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    Janurary 29, 2020 Greetings everyone, I hope all has been well as we're now ready to launch a much anticipated update with multiple quality of life updates that you guys have been suggesting, so we delivered! This Update will be focused primarily on QoL, but stay tuned as we wrap up Janurary and begin to start some content updates coming out in the near future! 💰Bank Placeholders💰 Players will now be able to more efficiently organize their banks as we have integrated a placeholder system that remembers where you last placed an item. This will allow any items taken out of the bank to display a value of 0 while holding that item there in place! (placeholders) 💼Presets💼 Tired of your buddy wasting your overload dose by taking 5 minutes to gear up for Theator of Blood? Worry no longer, as we now have Presets available! All players will have access to two preset slots Saphire Donators will have access to five preset slots Ruby Donators will have access to 10 preset slots Zenyte Donators will be allowed to use presets anywhere that they may also ::bank, without having to be near a bank. Keepsake Keys Keepsake Keys will allow a player to alter the appearance of any equipment slot to any item they own permanently. These keys will be valued at $4 each in the Donator Store and once used, the key will be consumed. You may only have one key active per equipment slot at a time All keepsake key effects will be disabled upon entering the wilderness You must own the item that you are using the keepsake key on for the item appearance to be enabled. If said item is sold, or given back to a player because it was lent, the effect will be disabled until the item is back in your inventory or bank Mr. Ex is now at home and will reset all keepsakes you currently own. Warning: This option is meant for permanently disabling your current keepsakes and will require you to purchase the keys again upon doing so 🏆Loyalty Shop Revamped🏆 Our main man, Loyal Dan, is back with a plan to make you a fan of a complete rework on our loyalty shop! Loyalty tokens are awarded to your bank for each hour of playtime you have on Onyx. In addition to adding many new items we have also decided to reduce many of the previous items in there as well! Keep in mind, all items on our loyalty shop are cosmetic without any stats! 🎟️Vote Shop Revamped🎟️ Additionally, we have decided to rework our vote shop to include a few extra skilling tools and reduced a few prices! 🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates:🌟 Fixed a bug caused by the last update which did not allow players to smith while having a full inventory. Added an option to filter all stat boosts messages written in chat by wearing any of the custom "ultimate sets". Fixed a bug where wearing full obsidian armor would give the respective set bonus to any weapon. This was changed so the set bonus will work with any TzHaar weapon just like RS. Fixed a bug where players were unable to create a Soul Necklace. It may not be made by combining an Occult Necklace with a Soul Stone. Updated the quest tab to display if the current slayer task is from a slayer master or a wildy slayer master. Fixed the description of a fletching task to display it correctly as "string bows". Fixed a bug where the Wrath of the Horde Aura did not give it's respective damage boost while using melee combat. Added a global message that will announce whenever a player has completed all tasks on our Task System. Optimized a few formulas in the code which will boost overall server performance. Added an option to game settings to toggle cosmetic overrides on/off. Swap/Insert option now saves. Reduced the damage of all pvp custom-weapons in wilderness by 50% Added Rune Ores to the Donator Zone. Theator of Blood not counting as a Boss Slayer KC has been fixed. Removed Onyx and Bork from Boss Slayer Tasks. Fixed an bug which did not allow the Ghrazi Rapier to be placed in the Upgrade Chest. Fixed a bug where Bone Dagger (P++) would not attack. Weapon attacks styles are now saved based on weapon type when switching weapons.
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    Monk Bird

