sprite is: Lava Flow Mine Lava flow mine is found in Keldagrim, and is the other good afk mining training method. It is also where you can obtain the Golden Mining Suit, which grants additional 2.5% mining xp when worn. The Requirement for the Lava Flow Mine is 68 Mining How it works: The purpose is to mine the lava crust from one of the four lava channels to help open the flow. For the best experience rates, you want to check the steam gauges connected to each lava segment and try to find the segment with 50%. The trick to finding the 50% faster is to check a guage, and know that the rest will flow in order from top to bottom, left to right. (E.g. If you search one and it says 60%, you know the next segment to the south is the 50% one) There is a notification in the chatbox whenever the lava flow changes, if you aim to maintain the best experience you will have to research for the new 50% flow segments. Experience Rewards After a while, you will get a notification that a Liquid Gold Nymph has appeared, she will give you a piece of the golden mining suit. It will take 5 Nymphs for the full mining suit However, after you have the full suit, the nymphs will still appear and will give you the option to gild (trim) your pickaxe or give you a chunk of mining experience. Red Sandstone Red sandstone can be mined from level 81 mining as well as having the quest requirements for "As a First Resort quest" (48 Hunter, 51 Firemaking, 58 Woodcutting) The sandstone can then be made into robust glass which then can be crafted into potion flasks. There is a limit to the amount of Red Sandstone you can mine each day, but as you increase in donation rank, so does the amount of Red Sandstone you can receive daily. There are 3 locations to mine Red Sandstone 1. The first that everyone can access is at Oo'glog. The fastest way to get here is using skilling teleports > red chins, then running south 2. Donation Zone (::dz) - run south from the teleport spot 3. Diamond+ Donation Zone (::ddz / ::vip) - running south then following the first path east Sapphire + Donation Benefits In the donation zone (::dz), there are two deposits, one coal and one gold ore. These are the same concentrated ore deposits as living rock caverns, but without the danger element. Diamond+ Donation Benefits In the vip donation zone (::vip / ::ddz) there are also one coal and one gold ore deposit, however these do not deplete like the rest of the server. There is also red sandstone, 2 runite rocks, 2 adamantite rocks, 2 mithril rocks and 6 gem rocks. This is by far the best location to do mining!
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    Starting 5 PM EST Clan wars tournament hosted by corper Rewards: Winning team will receive a drop party! (will let everyone know what will be dropping the day of the event) Rules: 1. No chaotics 2. Any armour besides nex armours. 3. Match must be equal (number of players, combat levels etc) teams will be decided by me with the help of a staff member (maybe) 5. No summoning 6. No Polypore staff or Armadyl staff *Rules are subject to change nothing is 100% confirmed yet* Any feedback, suggestions, or contributions will be highly appreciated. Contributions will go strictly towards the events listed above. I will not ask for any sorts of donations, anyone wanting to donate will be suggested to drop the items themselves unless you don't want to drop it. (I do not want anyone thinking this is any sort of scam, or have anyone wanting to trust me with donations, however I won't scam ;D) Thanks Corper
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    YOU voted, WE listened! This week we have the following event happening! Event day one - Sunday (Boss Masses) [MOVED] Event will be held on Sunday, March 4 beginning at 3 pm server time hosted by Sam and lasting several hours! We are currently considering the following bosses for slaughter: Corporeal Beast Godwars Bosses (Bandos/Zammy/Sara/Arma) King Black Dragon Dagannoth Kings Nex (if given support) Everyone who participates must be in Onyx friendschat and must activate lootshare! All Godwars bosses will have a ::event tele command so you DO NOT NEED KILLCOUNT! Expect this event to last anywhere from 2-5 hours depending on interest. The more attendees, the longer the event - More LOOT more WOOT! Event day two - Sunday (Juggernaut PvP) [CANCELLED] Event will be held on Sunday, March 4 beginning at 3 pm server time hosted by Nick! Players will see an in-game announcement that a member/members of staff are in the wilderness skulled with high-value loot just waiting to be killed! Players can team up to take down the staff member and get the valuable loot... But be careful - not everyone is as trustworthy as they say! You may be back stabbed by someone because they want that valuable loot just like you do! This is a tank test - the better your attack gear, the higher your chance for the KILL! A few items you can expect to see on a skulled staff member: Godswords Cosmetics Large number of coins Godwars armors Supplies Partyhat The more who participate, the higher the value of loot we risk! If we have 10+ players fighting for the kill, we guarantee a partyhat as potential loot! The Onyx staff team is happy to bring you these events this week and hope you will join us for hours and hours of fun with a chance for some SICK LOOT! Planning on joining us? Let us know in the comments below! See you in game! The Onyx Staff Team
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    Name: Robiel (ROB) Username: Rush My Hp Age: 22 Where are you from?: Florida, United States Timezone: Central Time UTC-06:00 How many hours do you spend daily in game?: Minimum of 5 hours a day. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I have been part of the team as some may know had to step down had some issues in real life so i stepped down for a while but i am ready to come back and keep on working on what i was doing. Why should we choose you over others: I have Experience already with onyx I Was a Mod Before Know almost everyone in the game and as you may know i Get along with everyone. What are some usable skills you have?: I Get along with everyone in the community. I am Fluent in Spanish and English. I also Know About the Server and i am already tested as a Mod. Staff Experience: Yes Ex-Mod For Onyx And have been Co-owner For Fusion. What are the qualities you have?: I am a Very Helpful person i like to help those in need of help and pretty much work with the community. I am Friendly Willing to put it all on the line for the server and so forth. How long have you played Onyx?: i Played Onyx Sense The Beginning. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: I Will do What i Have Always Done Help Those In Need Punish Those Who need to be Punished and What ever I must do. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: A smooth Running Community Who Will Help each other out and enjoy their time and stay at Onyx.
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    Pvm M4st4

