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  2. Trying to get rid of it quick only selling for 45k shards willing to negotiate if necessary
  3. Onyx Username: bspktube Discord ID: bspktube#6271 Requesting Rank: Emerald Proof:
  4. pretty sure the examine feature is implemented so we dont need posts like this
  5. I don't know if its been suggested or if its even possible to implement with the current revisions client but the scroll distance (mouse wheel) is the same as the revision were using which is all fine but having the bosses that are currently in the game that are from OSRS usually require a larger view distance with the camera theres been a few instances where i had to rotate while focusing on zulrahs phase and attack style. And yes before its brought up i tried full screen/resizeable it feels even smaller than fixed screen size. Im just saying i cant even imagine raids with the current view size. would be nice to have it increased.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hey geezas, Just chucking a short clip of examining the zulrah drop table for those who are curious.
  8. you cant say +1 and then not like it smh
  9. Last week
  10. Good idea +1
  11. i have a huge involvement in a certain discord and it has also caught the attention of many youtubers already 2 of witch i'm in contact with almost daily, it has been confirmed there has been breach on the popular 3rd party client Konduit if i were you i would change your OSRS RUNESCAPE ACCOUNT PASSWORD this is something very serious if you use that client, news is spreading fast i figured why not inform anybody that i can. some of our members in said discord have already been hacked and gp has been stolen and email accounts has been removed from their entire OSRS account my advice you to get in contact with a mod related to the client to remove your associated email from your account if you use the client it self and to just change every password you use for said email and all social media accounts linked
  12. zero ouch
  13. I support this as much as a supporter supports.
  14. BLACK SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED GREEN SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED RED SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED PURPLE SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED TURQUOISE SLAYER HELMET CAN ALSO BE IMBUED Head drop rates for vanilla KBD HEAD (Easiest ) KQ Head (The Most Annoying head not only for the helmet , but for the elite diary in general) Abyssal Head (The Hardest) DARK CLAW (FASTEST) Vorkath's Head (Most profitable to attempt/longest grind locked behind Dragon slayer 2) 5,000 slayer points required for the set
  15. This is part of the vanilla banking interface per this time in RS, therefore it will not change. Closed.
  16. I haven't noticed this at all... fixed screen? I use resize.
  17. This is very interesting some sound very op but I do like the idea
  18. Going to just compile a list of suggestions that I've either heard from the player base just chatting or that I've considered. I'll try my best to credit the idea or link them in the post on their suggestion if not I apologize - A bank rework would be huge to switch to that of OSRS's bank with the placeholders, withdrawal x, etc. This would just be amazing overall in every aspect. - Definitely agreed with @September's Master Cape Benefits, he even listed some of the perks available for those with the capes and the ones he left out could be community polled or whatever. Definitely think this gives more of an incentive to grind for the 104m xp it takes to achieve said capes. - The ability to craft combination runes, mainly mud runes for obvious reasons. The grind of killing lrc for like 4 drops here and there is just not good for people who are grinding ovl supps especially ironmen - Alongside Master cape benefits, would be nice to get the correct color palette to the capes as well. *WILL UPDATE OVERTIME*
  19. these are common among forums but yeah would be good
  20. 1) Top poster section under topic section in the right side of the forum 2) Time online 3) Signature so every member can add a signature so it can appears when he make a post/thread 4) Status update, in the right side of the forum 5) MOTM (member of the month) also in the right side
  21. It is possible to convert the rs3 combat calculations to the rs2/pre-eoc formula (i can find the information on it if its viable) It's a super nice ranged wep can wild a shield also pairs nicely with swift gloves they are better way better then zbow considering they both are T-85 even if zbow wasn't trash on the server these still out class on top that it's the same speed as a rune knife/
  22. It's definitely like that for me as well. Most likely wouldn't be a priority to fix but I'd like to see it changed for my ocd's sake.
  23. Hello everybody, i just made a forums Q & A (Questions & Answers) this guide will helps you with using the forum *Question: I have a weak password and i want to change it, how? Answer: You have to click on the arrow next to your name in the top of the forums page, and then click on "Account settings, after that click on "Password" Make sure to make your password unique and strong! * Question: I can't login into my in-game account, it says error, what should i do? Answer: You can fix your problem by trying this ways: 1- Delete your client cache and re-download it 2- Re-download java 3- Try using a chrome when you download the client * Question: My in-game account got banned, how can i solve that? Answer: You have to make an appeal in Here and you have to wait at least 24 hours to get a reply on it! * Question: I saw a bug/glitch in-game and i want to report it but how? Answer: First thing make sure to not tell anyone else about it only admin+ about the glitch and then you have to report it in Here * Question: Someone has broke one of the rules, how i can report him/her? Answer: Report him/her by making a thread in Here * Question: Where can i see our rules? Answer: Click Here make sure to read the rules very well! * Question: I have a problem and i need a help, where should i post/ask? Answer: You can message one of the online staff members or you can make a thread in Here * Question: How can i upload a picture into my thread/post? Answer: You can use "Tinypic" to upload a picture * Question: How can i add a link to the word? Answer: You can copy the link and then click on this: And then paste it: * Question: How do i mention someone in my post/thread? Answer: @ name of the player (without any space ) for example @Alpha Regards @Content
  24. Ay hype update, thanks guys.
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