    Onyx Weekly Giveaways: Week #4

    Onyx Giveaways Week #4 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that week #3 has came to a close. Congrats to @Zaraxed and @Suicune on winning the previous week! For this week: We will be giving out two Super Mystery Box's to three random winners, simply comment your ingame name below for a chance at the entry and be sure to check out the specified post. Have a great day everyone, Seeya ingame
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    Corp0ration - Elite Onyx Clan Status: Open Clan Founder: Corper Clan Leaders: Corper, Zaraxed, Today Clan Members: Antartica, Bines, Cope Longcut, Corper, Dabomb, Daemon, Didgeridont, Didgeridoo, Eatacake, Ext Stoner, Fix, Hc Bear, Hildagard, Iron Astor, Karl Walsh, Knightastor, Mac, Mrzonesix, Nikogud, Normal Steve, Onyxer, Proderp, Rattfink, Rip, Spirit, Spyro, Sssla Styles, Suicune, Timmeh, Versace, Zaraxed Discord: https://discord.gg/fsYpJxF Timezone: EST (server time) I. About us We are a PvM, and Social clan here on onyx. Here at Corp0ration we'd like to give our clan members the best clan experience offered on onyx. We will primarily be focused on PvM content, but also Social interactions, PvP, Minigames, and even clan exclusive events! II. How to apply to Corp0ration Step 1. Join our discord Step 2. Fill in our application under #applications Step 3. Pm Corper on discord or onyx after filling out application Step 4. Wait for an invite If you are toxic, or are known for breaking a lot of rules, you may be declined under certain circumstances. If you fail to meet all of the requirements needed to join the clan you may also be declined. (will let some requirements slide) III. Point System Clan Events = 2 points Onyx Events = 1 point $5 donation = 1 point Each 100m GP made in PvM drops = 1 point Each Pet drop (including skilling pets) = 1 point Donating 1b to wishing well = 3 points IV. Ranking System Recruit = 0 Points Corporal = 5 Points Sergeant = 20 Points Lieutenant = 40 points Captain = 80 Points General = 150 points Admin = 100 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank) Organizer = 200 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank) Coordinator = 250 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank) Overseer = 350 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank) Deputy Owner = (Must apply and be accepted for rank) V. Rules Must follow all onyx rules No toxicity (racism, flaming, flame baiting, being a dick) No disrespecting staff, clan members, or rival clans. Must listen to onyx staff, and clan leaders.
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    Self Proclaimed - UIM Ion

    Welcome to the probably not going to be kept up with, self proclaimed. ULTIMATE IRONMAN. I'm mainly here to do this as a "why the hell not" cycle of life. And this server is freaking rad, and can probably have a UIM mode. So why not 100% self proclaim, and run a UIM myself? The account will have zero donations, and all other ironman restrictions. The only exception I will have, is using the bank to un-note items that are in my inventory. HERE IS TO THE JOURNEY BOYS.
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    Wilderness Slayer Task Guide

    Task: Ankou Wilderness lvl: 30 Location: forgotten cemetery Task: Aviansie Wilderness lvl: 30 Location: Wilderness Godwars Task: Bandit Wilderness lvl: 23 Location: Bandit Camp Task: Battle Mage Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Close to Mage Bank Lever Task: Bear Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: south of east dragons Task: Black Demon Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Black Dragon Wilderness lvl: 43 Location: Lava Maze Dungeon Task: Dark Warrior Wilderness lvl: 15 Location: Dark warrior's fortress Task: Earth Warrior Wilderness lvl: 7 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Ent Wilderness lvl: 12-14 Location: south of east dragons in the forest Task: Fire Giant Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Dungeon south of pirate's hideout Task: Ghost Wilderness lvl: 30-? Location: Forgotten cemetery (all over the wilderness) Task: Greater Demon Wilderness lvl: 46-47 Location: Demonic Ruins (Also in rev caves, and wilderness volcano) Task: Green Dragon Wilderness lvl: 20-21 Location: Teleports > Easts (Also in rev caves) Task: Hellhound Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Wilderness resource area (Also in rev caves, and wilderness volcano) Task: Ice Giant Wilderness lvl: 45-47 Location: Frozen Waste Plateau Task: Ice Warrior Wilderness lvl: 45-47 Location: Frozen Waste Plateau Task: Lava Dragon Wilderness lvl: 38-40 Location: Lava Dragon Isle Task: Mammoth Wilderness lvl: 11-13 Location: South of the wilderness volcano Task: Magic Axe Wilderness lvl: 55 Location: East of mage bank Task: Rogue Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Rogues' Castle next to chaos elemental/obelisk Task: Scorpion Wilderness lvl: 54 Location: Scorpion Pit Task: Skeleton Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Spider Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Spiritual Mage Wilderness lvl: 30+ Location: Wilderness Godwars Wilderness Bosses/Demi bosses Task: Callisto Wilderness lvl: 42-43 Location: Callisto Teleport Task: Chaos Elemental Wilderness lvl: 50 Location: Chaos Elemental teleport Task: Chaos Fanatic Wilderness lvl: 40 Location: South of Kbd Task: Crazy archaeologist Wilderness lvl: 22-23 Location: South of the forgotten cemetery (at ruins) Task: Scorpia Wilderness lvl: 54 Location: Inside cave at scorpion pit Task: Venenatis Wilderness lvl: 30-32 Location: Venenatis teleport Task: Vet'ion Wilderness lvl: 34-35 Location: Vet'ion teleport Task: Wildy Wyrm Wilderness lvl: 10 Location: south of easts teleport next to ents, investigate ground Extra The wilderness Volcano has hellhounds, greaters, and lesser demons. The Rev Caves Credit to Monk Bird for giving me the list of all possible wilderness slayer tasks, and Madoc for helping with some teleports, and wilderness immunity.
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    Zaraxed's Achievements

