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  2. ext stoner

    hey guys, here's this weeks events list. hope to see you all there Monday 9 December 2019 pest control hosted by Theos at 8 PM EST Tuesday 10 December 2019 bandos mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST Wednesday 11 December 2019 arma mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST Thursday 12 December 2019 Nex mass hosted by Madoc at 4 PM EST Friday 13 December 2019 hosted by at Saturday 14 December 2019 hosted by at Sunday 15 December 2019 pest control hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST events may be added/updated throughout the week.
  3. Last week
  4. Thanks for updating this topic
  5. Its like all of us old ones are forgotten 😥
  6. Content

    I don't see anything wrong with that +1
  7. Content

    Welcome to the forums, nice to meet you
  8. ext stoner

    hey, welcome *leuk je te zien op forums *
  9. Just wanted to say im happy to join the community, You might have already met me in game since ive played for a little over a week now, so far i really like it here, so i might as well make a forum account.. My name is Jelko, i am 23 years old and i come from a little town in the Netherlands , you might know me as; Hello Jello or Jello Mello ingame. Hope to see you all in game and have some fun!! Jello out
  10. ext stoner

    that would be great imo +1
  11. Nikox

    In my opinion , a collection log would be perfect for onyx. It will make players more motivated to play by obtaining items from bosses and mini-games to complete the log of each individual boss/mini-game.
  12. Content

    Thanks for the event
  13. Majesty

    Ill be there!😈
  14. The following members have won voter of the month. Please contact me if your name is on the top 1-10 list and you have not received your reward. Thanks, Zio
  15. Hewwo these will be the following rules, gears and supplies required for the event. Gear:- Helms: rune full helm, berserker helm, helm of neit, warrior helm, obsidian helm, void helm Body: rune platebody, fightter torso, obsidian body, void knight body Platelegs: rune platelegs, granite platelegs, obsidian platelegs, void knight legs Boots: climbing boots, rune boots, dragon boots Gloves: barrows gloves, void gloves Amulet: amulet of strength, amulet of glory Cape: fire cape, obsidian cape, legends cape, inferno cape, tokhaar-kal Ring: recoil of recoil Shield: Rune defender dragon defender, obsidian shield, deflector Spell: Veng Wep: Dragon scimitar, abyssal whip Special attack: Ags, granite maul, anchor, dragon dagger, bgs, zgs, dragon claws You are allowed to only have a maximum of 2 saradomin brews 3 restores and no rune pouch and no spec restore (food and ovls are from the ;;funpk stalls) each participant receives 5k blood money and the grand prize would be 50k for first place 25k for second place and 10k for the 3rd place (in case 10 people show up)
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  17. Content

    Thanks for the events
  18. Majesty

    Awsome! 🤗
  19. Dragonkk

    Nice to see the thread being improved. See you in some of the events!
  20. Hey everybody, here are this weeks upcomming events! Monday 2 December 2019 arma mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST Tuesday 3 December 2019 bandos mass hosted by Madoc at 8:30 PM EST Wednesday 4 December 2019 stealing creations hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST Thursday 5 December 2019 nex mass hosted by Madoc at 4 PM EST Friday 6 December 2019 pvp event hosted by Raj at 3 PM EST Saturday 7 December 2019 corp mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST Sunday 8 December 2019 zammy mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 2 PM EST Hope to see you all there
  21. Majesty

    Fk yeah!😍💯
  22. ext stoner

    i will host more sc again i used to host them allot and i loved doing sc but after a while barely any1 came so i had to change event all the time. it's good to know people are interested again in those juicy dxp tools
  23. Majesty

    Goodshit bois!💯 BUT!.. no stealing creation 😥
  24. hey everybody! here are this weekend's events hosted by our staff team. Friday 29th November 2019: Zamorak Mass hosted by Theos at 7 PM EST. Saturday 30th November 2019: Pest Control hosted by Ext Stoner at 3PM EST./Armadyl Mass hosted by Madoc at 10:30 PM EST. Sunday 1st December 2019: Bandos Mass host by Ext Stoner at 2PM EST./Pest Control Hosted by Madoc at 10:30 PM EST. hope to see you all at the events!
  25. Content

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone 😍 Much love!
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