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  2. Super glad home is at Edgeville now. But I noticed it could be better. Heres what I propose. 1) Have the Stalls moved over to the wall and have it round the corner. 2) Move Stall Shop to marked spot in picture - have it roam to stop "botting" 3) Replace the Stalls in the Stall House with Altars & Grave Stone. 4) Move House Portal near Shop House. 5) Move select Shop House NPCs to the Bank 6) Move Mandrith closer to wildy line 7) Rework select shops. -Fremennik guide -Gear Guide -Pure Guide | +Melee Shop +Range Shop + Magic Shop 8) Remove Gilded Altar and Chest from Cooking House - make a better cooking spot at DZ or make one and link to portal. 9) Move Nexus Portal back onto grass 10) Put Fairy Ring by Nexus Portal 11) Move GE Board across road 12) Remove ivy or move to shop house side 13) Add level 1 slayer master beside new board spot 14) Add crystal chest 15) Move combats dummy(s) 16) Remove slayer NPCs from spawn, add their spots to portal 17) Remove pool or keep it if its there for a reason
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  4. Hi I would like to suggest the brimhaven agility minigame to be coded in for agile exp. I think it would be a good thing for those who need more or better agile experience. From heroes to Hardcore Ironman. Thanks guys —tyr.
  5. Name: Josh Username: Tyr Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern, Language: English Where are you from? United States, Ohio How long have you been a part of Onyx? Close to a month. How many hours do you spend online daily? Between 4-10 Are you active on both our forums and in-game? Yes. Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I want to be a part of the support team because I’m usually online during graveyard hours , and I do love helping people and new players as they come. There’s nothing better than making a players day easier by helping out. How would you describe your strengths? I have great social skills, I love people, I’m very well mannered, I’m funny , and I’m always eager to help. How would you describe your weaknesses? I can honestly say I have none besides my hearing, I’m completely deaf in my left ear and partially in my right. What are some useful skills or qualities you possess outside of your strengths? I’m a Walmart greeter , I’m a people person, I have children so I’m always nurturing , even with my fellow mates on the server . Why should we choose you over another member’s application? You shouldn’t choose me, you should keep in mind I don’t mind if I’m denied. Life is full chances , you take it and you try. But I’m glad I’m reviewed . Means more than accepted. Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have: (Either other servers, other games, etc) leadership roles I have, I’m a assist manager at Walmart. I greet people , and I also work well and help anyone I possibly can. My family calls me a leader rather than a follower. In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position: what I’ll bring to this server is that I will bring more happy faces and gamers, I will always help, do what is asked of me , and I will always keep my eyes out for any problems throughout the server and report them directly to the owner. I will make sure that we have a clean and respectful server as well. What do you hope the server as a whole to achieve if you are promoted? I hope that the server would genuinely love for me to help , I do what I can and always will. And if I’m asked to do specific things , believe it will be done. Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? Yes I understand that I will be banned or consenquences will be acted if I break the rules or abuse anything. 100% understood.
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  7. New home was a good idea. As common as edge homes are, it is very familiar and really is just the best hub. PKing because really accessible to for pkers and spectators. Great update!
  8. updated the loot from 1k Crystal keys
  9. Han

    A request help button has been added for that reeson ;).