    Hey everyone welcome to my Achievements! This is what I have Achieved so far with the time I have played. Hoping to get max combat in a few weeks. I will keep this updated
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    Onyx Mystery Box Loot Drop Tables!

    Onyx Mystery Box Loot Drop Tables Hey Everyone, As many of you have asked due to curiosity, I have decided that it will be beneficial to have a thread on our forums dedicated to outlining the exact rewards you can receive from our various Mystery Boxes. Each of these Boxes can be purchased from our webstore, the in-game penguin donation shop, won from giveaways or events, or rewarded throughout the game. Each Box has it's own unique drop tables giving you a variety of item possibilities to choose from. Following is a list of our available Mystery Boxes along with their respective drop tables. Millionaire's Box ($4): This Mystery Box rewards the player with coins! A player can obtain anywhere from 8m-140m+! Super Mystery Box ($6): These Mystery Boxes reward the player with a wide range of item possibilities. From Coins and Dragon Items all the way to a Twisted Bow! Good Luck! Premium Mystery Box (N/A): These boxes are a possible reward from our Super Mystery Boxes, and other events. They have the same drop table as a Super Mystery Box but grants you a 50% bonus chance at getting an uncommon - rare+ drop! God Mystery Box ($10): These boxes are themed around the God Wars Dungeon and thus reward you with their respective items. The loot can be real juicy! Pet Mystery Box ($10): These boxes are designed to make your playing experience better by giving you a pet! What will you pull? A squirrel or shrimpy? Maybe an Onyx Boss pet? Thanks for taking your time to view this thread. As time goes on we will be updating the possible loot as well as perhaps adding new boxes. We hope you found this thread useful, comment down below if we missed anything or if you would like us to make an addition or have a suggestion!
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    Spacebar for Skilling Interface

    So on RS/OSRS they have the ability to press spacebar to advance/accept the skilling interface to make all, I think this would be a great quality of life update for the server in terms of skilling as it is just a bit smoother and nicer for players than having to click in the interface. Many times I've thought I was skilling but my character just sits there because I pressed spacebar instead of clicking.
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    Monk Bird

    Onyx Weekly Giveaways: Week #5

    Onyx Giveaways Week #5 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that week #4 has came to a close. Congrats to @[email protected] and @Archon and on winning the previous week! For this week: We will be giving out 2K Donator Shards to two random winners, simply comment your ingame name below for a chance at the entry and be sure to check out the specified post. Have a great day everyone, Seeya ingame
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    ext stoner

    weekly events (feb 24th - march 1st)

    hi guys! here are this weeks upcomming events! Monday 24 February 2020 arma mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Nex mass hosted by Madoc at 6 PM EST Tuesday 25 February 2020 Bandos Mass hosted by Nev3r at 7 AM EST and pest control hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST Wednesday 26 February 2020 corp mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Boss Bonanza hosted by Monk Bird at 4 PM EST Thursday 27 February 2020 Bandos Mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Castle wars hosted by Madoc at 6 PM EST Friday 28 February 2020 Nex mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Demonic Gorillas hosted by Corper at 7 PM EST Saturday 29 February 2020 Stealing Creation hosted by Corper at 5 PM EST Sunday 1 March 2020 dagannoth kings hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Corp Mass hosted by Corper at 6 PM EST hope to see you all there!
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    Self Proclaimed - UIM Ion

    Cheers lads. It's going to be interesting for sure!
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    Wilderness Slayer Task Guide

    Amazing work Keep it up!
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    Wilderness Slayer Task Guide

    Nice work!
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    Monk Bird

    Wilderness Slayer Task Guide

    Great job on this guide, i'm sure it will be very helpful for those who want to farm blood money and in turn increase wilderness activity moving forward!
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    Wilderness Slayer Task Guide

