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    ext stoner

    Voting guide

    Hello guys, since people have allot of trouble voting i will explain on how to get the max 10 points per 12 hours. I always vote moparscape first since it has caused me issues in the past if i voted other sites prior to it. moparscape: x1. rsps 100: x3. (this is the only site that will work multiple times) rsps list: x1. Example. type ::reward ingame to claim the first 5 points. After you have done that vote for: Runelocus: x1. TopG: 1x. Rsps 100: x3. Example. Type ::reward again. To see if vote bonus is still active i do a quick relog and check chatbox or check if my droprate is lowered. Enjoy you vote tickets and i hope this helped you out 😁

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