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    Solo Bandos Guide

    Solo Bandos Guide Foreward Boss Overview Requirements Location & KC Inventory The Fight Thank you very much and I hope you have found the guide useful, best of luck on drops! See you in game.
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    Guide Directory

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    Solo Bandos Guide

    Appreciate it buddy
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    ext stoner

    Solo Bandos Guide

    Great job on the guide! Detailed af 😁
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    Solo Bandos Guide

    BROO , i was looking for something like this now i will have a chance to kill him keep up the good work
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    Solo Bandos Guide

    Damn, looking good bro! nice job on this one
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    Solo Bandos Guide

    This guide is really simple and straight forward for a lot of newcomers joining the server wanting to take a chance at a new task. Lovin it man keep it up
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    Nex Guide

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