    Was constantly in combat unfortunately, I couldn't really open map to do that. I figure it might be a bit more fun for people to figure it out anyways, since ya know.. it's the wilderness ;).
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    Wilderness Slayer Task Guide

    Nice guide mate, maybe show the locations on the world map tho to better show their exact location. Good job tho 🙂
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    Onyx custom items guide! (in progress)

    did good job bro
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    Zaraxed's Achievements

    ayyy niceee
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    Zaraxed's Achievements

    More updates on the Account Loving the grind it's so much fun!
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    ext stoner

    weekly events (feb 10th to 16th)

    hey guys! here are this weeks upcomming event! hope to see you all there! Monday 10 February 2020 armadyl mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Nex Mass hosted by Madoc at 6 PM EST Tuesday 11 February 2020 pest control hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and stealing creations hosted by Corper at 6 PM EST Wednesday 12 February 2020 tormented demons hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Castle Wars hosted by Nev3r at 3 PM EST Thursday 13 February 2020 Bandos mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Demonic Gorillas hosted by Madoc at 6 PM EST Friday 14 February 2020 Zamorak Mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and Saradomin mass hosted by Corper at 7 PM EST Saturday 15 February 2020 Pest Control hosted by Zio 3 PM EST and Corp Mass hosted by Corper at 4 PM EST Sunday 16 February 2020 Demonic Gorillas hosted by Corper at 1 PM EST and Bandos Mass hosted by Nev3r at 3 PM EST
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    Zaraxed's Achievements

    Nice man, would love for you to continue this for the rest of your journey
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    Zaraxed's Achievements

    Great achievements, good luck on your goal bro
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    Welcome mate!
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    Zaraxed's Intro

    Welcome to the server Nice to meet you!
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    Monk Bird

    Onyx Weekly Giveaways: Week #3

    Congrats to @Suicune and @Zaraxed on winning a pet mystery box each!
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    Attack Style not changing on switches

    We'll look into it and try to make it similar to osrs. Thanks 4 feedback.
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    Voting guide

    Legend, thank you!
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    Onyx Guides master thread

    Hey guys As per my observations in the friends chat I think such a thread might be helpful as it will compile links to all useful guides in our forums. Be sure to leave comments if you would change anything to this guide ! Your feedback matters a lot to me. QFC = Quick Find Code - You may access the mentioned thread by using ;;thread + QFC / ;;topic + QFC ingame i.e. for the beginner guide (in getting started guides) you can either click on the provided link, or type ;;thread 2147 / ;;topic 2147 ingame to reach it. I- Getting started guides II- Money making guides III- Skilling guides IV- PVM / Minigame guides V- Miscellaneous guides I hope this thread somewhat helps you guys out ! Feel free to comment below for feedback, would be much appreciated whether positive or negative !
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    Onyx Guides master thread

