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    hi pukka, this happens when the server is down for a quick fix restart or updates.
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    "The Horde" Guide

    Some suggestions: 1. You could bring a dfs so you can pray soulsplit during the dragon waves with llr(u). Since this is a stab weapon it does well against dragons. 2. You could bring supreme poison surge, this will heal you throughout the whole minigame. For example scorpia will poison you for 20/200, which is a free heal. 3. tip for kq waves: When you finish one phase of a kq you can hit the other ones during it's animation. Switch back after 2 tbow hits. 4. Wave 29: I advise to kill mager first. Espescialy without tbow (mk2) since he can hit up to 80/800 iic. 5. Wave 36: Kill chaos elly first since there's a slight chance he will teleport you, which freezes you for a moment. 6. Both waves with archaeologists and chaos fanatic: Try to time your attacks so that you are always moving when they attack. The special of deranged archaeologist can hit you for 65/650-65/650-65/650 even several tiles away. 7. On triple jads: with mk2, dont worry about the healers 8. First 2 phases, llr(u) should be used to out dps the boss and barely need food. Overal: don't forget to use excalibur on every wave since hp, prayer and special % restores at the end of each wave. Also, almost every wave you will need to be "kiting" which means you shoot once then run. With good timing you don't lose dps and never standstill. Last point, any form of hp boosting (like the bonfire boost mentioned) will greatly help with surviving the horde. If done correctly not much food is used but you will always have several moments where the bosses can stack you out. Having higher hp will make this chance lower. These are just my suggestions from personal experience, if you want to complete this but do not own the gear or think it's too hard you can checkout Versace and mine horde service on topic #2467 or one of our competitors. Goodluck everyone!

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