  10. hay guys, as most may know it's hard to find games of pest control as not many people play the game. However for new player/people with out void this can be annoying as voids a very good armour set for many starting bosses. you need 5 players to start a match, so out side an event that almost never happens. i suggest adding the pest queen from the quest as a new boss for low to mid level. rewarding players with 5 to 10 void points a kill. this would be a slower way of getting points but means people could get void when ever they wanted, and not having to wait for other player. pest queen is already in dom tower so i would think it would not be to hard to code in, but im a noob and have no idea
  11. February 18th, 2019 Hey guys Hope y'all doing fine The Onyx Staff Team is pleased to announce that we have updated the server today and brought a couple of new stuff and fixed some bugs. This weeks update brings a new home at Edgeville, a new game mode with faster than ever XP rates, couple of improvements to cash rewards for various activities and more! New Home: Our new home is located at Edgeville. Feel free to check it and leave feedback This home is completely organized, giving new players a more welcoming feel when joining us for the first time. ::Thieving teleport has been redirected to teleport the player to the designated thieving house in Edgeville. ::Fishing now teleports you to the river south of the bank in Edgeville where you can fish up to lobsters. ::Slayer now teleports you to all the slayer masters who were relocated to home. New Slayer Gamemode: The new slayer game mode features a x1000 combat xp rate and x60 skilling rate. However, the tradeoff is that you get a 30% drop rate penalty from the Hero mode. This should be super fast to pick up on, and is directed to those who seek a faster way to get into PvP or PvMing! Quality of Life Updates: Barrows mini game now gives 250K barrows tokens per chest if you kill all brothers Nerfed barrows brothers defence stats A request help system has been added under chat tab Doubled the money from thieving gems 50K vote tokens were replaced with 200K vote tokens Increased serpentine helmet to +5 strength bonus Added a cash reward when leveling non combat skills Buffed crystal chest coins rewards from 500K-1M to 1.5M-3M Doubled the money per kill on slayer tasks Increased combat xp in hero mode by x2 - making it x500 combat xp rate Added crushed zenyte to gem merchant Increased the money for completing boss tasks from 1M/250K (hard/normal) to 4M/2M Increased npc coin drops from x10 to x100 Bug Fixes: Bone bolts now can be used with dorgeshuun bow or zanik crossbow Zaniks crossbow now requires 48 range to equip TzKal-Zuk no longer attacks you when you're dead Automatically adjust titles so that if no space at end and space at begin shows behind instead of infront Fix floor texture bug with new maps at mount karuulm Fixed glitch with multiple osrs maps on directx mode being invisible on some parts Fixed a clue scroll typo When buying climbing boots dialogue says 12gp but charges 75k if you choose to buy Other Updates: Onyx boss now drops 15m cash instead of 5m - the uncommon cash reward being 30M instead of 10M and the participation reward to 3M instead of 1M Added crabs task teleport Added Ke Quo Karan shop Added Mount Karuulm teleport in cities teleport - this gets you close to Konar slayer master Onyx boss no longer resets if everyone leaves Loyalty shop no longer rewards coins nor xp lamps Added Sotetseg pet + added to pet box Corporeal Beast no longer attacks npcs except from familiars Added notifications ingame Stealing Creation now only rewards if both teams have a positive score Added large lamp/huge lamp/armadyl statuette to trivia rewards Added hydra pet + added to pet box Pets are no longer allowed in Inferno Removed $1000 chest - Congrats again to Monk Bird! Virtual levels now off by default for new accounts, simply type ;;svl to turn them on Facebook button has been removed from client Login now opens inventory instead of equip tab Favor points were removed, as their purpose has been replaced Floor item spawns now respawn after 10 seconds instead of 60 As always, we hope you all enjoy our update. Please leave your comments down below. We have a lot of big things planned for the near future, stay tuned! See you in-game
  12. The Onyx Staff team is proud to host a CASTLE WARS EVENT on February 21st. 4 PM EST. We will decide on the spot if you guys want to play it normally or afk for tickets. Rules: Have fun, get tickets, get vanguard pieces. Hope to see you in bunch !