    Amazing thread! it will helps many players
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    Welcome to Onyx! 1. Introduction! Welcome to Onyx RSPS, we are the server that strives to be the most advanced of its time. Bringing you something that has never been done before, Onyx offers players the prime time 718 revision of RS with a mashup of the current popular version of RS, OSRS. Our Mission is to provide our players with a unique experience unable to be obtained from any regular RSPS. We want them to experience the hype around RS back in 2012, while also allowing them to be up to date with the recent updates on OSRS. Our goal is to be one of the best RSPS to date, to feature the most content ever seen before, and continue to keep the community satisfied with quality updates every two weeks. Onyx currently features 100% fully working content such as: 100+ Bosses, 25 Skills, Dungeoneering, Theatre of Blood Raid, 20+ Minigames, ALL Skilling + Bossing Pets, Daily Events, Stable Economy, Grand Exchange, Up-To-Date OSRS Items, 100% Slayer, and so much more! But we are just getting started on our never ending mission, our story continues as we welcome new players daily and update our server bi-weekly to add new content to this amazing community. 2. Onyx Gamemodes! Here at Onyx, we offer several gamemodes that allow our players to experience the game the way they want to. When you create your new account, you are presented with an option to choose your gamemode. We currently offer 4 gamemodes, giving all players a wide variety to choose from. Here is a list of all our gamemodes and what they offer: 1. Normal Mode - This mode is the easiest on Onyx, granting players x400 Combat XP and x40 Skilling XP Rates with standard drop rates. Leveling up on this gamemode is really fast, so you will be able to jump right into the action, but remember, you do not receive any additional boost in drop rate with this mode, just standard! 2. Expert Mode - This second mode on Onyx consists of some grinding, but players are well rewarded for their efforts. Legendary Mode features x12 Combat XP and x6 Skilling XP Rates but with a 15% boost to all drop rates. It will take you some time to level up your stats, but you surely will get rewarded with more drops! 3. Ironman Mode - This unique mode is meant for those who feel like they do not need outside help, the grinders, the self sufficant IRONMAN. While playing on this gamemode, you are not allowed to use the grand exchange, nor trade players at all. All items are obtained by scratch, and you will face grinds to get the gear you desire. This gamemode features x40 Combat and x20 Skilling XP Rates as well as a 5% boost to all drop rates as well. Do you got what it takes? - Additionally, players can select to play as a duo ironman. This means that you may partner up with another player and have access to trading soley them. Keep it mind that once this option is selected, it can not be undone. 4. Hardcore Ironman Mode - This ultimate mode is held by those who seek a true grind, while also tackling a challenge of staying alive at all costs. While on this mode, you are not allowed to use the grand exchange, nor trade, and if you die, you sacrifice your rank. In other words, you are self sufficient as an ironman, as well as possess extreme knowledge of the game in order to be aware and stay alive. This gamemode features x20 Combat and x10 Skilling XP Rates, but with a 10% boost to all drop rates! - Similar to Ironman, a duo option is available. However if one of your partners die, the group will be disbanded until the surviving partner falls. Note: All of these rates increase with every rank that players purchase through our store or from others ingame! Chose the wrong gamemode? Too difficult for you? You can do ::upgrade to transfer to the easier gamemode that suits your style! Order of modes: Expert > Normal | Ironman > Normal. 3. Our Home! As you may already be acquainted with our home, we have decided to set up base in Edgeville! As this is has always been a home to past experienced Runescape players and is easy for newcomers to navigate. Here you will find an array of resources ranging from our teleport nexus, shop area, thieving area, bank area, the grand exchange, slayer masters, POH portal, and small skilling areas. The Teleport Nexus: Perhaps the most iconic figure in the center of our home area, our portal nexus is our major teleportation hub to get around the map. All players have access to use the portal nexus, and clicking on it will open a large interface with tons of options which players can choose from. The Portal Nexus offers Combat and Skilling training teleports, Quest Boss Teleports to get your rewards quick, teleports to all Cities & Towns, Dungeons & Bosses, Minigames, and if your up for a risk, the Wilderness! The Thieving Area: Just North-East from the ::home teleport location, you will find our thieving house. You can also get here by doing ::thieving! This is a great place for newcomers to start out and earn some quick cash. We have 5 different stalls to choose from, ranging from Sapphire - Onyx. Each will reward its respective crushed gem, which players can sell to the shop assistant for GP. Down below, you will find the item values for the different crushed gems. Crushed Sapphire: 3,000 GP Crushed Emerald: 3,750 GP Crushed Ruby: 4,500 GP Crushed Diamond: 6,000 GP Crushed Onyx: 7,500 GP Crushed Zenyte (Donator Zone): 9,000 GP Our Shops: Located just North-West from the ::home teleport location, you will find our shops hut, you can also get there by using the ::shops command. Here there are numerous NPCs, all selling a variety of items to suit your needs. You can find combat equipment, skilling items, auras, the vote, loyalty and donation shop, barrows and tokkul token shop and so much more! Just remember, if you are Ironman, you can not use these shops. Gear Shop: Skilling Shop: Skilling Secondaries Shop: https://i.gyazo.com/1ecb83432756f9114fb5ace209fd46e6.gifhttps://i.gyazo.com/1ecb83432756f9114fb5ace209fd46e6.gifhttps://i.gyazo.com/1ecb83432756f9114fb5ace209fd46e6.gif Barrows Token Shop: Obsidian Tokkul Shop: https://i.gyazo.com/cdee4fa50be155691203098848239665.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/cdee4fa50be155691203098848239665.png Aura Shop: Blood Money Shop: Vote Shop: Loyalty Shop: Donation Shop: Onyx Guide: The Grand Exchange: In the center of home, right next to the ::home teleport location, you will find our Grand Exchange Clerk along with our GE Board. Here, players can offload and sell their items through the grand exchange network. Players can trade anyone on Onyx through the Grand Exchange. Here you can set Buying and Selling offers for items that you either desire to buy or sell. Once someone has purchased an item, the tab will flash green and will allow the player to either collect the item or cash. Additionally, the Grand Exchange offers to buy any item for alch value automatically. Behind the Grand Exchange Clerk, there is a GE Board that will allow you to view current Buying and Selling Offers, in case you wanted to see the state of the current market. The Grand Exchange: The GE Board: Training and Slayer: Now that you know your way around our Home Area, you probably want to start leveling up your Combat. Right next to the ::home teleport location, you can find two combat training dummies. Here you can get quick levels upi while remaining AFK to start out. We recommend either moving to ::train to find a new training spot or ::slayer and start training your slayer skill! The Slayer Masters: Just south from our bank at home, you will find our slayer masters. These NPCs are ready to assign you with various tasks to defeat monsters around Onyx in reward for Slayer XP and tokens. We recommend beginning with Turael, as he is the first slayer master and will assign the beginner tasks. As you progress through the slayer skill and the various slayer masters, your tasks will become progressively harder, but more rewarding. The order we recommend is Turael -> Vannaka -> Chaeldar -> Nieve -> Duradel -> Kuradal -> Konar. *Note: Krystilia is the Wilderness Slayer Master, getting a task from her must be completed in the Wilderness, while it is very rewarding in terms of loot and blood money, we do not recommend it for new players* Slayer is a very rewarding skill and we highly recommend that all players partake in it due to its rewards! 4. Conclusion Now that you are fairly familiar with the Home base on Onyx and starting out, we recommend that you look into our other guides available to help you progress further. I will attach a starter guide to help you on your journey and highly recommend that you try out the ::guides command and take a look at our other useful threads! We welcome you to Onyx and thank you for being part of our growing community. We look forward to progressing towards our goal at being the most advanced server of its time with you! If you have any questions please feel free to PM any staff member, they are ready to assist you at all times. Once again Welcome to Onyx, Enjoy your Stay, and See you Online!
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    Flask Decanter

