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    • Looks good, I'll be keeping updated with this aswell.  Always fun to see others progress 
    • January 18, 2021 Fixes   - Increased the magic defece level of Lizardman Shamans - Fixed a typo with the Imbued Heart - Tekton may now be attacked when walking towards the anvil - Lowered the aggression radius of Mystics - Decreased the cooldown of smashing crabs and increased frequency at which they may be smashed - Fixed a bug in which the Tekton door would be unpassable if returning to the room after defeating the boss - Made it so logging off would leave you inside the same tile and not teleport you outside - Reduced the amount of times Tekton walks back to the anvil - Stackable items stored inside the storage chest will now consume only one slot - Vanguards now wait to walk until the current attack is completed - Fixed an issue which casued Vanguards and Vasa to not drop items upon death - Increased the speed on the olm combat orbs - Fixed a bug in which Olm would register attacks towards a player that was recently killed - Fixed a delay issue with Olm Crystal Mark attack - Olm ceiling crystals will now begin at the start of the head phase and not phase 3 - Moved the party points interface overlay down as to not coincide with the targets hp bar - Fixed big Mutadile fire ball attack to hit multiple people while inside the water - Mutadiles are no longer to be attacked while outside the tendrils - Fixed the offensive ranged stats of mutadiles to be more accurate - Praying melee against scavs will now reduce all damage taken to 0 - Changed seed drops to uncommon instead of always - Reduced tekons defence by 15%  - Tekton will now prioritize aggro on the person closest to the anvil - Using a regular hammer,Statius Warhammer, or any of the Custom Hammer Weapons on crabs will now be able to stun it while selecting the "smash" option - Fixed points given by Ice Demons - Increased all seed yields gained from raking - Added a few seeds to the scav drop table - Fixed a bug which did not allow players to equip their Comp Cape - Removed screen shaking from olm during phase 3 while the hands are alive, this will only occur during the final phase - Fixed the quantities required for creating/upgrading the storage chest - Removed a debug from olm which displayed when restoring hp (this was done for beta testing and now removed) - Increased the stun duration on crabs  - Decreased Mystics range defence by 10% and increased damage taken by 5% if the attacking player is wearing a Salve Amulet - Decreased the hp of crystals during the Vasa fight - Fixed the damage dealt by the falling crystals during the Olm fight - Made the raid interface collapse after leaving or finishing a raid - Fixed the olm spike attack to deal damage - Fixed the olm crystal bombs to blow up and deal damage correctly - Fixed healing pools spawned from olm - Fixed a bug which allowed you to attack olm from outside the door - Fixed points gained from olm to be more accurate - Attacking the head with melee has now been disabled - Fixed a scaling issue with Ice demons HP - Fixed a visual bug which displayed the incorect HP of Ice Demon - Fixed a bug which would award multiple kc for osrs mode - Dieing while on Onyx Mode will no longer bring you to the start of the raid - Fixed hp scaling for both of olms hands - Increased the frequency of secondaries obtained while killing Scavs - Revamped Olm scaling when raiding with 5+ players to be more accurate - Fixed a bug where exp could be gained from agility obstacles - Fixed a bug where drops would only reward one item sometimes - Added new admin commands to make chambers mass events much more fun when attempting to raid with a large group!
    • This is a life saver for irons. Currently stocking up supplies for her lord at next BXP 
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