  13. Hey yall This coming weekend we will be hosting a Solo PvM Extravaganza event that will be running from Friday 22nd at 12:00 PM EST until Sunday 24th at 12:00 PM EST. You do not need to sign up for this event to be eligible for its rewards. However, you must observe the rules listed below. Rules : You must take a screenshot with quest tab open when receiving a drop in order for me to check the time stamp and verify that all drops are legit. Also, please add the day that you got the drop at (either Saturday or Sunday example below) to make things easier for me. After event is over (and only then, please don't reply every time you get a drop for my sanity's sake ) you will have to post these same screenshots as a reply in this thread and announce how many points you have. I will of course be checking that your points count is correct. If you get a drop whilst loot sharing with someone else, the full points will go to the person receiving the drop. The first drop of a listed item gives you 100% of the points (list down below), the second one will give you half and 3+ drops of the same item will not grant you any. For example - if I went to Zulrah and got 2 magic fangs and 1 blowpipe, my magic fang #1 would be worth 5 points, the second one 2.5 points and my blowpipe 5 points for a total of 12.5 points. Getting another magic fang would not grant me any further points, therefore you may have to change bosses in order to keep racking points. All Onyx rules apply. Bandos Godwars Bandos pet - 10 points Bandos hilt - 7.5 points Bandos chestplate - 5 points Bandos tassets - 5 points Bandos helmet, gloves, boots, shield - 2.5 points Armadyl Godwars Armadyl pet - 10 points Armadyl Hilt - 7.5 points Armadyl chestplate - 5 points Armadyl chainskirt - 5 points Armadyl helmet, gloves, boots, buckler - 2.5 points Zamorak Godwars Zamorak pet - 7.5 points Zamorak Hilt - 5 points Subjugation top - 4 points Subjugation legs - 4 points Zamorakian spear & staff of the dead - 3 points Subjugation helmet, gloves, boots, shield - 2 points Saradomin Godwars Saradomin pet - 10 points Saradomin Hilt - 7.5 points Armadyl crossbow - 5 points Saradomin whisper/murmur/hiss - 4 points Saradomin sword - 2 points King Black Dragon Pet - 20 points Draconic visage - 7 points Dragon pickaxe - 3 points Tormented demons Dragon claws - 5 points Dragon platebody - 3 points Corporeal Beast Pet - 30 points All sigils - 20 points Holy elixir - 10 points Nex Pet - 40 points Zaryte bow - 30 points Any platebody - 25 points Any platelegs - 22.5 points Any helmet - 20 points Any boots - 17.5 points Any gloves - 15 points Zulrah Pet - 20 points Tanzanite fang / magic fang / serp helm - 6 points Uncut onyx - 4 points Cerberus Pet - 15 points All crystals - 5 points Smouldering stone - 2.5 points Lizard shamans Dragon Warhammer - 8 points Demonic gorillas Zenyte - 6 points Heavy ballista - 5 points Light ballista - 4 points Kraken (boss only) Pet - 10 points Tentacle - 5 points Trident - 4 points Dagannoth Kings Pets - 10 points Rings - 4 points Dragon axes - 2 points Glacors Any boot - 5 points Giant Mole Pet - 10 points Torso - 5 points Fighter helmet - 3 points Other penance pieces - 2 points Jadinkos Whip vine - 7 points Queen Black Dragon Pet - 30 points Royal crossbow - 6 points Draconic visage - 5 points Dragon kiteshield - 4 points Vorkath Pet - 15 points Both visages - 7.5 points Dragon bone necklace - 5 points Ganodermics Polypore stick - 4 points Abyssal demons Abyssal whip - 2 points Abyssal dagger - 1 point Dark beasts Dark bow - 2 points Ice strykewyrms Staff of light - 3 points Abyssal sire Pet from unsired - 20 points Unsired - 10 points Wildy wyrm Vecna skull - 10 points Revenants Non corrupt weapon - 6 points Non corrupt armor piece - 4 points Revenant weapons - 2 points Amulet of avarice - 2 points Callisto Pet - 20 points Tyrannical ring - 10 points Dragon pickaxe - 5 points Venenatis Pet - 16 points Treasonous ring - 8 points Dragon pickaxe - 4 points Vet'ion Pet - 25 points Ring of the gods - 15 points Dragon pickaxe - 5 points Galvek Pet - 30 points Per kill - penalty for 2+ doesn't count (must get loot) - 5 points World boss Pet - 40 points Phats/Collector necklace - 20 points Per kill - penalty for 2+ doesn't count (must get the rare loot) - 10 points Theatre of Blood Pet - 50 points Scythe / rapier / staff - 40 points Avernic defender - 30 points Justiciar pieces - 20 points Rewards : 1st place : To be determined 2nd place : To be determined 3rd place : To be determined All participants (must post drops in thread) : An exclusive cosmetic item GL & HF - May Rngesus be on your side
  14. Hey Everyone! For this coming weekend the Staff team will host a Boss Mass event where random bosses will be spawned in white portal and will start at 4pm server time on February 24th! The drop rates will be boosted by 50% for the duration of the event and wishing well will also be activated. The only rule is to have lootshare on at all times during the event whilst being in the "Onyx" friends chat. Drops that are acquired without having lootshare on will be taken away from your account.