    Straightforward here, putting regular potions into flasks is annoying as hell. The guy to do it is in Oo'glog, but he is not coded. Please code him in so he works(would be a good quality of life update). Adding it to ::dz or ::vip would be fantastic, but id gladly live with it in it's current location.
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    Flask Decanter

    +1 Hopefully the npc from osrs gets added as well. It makes unfinished potions and cleans herbs and crushes secondaries. However I've heard it's been suggested several times but we'll see.
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    This Corp0ration is LEGITIMATE! We gonna have some goood fun Also, would be hella fun to actually have more clans on Onyx so legooo!
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    Very clean looking thread, corp. Great start for clans on Onyx
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    ext stoner

    weekly events (jan27th-2nd of feb)

    hey guys here are this weeks upcomming events! hope to see you all there Monday 27 January 2020 Dagannoth Kings hosted by Nev3r at 12 AM EST and pest control hosted by Corper at 6 PM EST Tuesday 28 January 2020 bandos mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST Wednesday 29 January 2020 corp mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST Thursday 30 January 2020 pest control hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and castle wars hosted by MADOC at 6pm est Friday 31 January 2020 arma mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST and Demonic gorillas hosted by Corper at 7 PM EST Saturday 1 February 2020 corp mass hosted by Corper at 8 PM EST Sunday 2 February 2020 stealing creations hosted by Corper at 4 PM EST edit: Also nex mas on monday 27 jan @ 8pm
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    Boss Drop Guide - WIP

    Cheers man thats a useful guide to have thanks for the effort ! 😉 May I suggest to add in the "How to increase drop rate" section 2 things: - Claiming 3+ votes : 10% boost - Completing all tasks : 5% boost
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    Crafting Guide

