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  5. Jon

    The link is to a full in depth Ironman guide, from gear progression, to skilling, and even some PVM. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1999L4g5ZjKva7CnOcoAVAGqZF5rVls4no9mOEjidWcQ/edit?usp=sharing @Uwu in game to flame me on this guide. I am not going to go through the effort currently to reformat this for these forums.
  6. VapshePx

    gonna sel for most offered,pm me offers or here in topic.
  7. ext stoner

    Hey guys 😁 Here are this weeks events! 1st Event 2nd Event 3rd Event 4th Event Date Time Event Host Time Event Host Time Event Host Time Event Host Mon, Nov 23 3 PM EST Pest Control Monk 4 PM EST Arma Mass Stoner Tue, Nov 24 8 AM EST Corp Mass Pog 3 PM EST Stealing Creations Monk 4 PM EST Bandos Mass Nash Wed, Nov 25 3 PM EST Pest Control Monk 4 PM EST Zammy Mass Stoner 11 PM EST Nightmare mass Madoc Thu, Nov 26 6 AM EST Bandos Mass SHN 3 PM EST Stealing Creations Monk 4 PM EST Nex Mass Stoner Fri, Nov 27 5 PM EST Boss Bonanza Monk 11 PM EST Corp Mass Madoc Sat, Nov 28 7 PM EST Flower Poker Tournament Monk 11 PM EST Armadyl mass Madoc Sun, Nov 29 4 PM EST Nightmare Mass Stoner
  8. Versacee

    Welcome, hope you enjoy
  9. Versacee

    Welcome !
  10. Doctor Robert

    welcome my man gl on your acc
  11. Creedmoor

    Hello all, My name is Creedmoor, Fe Creedmoor, or just Alex. whatever you wanna go with works for me. I've been playing a couple days and this is the first server where I haven't made any sort of bank in the first couple days, the first server where ironman accounts were actually enticing. You'll probably see me around skilling and what not, I'm friendly but anti social, so if you wanna BS just say so and I'll be down. See y'all around! I guess I forgot to add a bit about myself, so here it goes. I'm 24 years old, living in alaska. I've been playing rs since... 2004/05? and private servers since about 2011. I enjoyed RS alot, but at a certain point it became too much of a grind for no real reward, so that's when I started looking at servers, started out with servers with no grind required and then I'm finally coming to enjoy the grind a bit, and this server seems a really happy medium from what I've seen.
  12. Doctor Robert

    welcome to onyx my man
  13. Covid19

    Welcome we hope you have a nice time.
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  15. Matez

    Onyx Username: Matez Discord ID: 1Matez#6239 Requesting Rank: Ruby Donator Proof:
  16. Matez

    Welcome tissue! Hope u enjoy onyx!
  17. Matez

    IGN: Matez GL GL
  18. Tissue

    Hi All, My name is Tissue, I live in Australia, I found this server in my Start up list, I completely forgot I downloaded this server, been playing since 19th Nov 2020 (AEST). So far I really like it, I'm in no means used to newer graphics, I am used to playing 317 based servers, so please give me time to ask questions and figure out these newer graphics. I played RS from 2003 - approx. 2010-11. I've been playing RSPS' from 2005-06 - present. I love the grind; I love skilling; I hate PvP; I don't mind PvM; I'm not a fan of Bossing or Raids as I've never really been shown how to properly do them, if anyone is willing to help me out I welcome it. Looking forward to seeing you all in-game. Tissue
  19. diagin

