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    New home was a good idea. As common as edge homes are, it is very familiar and really is just the best hub. PKing because really accessible to for pkers and spectators. Great update!
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    February 18th, 2019 Hey guys Hope y'all doing fine The Onyx Staff Team is pleased to announce that we have updated the server today and brought a couple of new stuff and fixed some bugs. This weeks update brings a new home at Edgeville, a new game mode with faster than ever XP rates, couple of improvements to cash rewards for various activities and more! New Home: Our new home is located at Edgeville. Feel free to check it and leave feedback This home is completely organized, giving new players a more welcoming feel when joining us for the first time. ::Thieving teleport has been redirected to teleport the player to the designated thieving house in Edgeville. ::Fishing now teleports you to the river south of the bank in Edgeville where you can fish up to lobsters. ::Slayer now teleports you to all the slayer masters who were relocated to home. New Slayer Gamemode: The new slayer game mode features a x1000 combat xp rate and x60 skilling rate. However, the tradeoff is that you get a 30% drop rate penalty from the Hero mode. This should be super fast to pick up on, and is directed to those who seek a faster way to get into PvP or PvMing! Quality of Life Updates: Barrows mini game now gives 250K barrows tokens per chest if you kill all brothers Nerfed barrows brothers defence stats A request help system has been added under chat tab Doubled the money from thieving gems 50K vote tokens were replaced with 200K vote tokens Increased serpentine helmet to +5 strength bonus Added a cash reward when leveling non combat skills Buffed crystal chest coins rewards from 500K-1M to 1.5M-3M Doubled the money per kill on slayer tasks Increased combat xp in hero mode by x2 - making it x500 combat xp rate Added crushed zenyte to gem merchant Increased the money for completing boss tasks from 1M/250K (hard/normal) to 4M/2M Increased npc coin drops from x10 to x100 Bug Fixes: Bone bolts now can be used with dorgeshuun bow or zanik crossbow Zaniks crossbow now requires 48 range to equip TzKal-Zuk no longer attacks you when you're dead Automatically adjust titles so that if no space at end and space at begin shows behind instead of infront Fix floor texture bug with new maps at mount karuulm Fixed glitch with multiple osrs maps on directx mode being invisible on some parts Fixed a clue scroll typo When buying climbing boots dialogue says 12gp but charges 75k if you choose to buy Other Updates: Onyx boss now drops 15m cash instead of 5m - the uncommon cash reward being 30M instead of 10M and the participation reward to 3M instead of 1M Added crabs task teleport Added Ke Quo Karan shop Added Mount Karuulm teleport in cities teleport - this gets you close to Konar slayer master Onyx boss no longer resets if everyone leaves Loyalty shop no longer rewards coins nor xp lamps Added Sotetseg pet + added to pet box Corporeal Beast no longer attacks npcs except from familiars Added notifications ingame Stealing Creation now only rewards if both teams have a positive score Added large lamp/huge lamp/armadyl statuette to trivia rewards Added hydra pet + added to pet box Pets are no longer allowed in Inferno Removed $1000 chest - Congrats again to Monk Bird! Virtual levels now off by default for new accounts, simply type ;;svl to turn them on Facebook button has been removed from client Login now opens inventory instead of equip tab Favor points were removed, as their purpose has been replaced Floor item spawns now respawn after 10 seconds instead of 60 As always, we hope you all enjoy our update. Please leave your comments down below. We have a lot of big things planned for the near future, stay tuned! See you in-game
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    A request help button has been added for that reeson ;).

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