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    Crafting Guide

    Onyx Crafting Guide Hey guys Due to common request here is my 1-99 Crafting guide. Hope it helps you out I will be splitting this guide in 4 sections : I - Bonus xp sources II - Fastest / expensive route III - Slower / cheaper route IV - Gathering guide I - Bonus xp sources Before anything I'll be listing below the different bonus xp sources that you should try to get in order to level as fast as possible. 1- Sacred clay needle (+100% xp) This item can be acquired at the Stealing Creation mini game (costs 20 points for a fully charged one). I'll link below a guide to that mini game. 2- Voting bonus (+10%) Pretty straightforward, make sure you've voted in the past 24 hours to get an additional 10% xp boost whilst training. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 3- Wishing well (+25%) The wishing well is activated when someone donates to the server. You can check the quest tab to see whether the wishing well is active or not and how long is left until the boost runs out. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 4- Bonus xp weekends (+25%) Bonus xp weekends start every Fridays at midnight server time (you can check server time in quest tab) and last until Sunday midnight server time. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 5- Donator ranks Every rank from Sapphire and up gives you an extra 10% bonus xp (2% for extreme) up to 50% for Onyx (10% for extreme). II - Fastest / expensive route Level 1 to 7 : Leather gloves or spinning flax into bowstring Level 7 to 20 : Gold bracelets Level 20 to 27 : Cutting uncut sapphires Level 27 to 34 : Cutting uncut emeralds Level 34 to 43 : Cutting uncut rubies Level 43 to 63 : Cutting uncut diamonds Level 63 to 66 : Green d'hide bodies Level 66 to 71 : Air battlestaff made by using an air orb with a battlestaff Level 71 to 77 : Blue d'hide bodies Level 77 to 84 : Red d'hide bodies Level 84 to 99 : Black d'hide bodies III - Slower / cheaper route Level 1 to 7: Leather gloves or spinning flax into bowstring Level 7 to 89 : Gold bracelets Level 89 to 99 : Potion flasks (requires 81 mining for sandstone) You may also make some unpowered orbs at level 46 crafting. This requires molten glass and given that it can be pretty tedious to gather/make it is pretty unlikely that you will do 46-89 this way. I also recommend turning some if not all of your unpowered orbs into air orbs in order to craft some air battle staves . If you happen to have some cut gems you can also craft bracelets that give more xp than regular gold ones Level 23 : Sapphire bracelet Level 30 : Emerald bracelet Level 42 : Ruby bracelet Level 58 : Diamond bracelet You can of course do a bit of both methods shown here depending on what supplies you have. Also note that every item that you craft may be sold to the Onyx guide at home (or alched for ironman) for a substantial amount of coins. IV - Gathering guide Flax Zulrah drops 1K flax noted pretty commonly or you can also pick flax south of Seer's Village with the ::crafting command (pic below). Leather Leather can be crafted by looting cowhides in the Lumbridge cow pen (blue circle in pic below) and then using the tanner in Al-Kharid (red circle in pic below). Gold bars Gold bracelets are crafted by using a gold bar on a furnace (the one at Edgeville for example). A good way to obtain gold bars is killing Venenatis (location in pic below) which drops 250 noted gold ores and then turning these into bars. Molten glass This can be crafted by using a bucket of sand with a soda ash on a furnace. Both can be bought at the charter npc in Catherby docks (pic below). Thermonuclear smoke devil boss also drops 100 of them noted. It can then be turned into unpowered orbs or others. Dragon hides can be obtained by killing chromatic dragons but there are other sources from bosses : Green d'hide : Nex (400 noted) / Corporeal Beast (100 noted) / Vorkath (25-32 noted) Blue d'hide : Vorkath (20-30 noted) Red d'hide : Callisto (75 noted) / Vorkath (15-25 noted) Black d'hide : Zulrah (30-50 noted) / Vorkath (15-25 noted) Red sandstone This is used to craft potion flasks and can be acquired at the Oo'glog red sandstone mine (red circle in pic below - you can use blue portal > skilling teleports > hunter and go south) or donator zones (both require 81 mining) and then turned into robust glass using the machine nearby (blue circle in pic below). Air orbs These can be made at the air obelisk using the charge air orb spell (3 cosmic runes and 30 air runes per orb) with unpowered orbs in your inventory. A quick way to get there would be doing ::slayer then teleporting to Vannaka and running northwest (pic below). Battlestaves These can be bought at the Varrock Battlestaff store (pic below - 80 in stock which replenishes over time) Uncut gems These can be mined at the Shilo gem mining area (pic below). To get there you can use the blue portal > skilling teleports > Shilo gem mine. Most gems are also common drops off wildy bosses such as Venenatis/Callisto Thanks for reading my guide I hope you found some useful info and if you have any suggestion or question feel free to pm me/reply on this thread

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