    Onyx Crafting Guide Hey guys Due to common request here is my 1-99 Crafting guide. Hope it helps you out I will be splitting this guide in 4 sections : I - Bonus xp sources II - Fastest / expensive route III - Slower / cheaper route IV - Gathering guide I - Bonus xp sources Before anything I'll be listing below the different bonus xp sources that you should try to get in order to level as fast as possible. 1- Sacred clay needle (+100% xp) This item can be acquired at the Stealing Creation mini game (costs 20 points for a fully charged one). I'll link below a guide to that mini game. 2- Voting bonus (+10%) Pretty straightforward, make sure you've voted in the past 24 hours to get an additional 10% xp boost whilst training. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 3- Wishing well (+25%) The wishing well is activated when someone donates to the server. You can check the quest tab to see whether the wishing well is active or not and how long is left until the boost runs out. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 4- Bonus xp weekends (+25%) Bonus xp weekends start every Fridays at midnight server time (you can check server time in quest tab) and last until Sunday midnight server time. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 5- Donator ranks Every rank from Sapphire and up gives you an extra 10% bonus xp (2% for extreme) up to 50% for Onyx (10% for extreme). II - Fastest / expensive route Level 1 to 7 : Leather gloves or spinning flax into bowstring Level 7 to 20 : Gold bracelets Level 20 to 27 : Cutting uncut sapphires Level 27 to 34 : Cutting uncut emeralds Level 34 to 43 : Cutting uncut rubies Level 43 to 63 : Cutting uncut diamonds Level 63 to 66 : Green d'hide bodies Level 66 to 71 : Air battlestaff made by using an air orb with a battlestaff Level 71 to 77 : Blue d'hide bodies Level 77 to 84 : Red d'hide bodies Level 84 to 99 : Black d'hide bodies III - Slower / cheaper route Level 1 to 7: Leather gloves or spinning flax into bowstring Level 7 to 89 : Gold bracelets Level 89 to 99 : Potion flasks (requires 81 mining for sandstone) You may also make some unpowered orbs at level 46 crafting. This requires molten glass and given that it can be pretty tedious to gather/make it is pretty unlikely that you will do 46-89 this way. I also recommend turning some if not all of your unpowered orbs into air orbs in order to craft some air battle staves . If you happen to have some cut gems you can also craft bracelets that give more xp than regular gold ones Level 23 : Sapphire bracelet Level 30 : Emerald bracelet Level 42 : Ruby bracelet Level 58 : Diamond bracelet You can of course do a bit of both methods shown here depending on what supplies you have. Also note that every item that you craft may be sold to the Onyx guide at home (or alched for ironman) for a substantial amount of coins. IV - Gathering guide Flax Zulrah drops 1K flax noted pretty commonly or you can also pick flax south of Seer's Village with the ::crafting command (pic below). Leather Leather can be crafted by looting cowhides in the Lumbridge cow pen (blue circle in pic below) and then using the tanner in Al-Kharid (red circle in pic below). Gold bars Gold bracelets are crafted by using a gold bar on a furnace (the one at Edgeville for example). A good way to obtain gold bars is killing Venenatis (location in pic below) which drops 250 noted gold ores and then turning these into bars. Molten glass This can be crafted by using a bucket of sand with a soda ash on a furnace. Both can be bought at the charter npc in Catherby docks (pic below). Thermonuclear smoke devil boss also drops 100 of them noted. It can then be turned into unpowered orbs or others. Dragon hides can be obtained by killing chromatic dragons but there are other sources from bosses : Green d'hide : Nex (400 noted) / Corporeal Beast (100 noted) / Vorkath (25-32 noted) Blue d'hide : Vorkath (20-30 noted) Red d'hide : Callisto (75 noted) / Vorkath (15-25 noted) Black d'hide : Zulrah (30-50 noted) / Vorkath (15-25 noted) Red sandstone This is used to craft potion flasks and can be acquired at the Oo'glog red sandstone mine (red circle in pic below - you can use blue portal > skilling teleports > hunter and go south) or donator zones (both require 81 mining) and then turned into robust glass using the machine nearby (blue circle in pic below). Air orbs These can be made at the air obelisk using the charge air orb spell (3 cosmic runes and 30 air runes per orb) with unpowered orbs in your inventory. A quick way to get there would be doing ::slayer then teleporting to Vannaka and running northwest (pic below). Battlestaves These can be bought at the Varrock Battlestaff store (pic below - 80 in stock which replenishes over time) Uncut gems These can be mined at the Shilo gem mining area (pic below). To get there you can use the blue portal > skilling teleports > Shilo gem mine. Most gems are also common drops off wildy bosses such as Venenatis/Callisto Thanks for reading my guide I hope you found some useful info and if you have any suggestion or question feel free to pm me/reply on this thread

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