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  3. ext stoner

    Hey everyone , here are this weeks events 😉 Monday 13 July 2020: corp mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and Nightmare mass hosted by Versace at 5 PM EST Tuesday 14 July 2020: Nex mass hosted by Versace at 11 AM EST and pest control hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and Bandos mass hosted by Monk at 5 PM EST Wednesday 15 July 2020: nex mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and Stealing creation hosted by Monk at 5 PM EST Thursday 16 July 2020: zammy mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST and Pest control hosted by Monk at 5 PM EST Friday 17 July 2020: Corporeal beast mass hosted by Versace at 11 PM EST Saturday 18 July 2020: Armadyl mass hosted by Nash at 3 PM EST and Flower poker tournament hosted by Monk at TBA Sunday 19 July 2020: players choice hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST Hope to see you all there 😁
  4. Versacee

    Hey there, the server was temporarily offline. It's back online Sorry for the inconvenience, as a result bonus exp is activated for the next 24 hours !
  5. DragonMyHeel

  6. DragonMyHeel

    HI there so I went to open the client and it just sits at searching for update then stays at 0%. eventually it disconnects and tells me to restart client. Any fixes? Also can't get into the discord because it says the link has expired.
  7. Last week
  8. Zosks

    this is for my pc gamers, im trying to form a team for Valorant if you interested you can add me in game ign: Bang if im not on you can dm on IG: @Zosks or on my Twitch twitch.tv/Zosks
  9. kraken head

    you can always check collection log for the drops also
  10. kraken head

    Support it full time GL brother
  11. Onyx Username: Kraken Head Discord ID: Kraken Head Requesting Rank: Diamond Proof:
  12. When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us

    1. EthelTof


      UFC 251: Лучшие моменты пресс-конференции

  13. Doctor Robert

    hope youre brewed up as you are about to get specced out
  14. Oscar

    bandos gear hahaha! 🤣 thank you for the support, mad love..!
  15. Doctor Robert

    nice my man which one is you
  16. Oscar

    Hello Fam! My new signature..! Enjoy.. the full version is In the #media section on DISCORD!
  17. Oscar

    thank you for the fun events brother. see you in game!
  18. congratulations to the winners!
  19. Hello Family! Onyx Username: Oscar Discord ID: (If you wish to also be promoted on our Discord) Requesting Rank: Diamond Proof: (Insert an image of you speaking in-game, while also having the quest tab open to present your rank) Attached::
  20. Oscar

    Hello Family! Selling Blood Scythe
  21. Oscar

    Hello Fam, Looking to buy twisted bow.
  22. Oscar

    Nice guide Soul.. keep it up brother. thank you. - Oscar
  23. Scarlord

    Quality guide, nothing else to say. Keep up the good work mate!
  24. ext stoner

    added ::aerial fishing to guide.
  25. Dvlsmrcy

    IGN Beardedrogue
  26. Versacee

    ign : versace
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