    IGN: Diagin GL GL to all!
  20. Welcome and Thanks for taking the time to visit this post Are you in need to complete The Horde minigame for either the best-in-slot ranging cape or you are trying to achieve the elite completionist cape? Or do you want that cool Infernal Cape? You are in the right place! Who are we? My IGN is SHN and I've been an Onyx player since the start of 2020. Since March I have been part of the Staff Team as a support member. Since then, I've done several succesful services. What is The Horde? The Horde is Onyx's hardest minigame. It is 40 waves of combinations of bosses to test the limits of a player. Waves: Horde Requirements - Max combat: 99 in prayer, hitpoints, attack, strength, defence, ranging and magic - 97 slayer - Arclight - Rune Pouch - Supreme Poison Surge Inferno Requirements - Max combat: 99 in prayer, hitpoints, attack, strength, defence, ranging and magic - Rune Pouch Lets see your Rewards! Horde Rewards So The Horde is done on your account so you will have the minigame completed as the elite completionist required. Also during the the minigame you will get a killcount for each of the bosses (1 for each appearance) including the Onyx Boss required for regular and trimmed completionist cape. All bosses have a chance of dropping their rares even in the minigame! Besides the completion, The Horde rewards a 100% chance of the "Ava's blessing". This is the best-in-slot ranging cape. Secondly, a 50% chance on receiving the 'Wrath of The Horde' aura, this aura has an unlimited timer and gives 5% extra damage in all styles. Finally, there is about a 10% chance you receive the best droprate boosting pet in-game called "Zio's Slave". This pet gives a 10% dropate boost. Inferno Rewards - Infernal Cape - Uncut Onyx - Chance on pet What does this cost you? Horde There are 2 options which you can choose from for the Horde: 1. You keep all potential drops during the Horde including the aura. Price: 600m coins 2. I keep all potential drops during the Horde including the aura. Price: 400m coins Inferno Price: 400m Final notes Feel free to ask for more info by leaving a comment or dm'ing me in-game or on Discord. All prices are in coins not items. However, I do take the equivalent price in donator shards (current price will be discussed if this option is chosen). The service will be delivered as soon as possible. Payment is taken after the minigame is completed. Some Completions
  21. I notice zio now has a new official title, congrats your royal highness #6 is very cool
  22. Biggyriggy

    Spit ballin here but how about an orb under your money pouch that states what your aura does/gives/is , orb glows green when worn aura active , glows red when worn aura inactive, could also include a timer with it?? also colapsable like money pouch.
  23. Hello everyone, our team hopes that you have all been well during these strange times. Halloween has ended and we would like to launch a small update with bugfixes and QoL in mind. This update is short and sweet — as a far, far greater project is taking shape. Management is aware that our adventurers thirst for battle. It is coming. Know that the next update is unprecedented on Onyx RSPS. New content, new mechanics, new bragging rights — need we say more? — are under construction. Our work will combine everything that we have learned into one colossal release. We thank you for your patience during crunch. As Halloween comes to a close, so does the legacy Onyx Boss map. King Zio commissioned this arena be built to his own design. As such, players will teleport to a grand new fiery arena with ::onyxboss. Great Edgeville (::home) has been reverted to its original theme. Removed Halloween Boss. It will rise again in 2021. Damage for the Hallowed Fang special attack is now capped at 80. Fixed most cases of taking damage while teleporting away*. Please continue to report bugs as you see them. Imbued Heart has been adjusted to properly display. Please continue to report bugs as you see them. Examining a drop table will no longer be closed if in combat (drops interface is persistent). Fixed previous teleports (::prev) not working with commands. Added ::qbd, ::kbd, ::tob as teleport commands. Added Callus items to legacy drop announcement system Drops from Superior Slayer Monsters will now be collected by the Looter's Amulet. Night Beasts are now targetable (attack-able) in Kuradel's Dungeon. Falconry teleport on the teleport interface has now been fixed. Congrats to Luckyy on 'Lucky's Balloon Boi' pet! Congrats to Bigzy on 'Flowers' pet!
  24. ext stoner

    Hey guys here are this weeks events 1st Event 2nd Event 3rd Event 4th Event Date Time Event Host Time Event Host Time Event Host Time Event Host Mon, Nov 16 7 AM EST Arma Mass Pog 2 PM EST Pest Control Monk 4 PM EST Zamorak Mass Stoner 9 PM EST Nex Madoc Tue, Nov 17 3 PM EST Stealing Creations Monk 4 PM EST Arma Mass Stoner Wed, Nov 18 6 AM EST Bandos Mass SHN 3 PM EST Pest Control Monk 4 PM EST Nex Mass Stoner 9 PM EST Nightmare Madoc Thu, Nov 19 6 AM EST Corp Mass SHN 3 PM EST Stealing Creation Monk 4 PM EST Bandos Mass Stoner Fri, Nov 20 3 PM EST Boss Bonanza Monk 5 PM EST pest control Nash Sat, Nov 21 7 PM EST Flower Poker Tournament Monk Sun, Nov 22 4 PM EST Corp Mass Stoner
  25. Sonlux

    IGN Sonlux
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