  15. Stealing Creation Event Hey guys The Onyx staff team will be hosting a Stealing Creation this coming Tuesday, February 19th at 4 pm Eastern time (Server time). You are all welcome to join in for double xp tools and a chance at trickster pieces. We will make a vote beforehand as to how many rounds we will allow pking vs. point farming. The majority vote will decide for each round. Rules: 1. No toxicity. 2. Majority vote will decide if we allow pking or not. (Can do multiple rounds of each) See you all there.
  16. Mass Boss Event: Dagannoth Kings! The Onyx Staff team will be hosting our first ever Dagannoth Kings event. All are welcome to join as we will have a direct teleport to the Dagannoth Kings lair where we will take on all 3 bosses with ease. This event will take place on Monday, February 18th at 4pm EST. Gear Used for the Dag Kings requires all 3 combat styles. Recommended: Max Combat, all 3 combat styles, minimum rune/black d'hide/mystics switch. Void is an excellent alternative. Required: 43 prayer, minimum Dragon scimitar, Magic shortbow, and basic magic spells. Hope to see you all there!
  17. Minigame Event: Pest Control Introduction: The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a pest control event to help those who are interested in receiving an elite void set, xp, quick money, and a chance to receive a piece of battlemage (one of the best magic gear ingame). We will be using the veteran boat, which will require you to have 100 CB, good gear is not required, it should be fun and quick . Location and Time: 5 pm server time on February 20th. Be ready at pest control, next to veteran boat. Rewards: 120K GP Per Game, a chance to receive Battle-Mage gear, Pest Control Points which can be used to purchase gear, void gear, and supplies. Hope to see you all there!
  18. Mass Boss Event: Raids The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a Raids event with the teams being picked by staff members. Raids Event will occur on Friday, February the 22nd at 4pm Server time (EST). This event is taking place to teach everyone who does not know how to complete the Theatre of Blood, as well as provides a drop boost while looting the chests afterwards. Gear Used for Raids 2 requires all 3 combat styles. (Ancients for magic.) Recommended: Max Combat, 95+ Prayer (Curses), and Barrows+ Gear (Not required). Reward: 15% extra drop rate for the teams who participate in the raids event Hope to see you all there! Omega's Gear Setup: Aura is supreme sharpshooter but vampirism/lower sharpshooter is fine
  19. Hey y'all For this coming weekend the Staff team will host a Boss Bonanza event where random bosses will be spawned in white portal and will start at 4pm server time on Saturday 23rd. The drop rates will be boosted by 50% for the duration of the event and wishing well will also be activated. The only rule is to have lootshare on at all times during the event whilst being in the "Onyx" friends chat. Drops that are acquired without having lootshare on will be taken away from your account.
  20. Hello to all Onyx players & staff ofc, First and all i love playing Onyx for real. Got a suggestion to make the teleport options a little bitter (in my opinion..). I'll would love to see a teleportation method come that makes it possible to 'Teleport' To a Clan member. What do u guys think bout it? Greets Marble | Illenium | Liam
  21. Hey y'all For this coming weekend the Staff team will host a Boss Bonanza event where random bosses will be spawned in white portal and will start at 4pm server time on Saturday. The drop rates will be boosted by 50% for the duration of the event and wishing well will also be activated. The only rule is to have lootshare on at all times during the event whilst being in the "Onyx" friends chat. Drops that are acquired without having lootshare on will be taken away from your account.
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  23. Hey everyone! The Onyx Staff team will be hosting an Armadyl mass event, February 15th, at 4pm EST server time with lootshare on to ensure everyone gets a chance at a drop. Staff Team will setup a ::events teleport command straight into the Kree Room Regular eco & Ironman,Extremes (Hardcores can't attend because of different loot system restrictions) Location: We will be meeting inside the Kree room, with help of ::events teleport command Basic Gear Setup: Recommended Auras: Penance or Vampyrism Advanced Gear Setup: Whatever you have thats best in slot range. Rules: You MUST put lootshare on. We will be in the Onyx Friends chat so there are no excuses. No Toxicity. Failure to follow the rules will result in being sent home. Multiple violations will result in a larger punishment. Hope to see you there!
  24. Pest Control Event The Staff Team of Onyx will be hosting a Pest Control Event on Ferbuary 13th at 12pm Server Time. To participate in this event, show up to the Veteran Boat in the Pest Control area. Rewards for this event include, ~120k gp per game, Pest Control Points to obtain Void gear and a chance at Battle-mage gear upon completion of each game.
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