    Weekly Lottery

    In order to make it somewhat fair give players the option to enter a maximum of 3 tries per lottery (Limited to ONE IP) to avoid people with big banks using alts to basically give themselves huge advantages compared to others. Also make each entry increase in price by 5% meaning the first entry will go for the regular Set price, buy in a 2ND time and you'll have to pay a 5% increased price (fee) and lastly the 3RD entry would have a 10% fee - The extra fee's could also be removed from the buy-ins as a form of tax in order to create a money sink because those with enough money to buy-in 3 times obviously have quite a bit of cash. Considering how much money that's pumping into the economy with the boosted mystery and premium boxes i suggest that a solid 20% of the buy-ins are taken out for the winner(s) final reward as a form of tax.
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    Staff Update - 21-02-2018

    Yes, i got demoted from Global moderator back to server support, but i resigned sadly. This is how it ended. Chatlog: I earned my position here and I don't consider going on the server for atleast 4 hours + a days being very inactive. I'm not going to cry about it, or cause any drama here. But I can't take it for now, so here i'm completely resigning from any rank. It was a nice run Alex, and the whole team. But my time has come, and I hope you guys respect that. If I can do anything for you in the near future, shoot me a pm. For now, I will stay as a normal player and come whenever I really want. Thanks again for the amazing time Alex, and I wish the best for your server. Thanks everyone, to all my friends i meet here, and the time i spent here will never be forgotten. This is not a farewell, but indeed i will take a break. See you all later, and peace! The reason why i was inactive compared to before was my little 1 year old boys. As stated in the staff chat, he's at home with me 24/7 at the moment. In real life will always take over pixel, and always be.
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    We need another Admin...

    Hi Onyx. Today's suggestion is something I think we can all get behind. We need more staff members - and not just more staff members, some that are active. Prior to Fletch's promotion, Otter was the most active staff member, who still at times AFKs at home. I am not saying this is bad, but our lack of moderation during late American times is something that's a problem, but that's a topic for another day. With Styles and Ful gone, this also removes two more staff positions that only has seen one replaced, Fletch's promotion to Ful's position. Our main problem is: a lack of noticeable active ADMINISTRATION. To those of us who know the status quo, Onyx is always busy coding or doing something for the server and Stuart is busy running other, more successful private servers. Neither Stuart nor Alex can provide the necessary administrative presence the server needs due to their schedules. We need another Admin. I nominate Otter. He is by far a widely respected member of staff right with decent tenure. I'm sorry if Alex doesn't trust someone with Admin rights.. But something has got to change. To new players, a server with inactive Administration just appears to be dead with no leadership. That has GOT to change. I cannot even tell you how many times someone has "needed an admin" or said "are admins active" and every laughs it off like a joke, saying that the only way you can contact administration is with your wallet. Stuart, Onyx.. I get you're busy people. I don't doubt in my mind you are. I'm sure your intentions are good. I have no doubt about that. Just do what's right by the server and give yourselves some help. Let me know if you agree by liking or replying. Many thanks.
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    Ecumenical Key Guide (GWD without KC!)

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    Get out of my swamp

    G'day, I saw an ad on facebook about how CX / Matrix was back in action and linked to here. Figured why not give it a stab! I'm currently working towards maxing my ironman ingame. Already recognize some names on here too so i'm excited to get back into playing. Some might recognize me as that one nerd who was support / ingame / global / veteran / extreme donator / dolphin. Since my departure from CX to focus on real life (studying etc) I bounced around servers and had a stick with playing on RS (stats 'n stuff for those curious) A bit about me, i'm 20, a teacher and like whiskey. Love graphics so if you ever need anything done give me a hollar. Likewise in game if you see me on (IGN: Ogre) Found this article by @Daniel on the CX wiki a few weeks ago which gave me a laugh, presenting my past: http://corruptionx.wikia.com/wiki/Ogre See ya round Onyx
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    Buying GF

    An extra exp mode

    Should we add another exp mode in game? It's going to be 3x faster than current one and we'll have seperate highscores.
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    Update #11 Added content: Waterfall Dungeon now accessible and added Deep Wilderness Dungeon Scorpions are now also found at Al Kharid Mine JAVA 9 support for client Lootbeams now added (also for Dragon Defender) OLD ITEM LOOKS ARE NOW ADDED !! Added commands: ::sil Switches your items look to old looks or vice versa Bugs/glitches fixed: Fixed over 40 NPC animations and definitions Several no-clip glitches fixed Construction and Herblore command improved (no more stuck in non-accessible place) Fixed some rare drop table drops not being noted

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